Transcript Shows Trump Asked Ukrainian President To Probe Biden and Biden’s Son

• As per a transcript (released Wednesday morning) of a July phone call released by the White House, President Trump asked Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, to investigate Joe Biden and his son, who was on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company.
• Further, the transcript reveals that Trump even offered Zelensky the help of his personal lawyer and attorney general to “get to the bottom of it.” During the call, Trump even reminded Zelensky of the aid that the U.S. sends to Ukraine.
• White House, however, cleared that the transcript isn’t verbatim. Instead, it is based on the “notes and recollections” of Situation Room and National Security Council officials.
• A week before this call with the Ukrainian President, Trump asked his chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to put a hold on the Ukraine funds, WSJ reported.
• President had claimed (without any evidence) that Biden, when he was the vice president, worked to remove a Ukrainian prosecutor, who was investigating the company where Biden’s son was board of directors.
• Even before the release of transcript, Trump confirmed that he talked about Biden with Zelensky and also about the aid. However, the President claims that the aid and Biden thing are not related.
• Justice Department spokesperson Kerri Kupec, in a statement said, "there was no campaign finance violence and that no further action was warranted."
• The matter does not seem to be over. On Tuesday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff tweeted that whistleblower wants to testify before his committee.

Left View

Fingers crossed 

Ever since Trump entered the Oval Office, the dignity and respect that this office holds has slowly been pushed into the shadows. With the wreckage of traditions, an absentee first lady with an anti-bullying campaign that’s become an elaborate work of satire, and blatant nepotism, we’ve adjusted to this “new normal”. Trump’s gotten away with more than any other president ever has. But is this finally where we get to draw a line? Is this it? I sure hope so. Because if he walks away untainted following a documented conversation asking a foreign power to interfere in domestic affairs (backed up with foreign aid as leverage), isn’t enough to get the ball rolling, nothing is.

Articles of impeachment exist for a reason, and we’ve used them before. Though it’s disappointing to see that a president would stoop so low, it’d be even more disappointing if the other branches of government don’t come together to seek the truth. The objective here is beyond partisanship. The objective here is about the integrity and national security of our country. Left or right, if we have a sitting president who is jeopardizing us, our role on the global stage, and is permanently altering the future course of our nation, we should all agree that he must be stopped.

But we’re not done yet. I hope the whistleblower comes forward and shares his/her concerns with the appropriate branches of government. This is a fantastic start, but it’s just that: a start. Impeachment may hopefully be the end result, but first, we must gather the facts and ensure that there's a rock solid case. We don’t need another empty “impeachment” threat if there’s no follow through. My fingers are crossed.

Left View

We need to keep digging 

When news first broke about the whistleblower complaint and details emerged, it seemed like just another run-of-the-mill report of presidential wrongdoing that wouldn’t go anywhere. I say this because we’ve seen similar “serious” probes into the president. The grueling Mueller investigation took long to complete, and resulted in no action against the president or his beneficiaries. Subpoenas have been issued over and over for former administration members (Barr, Hicks, Donaldson, Ross, McGahn), and have been routinely met with shrugs. An impeachment inquiry also hasn’t been unheard of. Democrats have announced such attempts, though they, again, resulted in no change. But this time, it seems different.

The memorandum released by the White House illustrates that Trump indeed asked president Zelenskyy of Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son, though he first highlights the aid he has given to Ukraine. It’s a quid pro quo agreement between the US president and a foreign entity. And what does Trump stand to benefit from an investigation into Biden’s dealings? Well, the 2020 race of course. Shockingly, his entanglement of Giuliani and Barr points to further corruption in the White House.

But let’s not stop here. It’s likely this memorandum (note—NOT a transcript! It’s a pieced together recollection of what transpired), which still confirms the alleged wrongdoings, still leaves out some more damning language that could make impeachment a no-brainer.

Right View

Completely overblown 

It’s a shame to see that the media continues to publish and give significant air time and attention to covering stories that are driven by allegations, presumptions, and “maybe it is, maybe it isn’t” rhetoric. It’s confusing, distorting, and distracting. The dramatic announcement of calling for impeachment proceedings was plastered across all major media outlets. But now, once again, a day or so passes and it’s revealed to be less damning, or completely non-substantial. The Dems are chasing some kind of moral victory, but they keep losing, and embarrassingly so. The transcript reveals nothing close to unusual in the political realm. Trying to mold it into grounds for impeachment won’t work unless there was a clear crime committed.

This reeks of desperation, and unless someone can point me to a severe criminal, impeachable offense, I will continue to hold my position as is: this is a blown-up nothingburger, and the Democrats should be careful. This won’t look all too good once 2020 comes along. There’s nothing in the transcript. The Biden thing is briefly mentioned, no money is mentioned, no promise. All this does is weaken Biden’s chances. Trump will stay in the Oval Office. Sorry Pelosi, there’s nothing to see here.

Right View

Bad for Trump..Or Bad for Biden? 

This is what happens, when the Democrats cry wolf. Impeachment has been the top priority on their agenda since Trump’s inauguration. That after 3+ years they still have not given up in order to focus on doing their job says a lot about their political objectives. Imagine what could’ve been accomplished if all of these salaried individuals had their eyes on programs or initiatives that improve American lives, the economy, job creation, education, etc. But no, their platform has been and will continue to be “Get rid of Trump.”

The released transcript of Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president is a far cry from an impeachable offense. The first step would be to investigate. But alas, the left forgoes the concept of due diligence. It’s like taking an exam without studying beforehand. You’re leaving the odds up to chance. And what’s even more ridiculous about this particular conversation is that it does nothing in favor of the Democrats! Joe Biden’s actions in Ukraine are highly suspicious, and there certainly is something there that needs to be investigated. Pelosi’s announcement was premature, the crime has yet to be identified, there’s no evidence of quid pro quo negotiations, and there’s little time left before the 2020 elections come around. This is a time sink, a brain drain, and a waste of resources. Not a good look for the left.