Biden Wins Michigan Primary, Dealing Serious Blow to Sanders Campaign

Biden won the Michigan primary with over 50% of the vote, a serious blow to Sanders campaign who won the state against Clinton in 2016.

Biden also won Missouri and Mississippi, with a strong showing from working class and African American Voters.

This undermines hopes that Sanders can rebuild the Blue wall by winning Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Sanders is hoping to win Idaho, Washington, and North Dakota, votes are still being counted there, but there are less delegates at stake than in the states Biden won.

Sanders performed well with young voters.

This is the first series of primaries since Biden turned his campaign around with his Super Tuesday wins, and the race was narrowed down to two candidates.

Biden and Sanders have cancelled rallies lately due to the coronavirus, and say that further rallies will be decided on a case to case basis.

The two will debate with no audience on Sunday night.

Several democratic SuperPACs have declared their organizations will vote for Biden, as it is clear that he has momentum over Sanders.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is being floated as a possible VP.

Biden is still confronting voters who doubt his positions, and had a tense exchange with a man in Michigan who accused him of trying to take away second Amendment rights: Biden answered with “You’re full of s***”, said he supports the second amendment and asked the man “Do you need 100 rounds?”.

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Left View

Biden Cruising Through Super Tuesday II 

There was little doubt coming into this spate of today's state primaries that Biden and Sanders would go neck-to-neck. The question was, who would come out on top? "Fighting" Joe Biden had all the #joementum coming into today's voting, and it showed no slowing down as Biden defeated Sanders in Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi. The Democratic establishment seems to be intent on having Joe Biden as their nominee for president. Sanders had a good run; however, he has too many liabilities which leave many of the Democratic electorate skeptical of his ability to defeat Donald Trump in the General Election.

This, for the Liberals, is about an issue of elect-ability. Many believe Sander's socialist brand is going to drive away moderate voters who would rather vote for Trump than him. It doesn't help Sanders either that he is now portraying the primaries as a battle between him and the Democratic establishment. He isn't out of the race yet, at least not mathematically, but the odds are becoming increasingly slim. To stoke the fires of a civil war within the Democratic party may worsen his chances at the nomination, and increase the likelihood of Trump's reelection in November. Sensible Liberals, it seems, are looking for someone to unite the country, not pull the political pendulum towards the far opposite side.

Fighting Joe showed he had some fight in him when confronted by a worker at an auto plant regarding his stance on gun control. The nomination is effectively his, but he could afford to contain his emotions to reflect his motto in bringing decency back to the Presidential office.

Right View

It's over.  

Regardless of what you think about Bernie Sanders, his amazing stretch of support in these last two elections will be the subject of political science courses for years to come. Undeterred, unwavering, staying on point and consistency in his messaging are unusual traits for many candidates but not for Bernie Sanders. Sanders managed to take a taboo subject, socialism, and move it squarely into the Overton window. That's quite an accomplishment.

Yet, Joe always was the DNC's golden boy. How Bernie fans could have deluded themselves into any other reality is, well, simply amazing. This isn't a knock on Bernie as much as it is a knock on the corrupt DNC. This country is simply not going to elect a self described "Democratic" Socialist who extols the virtues of Castro and Communist China's centralized planning, ever. The DNC knew it and were scared at the prospect of a Sanders win. Let me clarify that a little bit, the country as a whole knew it, the DNC new it but the *South* drew the line, and did not allow it. The blue and green hair set from both coasts, especially the northeast and Cali are to blame for Bernie's rise and ironically their lack of voting is partly to blame for its demise.

Sooner or later when most jobs are automated and robots replace what people used to do, there will be a time and a place for another Sanders. Until then, the southern states as predicted in my earlier analysis will never put Bernie in office. The powerful West Coast and Northeastern Pro Bernie voting area were his core support, but it just wasn't enough to put Bernie over-the-top, not this time. Not with a DNC like we have. Biden's gaffes apparently are less spooky than Socialism. At Bernie's age, he will have to pack it in. But his legacy will continue to inspire the progressive left and haunt the right.


With each passing day it seems the democratic establishment will get its wish as Biden creeps ever closer to seizing the democratic nomination out from underneath Sanders. It’s a shame to see how Bernie has been treated in these last few weeks. It reveals that the high school clique mentality is alive and well in the Democratic party; aggressively backing everyone but Sanders due to his social welfare focused policies and his status as an ‘outsider’. I’m not anti-Biden or anything, but it’s become clear that the democratic party had no interest in a Bernie Presidency. The idea of attacking him as a socialist is reprehensible, as some of the greatest presidents in U.S history, such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his New Deal, were also heavily criticized by the establishment for their so called socialist and populist politics focused on improving life for the American people. Trump is called a populist as well, and he made lots of promises about making life better for the Americans. While Trump has fumbled and bumbled around on that (At least he didn’t ruin the economy that Obama and Biden built), Bernie may have made some significant progress.
Everyone agrees that healthcare needs work. I am one who doesn’t believe that Bernie would have taken office and signed orders making college and healthcare free. There would have been a rigorous law-making progress which ensured the best possible outcome for the American people and for the American economy, for that is the nature of good politics. Republicans may call me a fool for my optimism, and indeed I may be – I gave Trump a chance after all – but I trust Bernie’s character. He has been consistent on his stances for most of his political career, which is an incredible achievement as a politician. He doesn’t manipulate information to get votes, and he has always been straightforward and honest about what he thinks and what he plans to do. I wish the best to both candidates, but my heart goes out to Bernie, beaten and bruised by his own party.