Coronavirus cases surge, but Trump has no plans to halt campaign

Ø  President Donald Trump, on Saturday, said that he has no plans to stop or slowdown campaign rallies. "We will have tremendous rallies and we're doing very well, and we've done a fantastic job with respect to that subject,” Trump said when asked if the “Keep America Great” campaign would continue, according to Yahoo News.

Ø  The comment from Trump came as the number of cases across the US surged past 400. Also, there have been 19 deaths so far in the country. Moreover, authorities also confirmed the first case in Washington DC.

Ø  When asked about the spread of the virus within a few miles of the White House, Trump said he is “not concerned at all."

Ø  Also, speaking to ABC News, Trump’s campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said they are moving normally with the reelection events.

Ø  Previously, when visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Trump said the risk of the crowd does not bother him. CDC, however, earlier issued a warning asking people not to congregate in crowds. Also, the authority has asked the elderly to stay in the home.

Ø  It is not just Trump, but others also echo similar things. On Sunday, Bernie Sanders admitted that though he and other presidential opponents are in the age group that is more vulnerable to coronavirus, he wouldn’t limit his activities. “In the best of all possible worlds, maybe. But right now, we're running as hard as we can,” Sanders said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

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Left View

A Dangerous Game 

As we all know, "denial" is not just a river in Egypt, but apparently it's the practice of some who believe everything is a conspiracy against them. Despite the mounting evidence of its potency, President Trump has refused to acknowledge the effects of COVID-19. In direct contradiction to the warnings of the Center for Disease Control, the President continues to push for rallies to garner support for his reelection bid. This is both irresponsible and dangerous.

Push politics aside; epidemics are not something to mess with. When you are the leader of the Free World, you take any threat to human life seriously. The dismissive attitude of the standing President shows he has more interest in his reelection bid than safeguarding lives. This is in contrast to Senator Ted Cruz, who, in response to being informed that he had contact with an individual who later tested positive for COVID-19, essentially quarantined himself. This is respectable, and should be the proper response to a health threat such as this one.

When epidemics pose a threat to life, we cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand to avoid an inconvenient truth. This isn't something you expect from the Chief Executive of the United States of America. There are ways to counter the political ramifications from the fallout of a deadly disease outbreak. Instead of denying the effects of the disease, the President could have created a bi-partisan backed initiative, headed by experts in the field of disease control to lead the nation's response to the threat. This may actually have the effect of gaining favor from independents and moderates, votes he will likely need in November.

Casting the reports of the deadly effects of COVID-19 as overblown and an opposition ploy via the media is not only immature, but existentially dangerous.


Everybody has their own motives. And everybody works to accomplish what their primary goals are.

The CDC is an agency whose entire existence is to research, track and help mitigate potential danger from infectious disease. It's therefore understandable and appropriate for them to issue all the warnings they have.

The leader of the Free World however, has his job. That is to project strength and courage so that a potential pandemic doesn't turn in to a definite economic bloodbath. At this point, there is no question that the fallout of the FEAR of Covid-19 has had a far greater effect on the globe than the actual real world RESULTS of Covid-19.

Not to minimize the death of 3500 people worldwide, but disease kill many times that many people every year and people don't hide under their covers. It is accepted as a normal part of life. This particular virus is novel and therefore brings with it a fear of the unknown. On an individual basis, each person can make their own decision of how scared they are. On a national level though, a president showing fear would be far more devastating than anything this pathogen has yet managed.

So let the CDC do it's job. Let them issue warning and, where appropriate, enact and enforce mandatory quarantining. The rest of us, we need to live life, with a president with the courage to lead the way!

Right View

Anything to slow down Trump 

Suddenly there is discussion on different programs about the need for President Trump to stop his massive rallies. He needs to do this for the greater good of the country they say. The insinuation is that Trump is putting his personal interests ahead of the country and doesn't care about the spread of Covid-19.

Oddly, I haven't heard as much clamor to ask Biden or Sanders to curtail there rallies. Of course one can say that in share scale the Trump rallies dwarf those of both Biden and Sanders. Thus, the risk of the disease spreading would be greater at a Trump rally, where tens of thousands attend, as opposed to the others that barely draw a crowd.

I am also certain that should even one individual by any of these rallies actually contract the disease, it will immediately be blamed on Trump. Democrats will pounce and say that now Trump "owns" this disease. Expect them to say things like "Trump's virus" in a marketing effort to pin the entire pandemic on him.

Therefore, I believe the president has tremendous courage. Not because he is willing, at his age, to continue to mingle among large masses of people. And not because he is willing to defy the silly calls for him to terminate these events. He has courage because he will continue to do what he believes to be the correct action, despite knowing full well the heavy political toll he may pay if, what may almost be inevitable, someone were to contract Covid-19 at one of the rallies.

You may agree or disagree with his approach but that is the sign of a strong leader. Projecting strength, showing people that they should continue with their daily lives and put this situation within context and not running like a little boy when some bias pundits start questioning his choices.


While Fear of the Coronavirus may be causing quarantines across the world, President Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden refuse to slow down their campaigns. My Republican friends seem to think that the President has no responsibility to ensure the safety of the American people, but rather his responsibility lies in keeping everyone calm. I don’t totally disagree with this. Yes, a President must work to keep the level of fear in a country down; but it is irresponsible for any person, be it world leader or private citizen, to mislead the public about scientific facts regarding a deadly disease.

Where Sanders acknowledges that he is particularly vulnerable to the disease, Trump says he is completely unworried. Haphazardly citing made up statistics, like the coronavirus having a .5% fatality rate is dangerous and silly. Remember when Trump made a fake map of Hurricane Dorian, showing a route through Alabama, which he drew with a sharpie, after he incorrectly said that’s where the Hurricane was going. That was so silly that you couldn’t help but laugh, democrat or republican. But once you get past the silliness of Trumps actions, you realize the danger. If people up the entire East coast believed that map and didn’t adequately prepare, they could have easily lost their lives in the face of one of natures most powerful phenomenon’s.

Diseases are also one of natures most powerful phenomenon’s, and Trumps approach to the Coronavirus is another example of his extreme callousness in the face of human suffering if it makes him look good. I ask my republican friends, do you support the idea that American Citizens trapped on a disease infested cruise ship not be allowed to enter their own country to receive medical help so that the number of infections in the U.S is lower (his idea, not mine), and make Trump look better? What if that was you? If the coronavirus is really being exaggerated, then surely these people deserve medical attention in their own country, right? Consistency and accuracy are key, and they continue to be two of President Trumps worst qualities.