Bubble U™

This is where you get an education on the tactics often used to take away your brain and stuff you in the bubble. At Bubble U, we’re studying a serious issue, but we’re having a lot of fun while doing it.

Bubble Trouble
How deep in the bubble are you? Find out with our Bubble Trouble test.

Shoddy journalists are the villainous bubble makers in our reality game—Bubble Trouble! They secretly hide “bubble tricks” in their articles in an attempt to snare unsuspecting readers and snatch their brains away. It is up to you to search and reveal the bubble tricks so you can save the world from the bubble makers’ evil plot. Have fun while getting real-life skills in recognizing propaganda when you see it.

Find the sentences that are using un-journalistic tactics in an attempt to sway your views. Then label each sentence with the tactic that’s being used. Find and correctly label them all to earn a perfect score. Missing, over identifying, or mislabeling will result in lost points.

85 and up – Congratulations! You're a true Bubble Buster!
65 – 84 – You're on your way, but you haven’t busted that bubble yet!
Under 65 – Hold on to your brain! You’re deep in bubble land!

Play Bubble Trouble!

True journalism is about reporting facts, not providing opinions. Opinions are supposed to be the domain of commentators or analysts. So why would journalists and their corporate sponsors mix their opinions and news into single articles without clearly labeling this and letting their readers know? It's because they're trying to rob you of your brain. They're not willing to offer you the facts and let YOU decide. They want to have the power to decide for you and then deceive you into agreeing with their views. It's a lot easier than trying to convince you based on the facts. They aren’t letting you think for yourself. They're putting you in the bubble!

Not all journalists are trying to put you in a bubble, and we applaud and honor those that stick faithfully to their trade. Giving people the facts is one of the most important things in protecting a free society.

People on this site are fed up with being shoved in the bubble without permission. They'd like their brains back, thank you very much!