Joe Biden vows to pick woman as his running mate

ØOn Sunday, Joe Biden said that he would pick a woman as his vice-presidential running mate. "If I'm elected president, my Cabinet, my administration will look like the country, and I commit that I will, in fact, appoint a, pick a woman to be vice president," the former Vice President said at the CNN-Univision debate in Washington, DC with fellow candidate Bernie Sanders.

Ø Also, Biden reiterated his plan to appoint the first African American woman to the Supreme Court.

Ø Sanders also said that in all likelihood, he would select a woman for his running mate. Biden is also committed to forming an administration that is mostly women. “Last I heard, over half of the people in America are women," Sanders said, according to politico. "And that will be the representation in my Cabinet and in my administration.”

Ø Democrats’ saw a record number of women participating in the Presidential race. However, the list now includes just one woman Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who wasn’t qualified for the Sunday's debate stage.

Ø Women that have dropped out of the presidential race, include California Sen. Kamala Harris, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, author Marianne Williamson, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and California Sen. Kamala Harris.

Ø Previously, Biden has expressed willingness in appointing former 2020 rivals, including Klobuchar, Harris and Warren. Both Harris and Klobuchar have endorsed Biden for president.

Ø In the past, Biden has said that he would appoint someone "of color and/or a different gender" for his running mate, according to CNN.

Ø To date, the US has never got a woman vice president or president.

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Left View

Biden and Sanders Square Off 

In a final showdown between top forerunners in the Democratic Presidential Primary, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders debated each other Sunday evening in Washington, DC. As expected, a large part of the debate focused on economy and healthcare. The sparring was tough, but both men were consummate professionals and handled themselves well for the most part.

Biden emphasized his plan on improving upon Obamacare. Leaving the arena open for private health to compete in the market is the safe way to go, according to the former Vice President who pointed out that Italy’s healthcare system hasn’t worked out to well, and that there should be enough competition in the American market, but with the regulations imposed by the Affordable Care Act. Another of Biden’s thrusts involved Sander’s ambiguity about how he would fund his single-payer system.

Other issues covered included the issue of halting the spread of COVID-19. Both candidates had a similar approach. Both also indicated a strong likelihood of choosing a female running mate as a commitment to diversity, something the GOP has been lacking in on many levels. Climate change was discussed, and Sanders made clear his agenda in aggressively holding corporations accountable for satiating their greed at the expense of the environment. Biden laid out a plan that would help lower CO2 emissions including a light rail system along with electrical charging stations for electrical cars. Sanders considers this not near enough.

A spirited debate to be sure, and while Biden toes the moderate line, Sanders got the best of him in this one. The question now is whether Biden’s lackluster performance in the debate will cost him votes in the primaries to come. Sanders continues to be resilient and consistent, and while Biden has feasible plans that appeal to the moderate crowd, Sanders drubbed him in this debate, and we’ll see if his more progressive policies will resound with the remaining Democratic Primary electorate.


I agree with many of my colleague’s takes on the performance of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders last night, however, regarding the issue of vice president picks I believe we vastly disagree. My colleague asserts that the promises made by the candidates to select female running mates is a “commitment to diversity” and seems to see this in a positive light. He also criticizes the GOP for lacking this commitment. I think this is a silly argument.

The qualifications of a person should be what matters. If having a certain gender or race is able to qualify someone for a job, aren’t we returning to the same kind of sexism and racism we want to avoid in the country? It seems that many on the political left are fine with letting unchangeable characteristics define a person, as long as they are able to control that definition in favor of their political agenda. Here’s what I mean by that. If President Trump nominates a white man for the supreme court, the argument becomes “we don’t need another white man,” but if Joe Biden were to select a black woman for his running mate, the argument shifts dramatically to become “a black woman is what we need right now.”

Now, many on the left argue that this is because black people and women have vastly different life experience than white men do, and this is why they should be more represented in culture and government. However, since when did we start assuming everyone with the same color of skin and the same genitalia have the same experiences. I think we are forgetting the true diversity of America with this sentiment. Where people grew up, their family lives, their religion, their education, their careers. Is it not incredibly racist to see a black person and assume what their life experiences have been based on their skin color? I think this whole “dedication to diversity” thing is stupid. We should judge people based on their choices, experience, qualifications, and character. Skin color and sex cannot predetermine any of these attributes.

Right View

For show debate only  

Was anybody truly interested in this debate? With everybody worrying about how they're going to stay home with their kids because the schools are now closed, or how they'll pay bills if they can't continue working for their employer (because they may have to shut down temporarily, etc.), was anybody truly interested? Interested in seeing the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee debate a thoroughly beaten and worn out (if not totally dispirited) Bernie Sanders? At this point, Bernie Sanders most valuable offering to the DNC and to the Democrats is to sit there and serve as a foil for all the things that come out of Joe Biden's mouth, and if you read the debate tonight that's exactly what it sounds like. There could not have been more softballs to Joe Biden than what I read about tonight. If you're a Bernie fan, I can't imagine how demoralizing this must be for you, esp. given 2016. Perhaps the viral pandemic is the only thing helping to keep democrats united.

And does anyone not suspect Biden will tap Hillary Clinton? There has to be some reason Hillary agreed to sit out of this thing when everyone, for over a year, including Hillary, dropped hints that she is tempted to join the race. If not Hillary, I can't see Biden going with anyone else except a minority woman, perhaps Kamala (too much political baggage) but much more likely, Stacey Abrams. This would get two birds with one stone - increase Black voter support, & independent women, and attempt to get more millennial support.

However, if, and it's a big if, Trump can somehow pull together all private and public agencies to reign in the spread of the virus, as late as it is, he might come out looking stronger, not weaker. Until last month, almost nobody remembered H1N1 under Obama, despite over 11,000 deaths and a quarter of a million infections. Trump may ultimately have his own H1N1 moment, too. The Fed just gifted Trump and the economy a 0% prime rate, something they also did for the majority of obama's two terms.


Sanders did pretty well, all things considered, and Biden repeated the same lines that keep him as the safer option in November. Sanders always has a commanding presence on the debate stage, upstaged only by Warren in the previous contests. Biden promises change, but not at the extent of the revolution Sanders promises.

Viewership of the Democratic debates have risen considerably since December, and this is understandably so, given the narrower field, now featuring only the two front runners. Democrats want to know the prospective policies of the likely nominee to represent them in the General Election.

Independents and the Republicans who are no longer enamored with Trump or never were, are as curious to see what the alternative to the incumbent would bring to the table. Sanders has been incredibly consistent, and at least everyone knows what he's going to be all about. Biden has advantages, and the establishment certainly favors him, but so does the electorate, it seems. By committing to a female running mate and an African-American female SCOTUS appointee, he may have secured himself the Democratic nomination. Hillary Clinton, while an option, could be a liability as she already lost a Presidential election, and is an easy target for conservative propaganda efforts that could keep the crucial moderates and independents from voting. I agree Stacey Abrams is a likely option.

It's indeed encouraging to see our President, as much as I disagree with him on almost every political issue, use the resources of the government and seeking the private sector's involvement to stem the spread of this disease.