Mulvaney First Admits Quid Pro Quo Over Ukraine Aid, But Denies Hours Later

October 18, 2019

• On Thursday, acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, first said that President’s Trump decision to delay $400 million in US security aid to...

Left Analysis

The time is now

by Laura V - October 18

We’re dealing with an administration that’s fluent in manipulatory diversion. Trump has been...

Right Analysis

Quid pro quo = the status quo.

by Louise W - October 18

Time to re-assess our standards, shall we? While Democrats are stuck in a perpetual state of “holi

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Democrats Say They Left Syria Meeting After Trump Had 'meltdown'

October 17, 2019

• Trump’s clash with Democratic lawmakers reached new levels on Wednesday. Democrats say they walked out of a White House meeting after Trump insulted...

Left Analysis

Shame on Trump

by Lisa N - October 18

Though I see a case for troop withdrawal, as it is a foreign conflict, Trump’s approach was...

Right Analysis

Trump knows what he's doing

by Don M - October 18

Where is the respect? Trump is the Commander in Chief, and he’s trying to execute a plan that is...

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Pence, Giuliani Defy Congress’ Demands For Documents In Trump Impeachment Inquiry

October 16, 2019

• On Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence and Rudy Giuliani (President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer) said they will not cooperate with the impeachment...

Left Analysis

Hold them in contempt!

by Lisa N - October 17

What’s really frustrating is to watch this constant refusal to cooperate to continue unmet by the...

Right Analysis

You reap what you sow

by Don M - October 17

Well, the reason for opposing the subpoena warrants an honest question. Is the inquiry legitimate?...

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2 Giuliani Associates Arrested, Charged With Campaign-Finance Violations

October 11, 2019

• Late Wednesday, two foreign-born Florida businessmen were arrested. As per Federal prosecutors, the two funneled money to a pro-Trump election committee...

Left Analysis

Giuliani's fall from grace

by Laura V - October 12

How did Rudy Giuliani get here? After 9/11 Giuliani was a national hero. America’s mayor....

Right Analysis

Trial by media, yet again

by Don M - October 12

The level of deflection here is in uncharted territory. How can’t people seem to wrap their minds...

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Trump Agrees To Cooperate With Impeachment Probe If Rights Guaranteed

October 10, 2019

• President Trump, on Wednesday, said that he is willing to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, but only if House Democrats “give us our rights.”...

Left Analysis

The Constitution Doesn't Bend..

by Ted T - October 11

Executive privilege has a ceiling…And Trump is feeling it for the first time. The law doesn’t...

Right Analysis

As He Should!

by Don M - October 10

Trump's response to the reporter's question was succinct and common sense. Indeed, he would...

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Trump Now Asks Both China and Ukraine To Probe Bidens

October 3, 2019

• President Trump, on Thursday speaking to the reporters, asked both China and Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. • “Likewise,...

Left Analysis

Unashamed public corruption

by Feelin' Blue - October 03

It should go without saying that asking a foreign government to investigate a political rival is...

Right Analysis

Ever heard of reading between the lines?

by Don M - October 04

Sure, if we put everybody on a Petri dish and analyze them under a microscope, we’ll probably...

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Pompeo Admits Being “on the phone call' With Trump and Ukrainian President

October 3, 2019

• On Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitted that he was on the controversial July phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian...

Left Analysis

Can it please be over already?

by Ted T - October 04

Am I going crazy? Or are we being gaslighted by Trump & Co? I thought that sort of manipulation...

Right Analysis

Why is this a headline..

by Louise W - October 04

Yawn. Another day, another “development.” What’s on the menu…something regarding Pompeo you...

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North Korea and US Agree To Resume Nuclear Talks

October 2, 2019

• North Korea, on Tuesday, said it would restart working-level talks with the US. The plan is to hold a preliminary meeting on Friday and an official-level...

Left Analysis

Trump's wish to make Ukraine disappear

by Lisa N - October 03

Recently replaced Bolton has something to say about the resumed nuclear talks with NK. He has said...

Right Analysis

Foreign diplomacy win

by Louise W - October 03

Trump continues to impress me with his exceptional dedication to improving diplomatic relations...

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Is Trump’s Ukraine Call Helping Vladimir Putin?

October 2, 2019

• Trump’s phone call with the Ukraine leader has erupted massive tensions in the US. On the other hand, this whole situation is benefitting Russia without...

Left Analysis

When do we give our concession speech?

by Ted T - October 03

We know that Trump advances Putin’s objectives. The Ukraine call is just the most recent...

Right Analysis

Fake news at its finest

by Louise W - October 03

So let’s take a good look at what exactly went down.. Well, as far as I can tell, nothing went...

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Will Impeachment Cloud Overshadow Legislative Progress?

September 27, 2019

• As Democratic-led House move forward with the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, concerns are growing over important policy matters that are still...

Left Analysis

Impeachment is the progress we need

by Feelin' Blue - September 27

Impeachment is an important step for maintaining legislative progress with a presidency as brazenly...

Right Analysis

The Dems' Greatest Weakness: Strategy.

by Louise W - September 28

Seems as though we’re all getting a little tired of the news these days. Of course the...

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Whistleblower Complaint Alleges White House Tried to Cover Up Trump's Abuse of Power In Ukraine Call Case

September 26, 2019

• A whistleblower complaint (related to the July call between Trump and Ukraine’s president) released Thursday claim that President Trump used his power to...

Left Analysis

Unplug the smoke machines

by Lisa N - September 26

Remember the 2017 documentary “Get Me Roger Stone”? Whether you love him or hate him, you’ve...

Right Analysis

A degree of pettiness that's reserved for high schoolers

by Louise W - September 26

This is absolute lunacy. This massive ordeal, this urgent whistleblower complaint, the phone call....

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Transcript Shows Trump Asked Ukrainian President To Probe Biden and Biden’s Son

September 25, 2019

• As per a transcript (released Wednesday morning) of a July phone call released by the White House, President Trump asked Ukrainian President, Volodymyr...

Left Analysis

We need to keep digging

by Lisa N - September 25

When news first broke about the whistleblower complaint and details emerged, it seemed like just...

Right Analysis

Completely overblown

by Louise W - September 25

It’s a shame to see that the media continues to publish and give significant air time and...

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Johnson’s Suspending Of Parliament Was Unlawful: UK Court Rules

September 24, 2019

• On Tuesday, U.K.’s top court unanimously ruled that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend the UK Parliament was unlawful. Johnson...

Left Analysis

UK court ruling: a critical contrast for us to acknowledge

by Ted T - September 25

Applause for the courts. Though the U.K. doesn’t even have a written, tangible constitution as we...

Right Analysis

Boris Johnson did the right thing

by Louise W - September 25

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Whistleblower Complaint Says Trump Made Promise To A Foreign Leader

September 19, 2019

• A whistleblower complaint by an intelligence officer claims that President Donald Trump made a promise to a foreign leader during a phone conversation,...

Left Analysis

A disgrace

by Ted T - September 20

There must be a lot at stake if this is the response to a whistleblower complaint that implicates...

Right Analysis

Doing his job

by Don M - September 20

An aspect of Trump’s presidential duties is diplomacy. Arguably, good diplomacy is incredibly...

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Manhattan District Attorney Subpoena Trump's 8-years Of Tax Return

September 17, 2019

• On Monday, the office of the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance, subpoenaed eight years of Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns. • Mazars...

Left Analysis

What is Trump waiting for?

by Ted T - September 20

Trump’s played the game his entire life. If we’re naive enough to assume that this subpoena...

Right Analysis

Justice in reverse; that's what we call unjust.

by Louise W - September 20

Why are we entitled to see the tax returns of a billionaire that became a public servant? What’s...

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Did You Notice The Warning Signal Of Junk Debt?

September 16, 2019

• Warning signs for junk debt are now visible in the market, notes a report from WSJ. These signs indicate that companies with high debt are at high risk.

Left Analysis

The Trump economy is failing

by Ted T - September 17

There are so many companies with astronomical amounts of corporate debt who will never make the...

Right Analysis

What's with the fuss?

by Louise W - September 17

Trump’s pro business approach is doing just fine, and will continue to be stable unless 2020...

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Third Democratic Debate: Candidates Spar Over Healthcare

September 13, 2019

• In Thursday night debate, top 2020 Democratic Party candidate clashed over the healthcare policies. • Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren both back...

Left Analysis

Yang & Buttigieg: VP hopefuls?

by Ted T - September 13

Yang is such an interesting candidate. He was a relatively unknown figure before he announced his...

Right Analysis

And we once thought Europe was too liberal

by Don M - September 13

Polarization has never been more obvious than right now. This Democratic debate had all sorts of...

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Supreme Court Clears The Way For Trump Asylum Rule

September 12, 2019

• On Wednesday, the Supreme Court allowed Trump administration to enforce a rule that will limit the asylum applications by immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico...

Left Analysis

Tyranny at the border

by Ted T - September 12

We were once a country that set an example for others. Now we have become a disgrace. We used to...

Right Analysis

A step forward

by Don M - September 12

Whenever some kind of immigration decision is made, people get a little foggy about the distinction...

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John Bolton Departs. Will It Change Trump’s Foreign Policy?

September 11, 2019

• On Tuesday, John Bolton abruptly left the post of national security adviser in Trump administration. It is not clear if Trump asked Bolton to resign, or...

Left Analysis

Bolton's Departure Gives Trump Free Reign

by Ted T - September 11

The news of John Bolton’s firing is not particularly surprising. The contrasting views of the...

Right Analysis

A Wise Decision

by Don M - September 11

Bolton’s departure is certainly stirring up various opinions across the aisle. Some are happy,...

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Trump’s ‘Chosen One’ Remark Draws Heavy Criticism

August 22, 2019

• On Wednesday, while answering questions about trade war with China, Trump said he was “the chosen one.” The president was referring to being the chose...

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