Trump Now Asks Both China and Ukraine To Probe Bidens

• President Trump, on Thursday speaking to the reporters, asked both China and Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.
• “Likewise, China should start an investigation into the Bidens, because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine,” he said. Trump alleges that Biden’s son used a trip aboard Air Force Two to secure $1.5 billion from China for a private-equity fund.
• Trump’s comment came on the eve of restarted trade negotiations with China. A Chinese delegation is scheduled to arrive in the US next week for the trade negotiations.
• When asked if Trump had spoken to Chinese President Xi Jinping about it, Trump said “I haven’t, but it’s certainly something we can start thinking about.”
• On Wednesday, Mr. Biden accused Trump of using his power as president to harass him and his family. Biden said as vice president he only performed his duties and carried US policy of rooting out corruption in Ukraine.
• Trump is already facing an impeachment inquiry based on the whistleblower complaint about his phone call with Ukrainian President. In the call, Trump is asking Ukrainian President to investigate Biden and his son. Trump alleges that Joe Biden as vice president pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor, who would investigate the company where Biden’s son was employed.
• Trump’s decision to withheld hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine is also questioned by Democrats.

Left View

At what cost... 

Hold up—Mr. Trump, the same Trump who spent years evading allegations of Russian collusion is now trying to get a little leg up in 2020 with help from not just Ukraine…but also China?! Ehrm, all right. It’s like we’re all stuck in some alternate universe where “The Onion” headlines are no longer satire but reality… Wow.

He’s already set the bar awfully low for himself, considering everything he has already gotten away with. But now, this low is even lower than many of his lows. What a man child. What a fragile ego. What a totally misbehaving, disrespectful man who has no business running the government. It’s a total mess and we are all paying the price.

Trump has no shame. He’s taking down not just himself, but the dignity of our country. What an embarrassment to have him running around asking foreign entities to investigate a potential presidential opponent. We’ve got nothing. During the years of Trump’s presidency, all we HAVE gotten is weaker. Our democracy is in peril. Our communities are polarized. Where is health care? Gun control? Spending cuts? Nafta? Infrastructure?

Hold on.. Middle East peace? Mexican border wall? Syria? Russia? Iran? I could go on and on about the complete lack of progress we have made in literally any facet of US interests. Absolutely appalling.

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Right Response

Response to "At what cost..."

Lisa, let’s break the situation down together. You are right that the headlines seem too ridiculous to be true sometimes.. And I’d like to give you some insight why that’s the case. The media has gone crazy obsessing over Trump and his every word and move. Just like this headline, many Trump-related articles deeply micro-nit-pick a single statement made by him. Often, he is trying to shoo away reporters who harass him. Wouldn’t you get clever over time?

By just saying that yes maybe I’ll get China involved, he knew he would piss everyone off. The reporters were happy—scurried off with their notepads and ready to draft the next front-page article. But it’s not really news is it? Nothing actually happened.

What did happen? The Ukraine phone call, though again, the overblown analyses offered to you continuously make it seem like this massive disaster. But no one is dying. There is no world-infection of an incurable disease (OK, maybe the vaping thing). In this headline, what occurred was: Trump is speaking to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House. He is ASKED whether he had sought out Xi Jinping’s help…He said, and I quote: “I haven’t, but it’s certainly something we can start thinking about.”

Now that I’ve aired out the context, do you see what I mean? He hasn’t asked China to do anything. This was more of a commentary to the nature of the question he was posed, which was looking to incite him from the get go. Hope this helps.

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Left View

Unashamed public corruption 

It should go without saying that asking a foreign government to investigate a political rival is not within the bounds of presidential power.

It should be common knowledge that refusing a country military aid in order to strong arm them into investigating a political rival’s family is also out of bounds.

But to Trump nothing is obvious and the whole world is his to manipulate or obstruct as he sees fit.

It is not appropriate to harass the children and family of a political rival using a foreign government regardless of the justification.

Any corruption that occurred on Air Force Two should be investigated by domestic agencies in full view of the public.

The most concerning thing is Trump’s ability to conduct corrupt actions within full view of the media and public.

His actions have become so brazen that it begins to seem as if they are normal and common place.

Asking a foreign country to investigate a rival before heading into negotiations opens the door to a quid-pro-quo agreement.

Asking for that investigation publicly makes it seem as if corruption is just business as usual.

Here we are, in the middle of a campaign corruption scandal that makes Watergate look like a classy affair.

What does our president do? He makes the same statements to China that he is being chastised for making to Ukraine.

At least Nixon had the common sense and respect to lie to the American people about his campaign corruption.

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Right Response

Response to "Unashamed public corruption"

It is kind of hypocritical when people call for Trump and Co. To be investigated for being corrupt for asking another government to investigate the Biden's for being corrupt! If it is true that the Biden's profited due to their government influence at that time, then they would actually be guilty of corruption and Trump would be entirely right to ask that they be investigated. So as usual, without any particular interest in knowing any facts, the Democrats and their friends in the press have found Trump guilty and Biden innocent. Based only on that trial-less and evidence-less
verdict they are screaming for impeachment. Trump obviously doesn't agree. Therefore, asking China to investigate is not only not illogical, it is prudent and continues his looking in to some awful smelling corruption that occurred before.

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Right View

Ever heard of reading between the lines? 

Sure, if we put everybody on a Petri dish and analyze them under a microscope, we’ll probably find something or another. The difference between us and Trump is, of course, that he’s the president. However…That doesn’t make him anyone other than the guy he always was. We elected Trump because of his boisterous approach to politics, public commentary, and progress. He’s always been an unconventional person. Back in his salad days he was already a media favorite—fawned over, hated, and loved. It’s because he has power and influence.

Trump’s “request” wasn’t a request at all. It was a commentary. And as we know, Trump is the king of “trolling”; satire for commonfolk. Of course he knows the idiocy behind such a statement. He’s not a total air head. He knows he’s being grilled because of some phone call with Ukraine. He also knows that responding to a question in such a manner would stir the media. I mean, you get what you give. Had Trump actually gone and made the request a la Zelensky then maybe it would be worth talking about.

But by constantly making news out of mere sentences offered as interview-style or on-the-fly reporter questions is a little far fetched if you ask me. I understand people’s concerns, and I would have them too if I were quick to jump to conclusions based on headlines and news blurbs.

There’s a lot of situations in life that call for you to “read between the lines.” Come on, people.

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Left Response

Response to "Ever heard of reading between the lines?"

Trump isn’t the only one who should fall for this. While I hope to see a Democratic winner in 2020, Biden is clearly not it. I think Trump knows he would’ve been his greatest contender. I think Biden’s entanglement and problematic family history that ties back to Ukraine is just a red flag we don’t need to elect a new candidate with. Sure, considering the re-adjusted standards to an all time low (because of the ridiculous amount of scandals Trump survived during his campaign), Biden’s still a phenomenal candidate. But this entire Ukraine-US-China(??) affair stinks. And if no one is going to properly investigate we should get rid of them.

I see your point about the microanalysis of Trump, and that the China statement might’ve been made in jest. But it’s exactly that “jest” that seems to only be understood by Trump and his fanbase. To those outside of it its simply called encitement and manipulation. Someone who is president should act like one. I don’t care who Trump was or is, he carries a massive responsibility that affects all of us. And he’s spitting all over it continuously.

And I do apply my judgement parameters fairly. I do think Biden doesn’t fit the bill, and that he shouldn’t follow Trump. But I just wish, hope, and pray that we can all find it within ourselves, regardless of political party, to unite on the front of Trump being a danger to our country. He clearly is.

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