Will Impeachment Cloud Overshadow Legislative Progress?

• As Democratic-led House move forward with the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, concerns are growing over important policy matters that are still pending, such as a plan to cut prescription-drug prices, trade deal with Mexico and Canada, tighter rules for purchasing and owning guns; spending bills to keep the government funded.
• The fact that lawmakers will leave for a two-week recess aggravates the concerns of both members of both parties.
• On Wednesday, Trump also warned that an impeachment inquiry might derail the North America trade pact.
• Wall Street also believes that impeachment inquiry may hinder trade deals. “Legislating is dead. As we previously said, impeachment will lead to Congress doing nothing,” said Raymond James analysts as per CNBC.
• On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, however, assured that the impeachment inquiry would not distract the legislative agenda.
• Also, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who has been working on possible legislation changing background-check standards for gun purchases, noted that the work is going on as usual. Trump administration and Republicans are also continuing to move forward with the legislations, notes WSJ.
• Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence was in Indiana, where he talked in support of the trade deal. White House legislative affairs director, Eric Ueland, also assured that Impeachment does not impede legislative process as per WSJ. Pointing to a similar situation in 1998, Ueland said “….there was a lot that President Clinton focused on that Republicans in Congress worked through.”

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A never-ending encore! 

My goodness. It’s Trump’s symphony in action, better than he could’ve ever imagined. Sure, sure, perhaps he’s losing a bit of sleep, but truthfully I believe he isn’t all too worried. Now, how could that possibly be? The media is his crucifix. The wonders of a 24 hours news cycle the hands that carry it to hell. But he’s smiling, all right.

This is his perfect shield, comprised of chaos, hatred, bigotry, intolerance, disdain for the rule of law, a walking middle finger to the unwritten rules that inform how we live our lives.

He so eagerly transgresses and aggravates, confuses and triumphs as a result of the platform he builds for himself. It’s not the platform you read about as a “management style” in a textbook; nor is it the “political strategy” that’s recommended by the expert.

Expertise means nothing. Wrong or right means nothing. He’s doing it again, in front of our very eyes.

As the news sites refresh, the articles keep rolling in. One more damning than the next. Then, a more benign headline pops in, something about WeWork or Greta Thunberg.

Legislative peril, my friends, is the least of our concerns. I suppose we ride it out, I mean, what else have we done the last few years?

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As if there even is a legislative progress at stake. 

Legislative…what? Progress? If I’m recalling this correctly, Trump’s legislative agenda from day 1 was rather slim. A big tax cut that benefits corporations, and then there was the failed attempt of repealing the Affordable Care Act. What else was there..Let’s see. Oh, that’s right. The wall situation. Well, seems like his diversion of funds by virtue of “a state of emergency” has finally been forced into a U-turn because the House has rejected his emergency declaration.

So if we take an overhead look at what’s transpired the past few years we’re left with an intriguing, fascinating presidency that’s spent more time in retaliatory schemes than in pursuing any kind of legislative agenda. And what speaks louder than my subjective analysis of what the Trump administration has achieved thus far? Money. The financial markets haven’t really flinched today. This week has been absolute media mayhem—will they, won’t they, Ukraine, impeach, delay, Pelosi—with all of our minds spinning you’d think our country would be in a disastrous state. But hey, we’re tough. Tough as nails. We’ve done this for a while now. Impeachment doesn’t carry the same weight that it used to, as we all know better now than to take what we read as fact.

Impending doom in the White House should’ve affected the market. But it didn’t. Legislative process isn’t threatened by an impeachment inquiry. There’s never been such a process during Trump’s reign. Now let’s get something done, shall we? Who has the popcorn?

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Impeachment is the progress we need 

Impeachment is an important step for maintaining legislative progress with a presidency as brazenly abusive and power hungry as ours. Impeachment is a fundamental duty of the legislative that must be carried out in order to balance the powers of the executive. No U.S. President has been more worthy of impeachment than Donald Trump.

Trump has interfered, or attempted to interfere, with the legislative process multiple times. There were the 10 separate incidents of an attempt to affect legislative progress surrounding the Mueller probe. Most recently Trump attempted to hide transcripts of a phone call on a separate system traditionally used for confidential communications. Legislative progress cannot continue correctly until the Trump administration is held accountable for affecting the legislative process.

Following new allegations from the whistleblower, the evidence for impeachment has never been stronger. More evidence of corruption is uncovered almost every news cycle and testimonies of misuse of power are the norm. Impeachment is crucial for holding the executive branch accountable for its actions. Impeachable actions are as common for this White House as press conferences and it has to stop somewhere. What better time than now?

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The Dems' Greatest Weakness: Strategy. 

Seems as though we’re all getting a little tired of the news these days. Of course the impeachment inquiry is taxing the legitimate purpose and interest and function of our government. In this pseudo-martyr attempt involving some mystery “Whistleblower”, some uploaded documents for the public to see, and a dramatic performance by Pelosi, I’m wondering what the heck is going on. How can the Democrats pull this kind of a stunt, and how would it even be politically beneficial to them when the Biden family is deeply implicated in the matter at hand? Biden, the most likely Democratic presidential candidate. What did they gain from this? Because I can tell you one thing, this impeachment inquiry will hardly evolve into an impeachment process, and not in any scenario will it lead to actual impeachment.

We’re about 12 months from the 2020 presidential election and it certainly seems to me that this precious time ahead of the big day should be spent very differently. Because this strategy is rather peculiar. The Dems want to impeach the president for trying to expose a crime. And then, they want to elect the person who committed the crime.

Good luck with that.

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Let's get back to work. 

As each day passes, the more apparent it becomes that the Democrats have siloed themselves into a single-objective cohort: oust Trump. This Ukraine incident is just one of many tiresome curveballs the Democrats are trying to throw to the public.

Nothing. Has. Worked. It’s a shame that taxpayer dollars are being spent on the worthless efforts of these people who are doing absolutely nothing to help our country. No matter your political preference, it should be hard to support a party that simply doesn’t do anything.

It’s honestly rather impressive to watch Trump continue business as usual. He’s great at compartmentalizing issues, and always looking ahead with a firm set of priorities to achieve. The transcript is conflated and has been judged without a trial. And it won’t come to that. When you’re trying to turn an ant into an elephant..well…. You’re likely to run into some trouble. This impeachment inquiry indeed clouds legislative progress. It’s a distraction from the actual work that needs to be done.