Biden Criticizes Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Response

Ø  Joe Biden attacked the Trump administration in a speech on Thursday, criticizing what he views as an inept response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ø  Biden accused Trump of compounding fears because Americans can’t trust him due to his “adversarial relationship with the truth”. Biden Said he will always tell Americans the truth, and will lead with science and expert advise.

Ø  He also criticized the administrations slow deployment of coronavirus tests.

Ø  Biden then attacked Trump for the many government agencies he has closed, one of which was instrumental in fighting Ebola: “Our governments ability to respond effectively has been undermined by hollowing out our agencies and the disparagement of science”.

Ø  Yesterday Trump delivered a speech on the virus that was filled with inaccuracies and dubbed the coronavirus a “Foreign Virus”.

Ø  Biden: “Americans should not fall back on Xenophobia”.

Ø  Biden detailed specific steps he would take to stop the spread of the virus.

Ø  The Trump administration pointed to Biden’s lack of leadership ability.

Ø  The virus is now a pandemic and has caused a change in the dynamics of the campaign.

Ø  The candidates will be holding virtual events in place of rallies, and Sanders and Biden will debate with no audience.

Ø  Sanders called for a stop to evictions, foreclosures and utility shutoffs during the pandemic.

Ø  Sanders gave a speech focused on the difficulties that tip earners, those with financial woes, and the elderly are facing during this time.

Ø  He made a point that those without health insurance are particularly hurt during this time.

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Left View

Blame Spreads Faster Than Any Virus 

The American Center for Disease Control (or CDC) currently estimates there are 1,215 Coronavirus cases in the USA. Tom Hanks is sick. The Prime Minister of Canada is in self-isolation, and America’s political leaders are playing their favorite game: Who’s to blame?

Obviously, the current administration is much easier to attack. But both Democratic presidential nominees have been expected to address the issue as well.

In Delaware, Joe Biden said “Public fears are being compounded by a pervasive lack of trust in this president” and accused the President of having an “adversarial relationship with the truth.” Biden laid out a plan of his own, as did his rival Bernie Sanders. Sanders went as far as to offer his plan to the POTUS for immediate adoption.

Bernie used the opportunity to continue to hammer home his message of universal health care. Biden called Trump to task for his reference to a “foreign” virus. Given viruses have no nationalities, carry no passports, and respect no borders, it is hard to see how this is a helpful categorization. Trump also used the opportunity to argue “We need the Wall more than ever!” Given the border with Mexico remains open, and it is Europe that travel is being restricted to and from, how any wall would help seems unfathomable. Logistically, it could be difficult to wall off Europe. They also might not be willing to pay for it.

Trump’s self-assuredness comes off more like overconfidence. His claim to be an expert on the virus ring hollow, coming hot on the heels of his admission he had no idea just how many people still die from the flu every year.

Ultimately, the two sides of the American political fence have shown anything but solidarity in the face of this crisis. Both sides are using the potential illness and deaths of millions to try to score political points. This is how cynical and self-serving the system has become. No matter which side you trust more, both sides working together could do more to fight the virus than pinning the blame on anyone ever will.


As the coronavirus spreads throughout the country, shutting down our schools, wreaking havoc on Wall Street, and causing the cancellation of major sporting events, it is a time for Americans to put aside their differences and work together towards the common goal of eliminating COVID-19.

When Joe Biden got up to play president and give his speech on Thursday, he was in no way working towards that common goal. Instead he accused the president of being a racist and a liar.

When Bernie Sanders took the podium for his speech, he used the pandemic as a way to push for his Socialist “Medicare for All” plan.

When President Trump took to Twitter, he slung insults around, calling Biden “Sleepy Joe.”

This is not what we need at the moment. The American people need to see a united, steady response to the virus that is overturning our everyday lives. Republicans and Democrats need to reach across the aisle and figure out how to deal with this public health crisis before it becomes any more of a problem.

This is no longer a game. This is serious and we need our politicians to take it as such. Why is it a big deal that the President called the Coronavirus a “foreign virus”? For weeks the liberal media referred to it as the “Wuhan virus.” There’s nothing racist or xenophobic about that, it’s merely a distinction based on where it came from.

The thing is, we shouldn’t even have to be discussing whether or not the term “Wuhan virus” is offensive. Let’s forget the pettiness and work together towards helping those who are in financial need. Let’s forget the pettiness and work together towards righting the sinking ship that is the stock market. Let’s forget the pettiness and work together towards finding a vaccine.

This will most likely get worse before it gets better, but we are the United States of America and we will beat any pandemic that nature throws at us.

Right View

Joe, Stop Playing President 

We are living through a truly historic moment. Never before has an event brought such a screeching halt to America and the world for such a prolonged length of time. Countries like China, Italy, and Israel are essentially in quarantine. March Madness is cancelled and the NBA, NHL, and MLB seasons are all suspended. Even Disneyland has closed its gates for a minimum of two and a half weeks (to put that in perspective, Disneyland closed for only two days following 9/11).

COVID-19 is serious. And that is why it was a disgrace for Joe Biden to get up to play president and give his own speech lambasting the current president of the United States for political gain. Let the president do his job, Joe.

“Public fears are being compounded by a pervasive lack of trust in this president, fueled by the adversarial relationship with the truth he continues to have,” Biden said. This is coming from a man who is one of the most prolific liars in politics. Remember when he told the story (three times!) of his arrest with Nelson Mandela in South Africa? Or when he claimed he graduated at the top of his class in law school?

In his speech, Biden also went after Trump for labeling the Coronavirus a “foreign virus,” claiming that it was xenophobic. Um, last I checked COVID-19 originated in a “foreign” country. Those are just the facts. Is the “German measles” a xenophobic nomenclature? Or “Zika virus”? Or the “Spanish flu”?

The Trump Administration has acted relatively quickly and decisively. If not for the Administration’s decision to quickly enact a travel ban on China, many more Americans could have been infected and even have died. That’s not to say that the Administration is above reproach. In fact, criticism for their sluggish roll out of Coronavirus test kits is well-deserved.

But Joe Biden’s Thursday speech was a disgrace and a play for political points. Facing a global pandemic, we need to our politicians to realize who is in charge and assist them in doing their job.


Former Vice President and current Democratic Presidential forerunner Joe Biden has every right to criticize the President on his response to the COVID-19 epidemic. The American public is demanding a competent response to the pandemic from their Chief Executive, and what he has shown the people is not reassuring. Flipping from initially being overly dismissive, blaming the media and the Democrats for the hysteria, to shutting down travel and causing mass confusion by not accurately expressing the policies of his administration, Trump is showing his incompetence during this crisis.

Newsweek has reported that up to 40% of individuals polled who previously voted for Trump have indicated they are now less likely to vote for him due to his convoluted response to the Coronavirus crisis. Joe Biden, being the presumptive Democratic Presidential Candidate, barring some miracle comeback by Bernie Sanders (who himself made his criticism of Trump over the virus response known) has to make it known that changes at the highest office of the land have to be made. Is "Fighting" Joe perfect? No, far from it. But we need someone who has competence in dealing with international crises, and Trump is a career businessman, and leading a nation is a whole different thing from managing a corporation.

It is not so much that Trump labeled COVID-19 as a "foreign" virus that makes it xenophobic, but the context in which he used it. In using the terminology in the context of banning international travel, he was no longer making a statement of pathogenic origin, but was implying that problems in the country are caused by externals. This was an inappropriate political attempt to justify his political policies throughout his tenure as President, hoping his nationalist brand will resound with his political base.

Thankfully, it is the people that have the final say, and if the President isn't competent enough to do his job, he will be removed from being "in charge" and replaced with someone else.