Manhattan District Attorney Subpoena Trump's 8-years Of Tax Return

• On Monday, the office of the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance, subpoenaed eight years of Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns.
• Mazars USA, the longtime accounting firm to Trump and the Trump Organization, has reportedly got the subpoenas. We would “fully comply with its legal obligations,” Mazars USA said in a statement, according to The Guardian.
• When asked about the subpoena, Trump on Monday said that he didn’t know anything about it, while lawyer for Trump Organization said they are evaluating the situation and would respond appropriately, notes a report from CBS News.
• The subpoena is part of the investigation into the secret money payments to the pornographic actor Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential election.
• Trump and the Trump Organization reimbursed Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer, for the payment he made to Stormy Daniels to prevent her from going pubic over an alleged affair with Trump, who has been denying any such affair.
• Many also see this subpoena as part of the larger effort to get the President's tax returns. Trump has long resisted pressure from democrats and watchdogs who have been demanding greater transparency. In about 40 years, Trump is the first president who has not made his tax information public. Trump did promise to do so during his 2016 election campaign.
• Democrats welcomed the move. In a tweet, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota said, “One way or another, we will get Donald Trump’s tax returns.”

Left View

What is Trump waiting for? 

Trump’s played the game his entire life. If we’re naive enough to assume that this subpoena will result in any sort of justice, we’ll be very disappointed. The characters he’s surrounded himself with throughout his entire life have taught him how to wage through the U.S. as a lawless land. Roy Cohn, for instance, was his lawyer for quite some time. And he also had clients such as Tony Salerno and John Gotti. Mafia figures. Cohn was the king of obfuscation, delay, and denial. And Trump’s taken a piece of that pie. Roger Stone is another example, a man who favors deception over democracy; propaganda over veracity. Stone has been hovering over the conservative party for decades, and he's taught Trump a thing or two about distracting the public.

What does a subpoena even mean, nowadays? We’ve seen the multiple violations of subpoenas by former members of the Trump Administration. And are they serving any kind of federal punishment? As of today, the answer is no.

Hush money or not, tax returns or not, we already know that Trump is not an innocent businessman that’s being unfairly dragged and duped by the courts and his political enemies. He’s a con artist who is barely keeping up with the consequences that are crawling closer to his reality. And if we are all mistaken, Trump should stand up for himself. If this is all a sham, an attack of political merit, release those tax returns. Humiliate your political rivals. So, tell me Trump. Why won’t you?

Left View

A step towards truth 

It shouldn’t be too much to ask, should it? The president’s tax returns have been in the limelight more than once; in 2016 he promised to release them to the public. He hasn't. 2 1/2 years later, what’s the fuss? Why does it even matter whether we see them or not? His cohort argues that all this is simply a witch hunt; harassment of the president and his family. However, Trump’s exhaustive efforts to avoid handing over his tax returns are pointing to something that is kept hidden, rather than a reluctance stemming from principles or values.

Seeing that this subpoena ties in directly with the hush-money payments made to Stormy Daniels, his unwillingness to just hand over those tax returns becomes stinkier by the day. At best, if and when the veil gets pulled off of his tax returns, we’ll see that he’s paid little to no income tax and probably receives a bunch of corporate welfare payments. At worst, we will see concrete evidence of his illegal operations, including hush money payments—an obstruction of justice and fraud.

An honest president would happily make his tax returns public, but a man whose finances are drenched in fraudulent ties and activities that certainly have benefited him financially, or exempted him from doing his due diligence (as we all do as regular Americans) would take any measure to avoid handing these documents over. I think it’s rather clear in what category Trump falls. This is a promising step towards transparency. Maybe one day we will all get to know the true nature of the man who currently holds the most important position in our nation. Maybe, just maybe, justice will prevail.

Right View

Justice in reverse; that's what we call unjust. 

Why are we entitled to see the tax returns of a billionaire that became a public servant? What’s with the never ending search for a truth that simply doesn’t exist? This subpoena and revisitation of a long-old and buried allegation is nothing more than a vitriolic effort to unseat a president that just so happens to be a Republican. The left should keep in mind that no one will forget how this president was treated, and if a Democratic POTUS takes office, their tactics can be used against that president as well.

And in this particular case, the president’s tax returns aren’t the only piece of evidence necessary. What about the tax returns of the person who received this money? How did Stormy report it on her taxes? How about the other women who are implicated? Where are their subpoenas? If you’re going to conduct a thorough investigation, whether or not it’s for any reason beyond political vilification of the president, wouldn’t you at least attempt to make it seem legitimate? Why aren’t more people being ordered to hand over their financial records?

The funny thing is that we are talking about tax returns here. These are processed by the IRS, who would have found and addressed any wrong or misleading information at the time they were filed. We know how vigilant and stringent the IRS is, so what exactly does New York’s DA think will be found in Trump’s returns? Looking for a crime doesn’t mean there’s an existing crime. Seems like, all of a sudden, the process has been reversed. Shouldn’t there be a crime first, then an investigation?

Right View

A waste of time 

Seems about time for the Democrats to revisit the Stormy Daniels ordeal again. I mean, they’re completely out of options. The Mueller investigation, which was a costly and time consuming operation did nothing, “obstruction” was a fabrication, the “recession” never happened. So what's left? Ah, that's right. I guess it’s time for some talk about hush money, alleged affairs, and year-old "scandals". Serve up a subpoena, and see if it’ll do something.

It’s beyond me that these allegations just never stop. Trump has been president for well over 2 years, and despite the non-stop efforts from the Democrats to find something that’ll stick, Trump’s still in the Oval Office. If we want to keep complaining about the government not getting things done, let’s also complain about this waste of an investigation, which is a total media distraction, and an act of harassment towards our president.

The state of New York is wasting public resources on a futile effort that will not help the state’s constituents whatsoever. How about spending that money on programs and efforts that improve the quality of life in New York? What’s with the fixation on his tax returns? This is just another attempt to create bad publicity. This subpoena is meaningless and won’t result in any kind of “revelation” that the left is so desperately looking for. Let’s focus on what matters, shall we? Stormy Daniels is so 2016.