Super Tuesday Primary Results

Ø  Biden wins in 9 states so far. With his biggest win being Texas.


Ø  Sanders won 3 states and is leading in California.


Ø  Michael Bloomberg has quit his presidential campaign and endorsed Biden.

Bloomberg invested over 500 million dollars of his own money in the

campaign, and won a single territory: American Samoa.


Ø  Warrens campaign is assessing a path forward.


Ø  The field of candidates is now theoretically down to just Biden and Sanders.


Ø  The two candidates attacked each other in speeches last night.


Ø  Sanders will feature three new ads over the next week, one which shows

Obama praising Sanders.


Ø  Biden was boosted by moderates, conservatives, African American, and older

than 45 voters


Ø  Sanders by young voters, liberals, and latinos.


Ø  Biden has cemented himself as the “standard-bearer” for the democratic



Ø  Biden and Sanders are ideologically opposed candidates, with sanders being

the clear choice for progressives and Biden for moderates.


Ø  Sanders lost Oklahoma, which he won against Hilary Clinton 4 years ago.


Ø  Tentatively the delegate count is: 453 for Biden, 382 for Sanders, 50 to

Warren, and 1 to Tulsi Gabbard. Votes are still being counted

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Left View

Biden v Sanders: The 2020 Democratic Comeback That Won't Be 

"Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it," Leo Tolstoy wrote in his memoir, A Confession. The book has been canonized by existential nihilists and is one I consult from time to time, as it seems to confirm what we see in a political climate that is isolating and confusing. How is it that Joe Biden has faltered and fumbled throughout the months that preceded Super Tuesday, only to watch and see as a once crowded debate stage shrinks substantially, rivaling campaigns are ended before they can see the fruits of their labor, and rally behind a man based on 44% voter turnout in South Carolina?

Call me cynical, but where is the glory in this? Biden becomes the frontrunner, and I predict he will be the nominee. Biden v Trump: is that even a real race? Biden could barely keep up with his peers, so what makes us think he can keep up with Donald Trump?

Bloomberg washed $500 million down the pipe and is now out of the race. Klobuchar and Buttigieg have abandoned their unique messages and platforms and are catering to the former VP. Warren will not seize her fight just yet, and I admire her. She has spent months giving it her all and using the debate stage to bring to light the troubling past of Bloomberg, and has been calculated in her other attacks. But she, too, hardly stands a chance anymore. Sanders has spent his life trying to reach the Oval Office, but is at odds with the DNC lords and will fall between the fractures within the Democratic party.

For the countless Op-Eds, documentaries, literature and public outcries following Trump's ascendence to the White House, I am doubtful I am alone in feeling disappointed. Don't feed the hand that bites you. But now, following a Democrat-led impeachment trial that failed, the right-wing is energized, particularly in their disdain for Biden & his son. Burisma, Anita Hill, the "creepy uncle Joe" video compilations, and this is the guy that will restore our nation?

Right View

Joe's nomination gift 

Joe Biden was feeling it at his Los Angeles rally on Tuesday as returns showed him beating his
rival Bernie Sanders handily in most of the voting states. “Just a few days ago, the press and
the pundits declared the campaign dead,” the former VP told a raucous crowd, “and then
came South Carolina…And we’re told, well, when you get to Super Tuesday, it will be over.
Well, it may be over for the other guy…But, it’s looking good. So I’m here to report, we are very
much alive.”

While there are still delegates to be divided among the candidates at the time of the writing of
this article (looking at you, California), it looks as if Biden has righted the ship and is sailing
towards the nomination.

Biden’s resurrection came in the form of his huge South Carolina victory. Before that, the
Democratic establishment was in a quandary, searching for the right candidate to back and
hopefully beat Bernie Sanders. After the SC primary, it became obvious that Biden wasn’t done
yet, thus, the many endorsements and a Super Tuesday victory.

Biden now has one job: don’t foul up. This huge Super Tuesday delegate haul will no doubt
boost his campaign, leading to stronger showings in the polls and, eventually, at the ballot box.
It is now his job to convince voters that he is the normal moderate candidate, and that he can
beat Donald Trump in the general election. Biden doesn’t need to pull a political rabbit out of
his hat, all he needs is a plurality of delegates going into the convention and the nomination is

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, will not be nominated at the convention on the second,
third, or any ballot if he does not have the required 1,991 delegates. Most likely, even if
Sanders goes into the convention with a plurality, Biden comes out the winner…as long as he
doesn’t commit unintentional political suicide somehow.

The nomination is being handed to you on a silver platter, Joe. Don’t mess this one up.


The Bernie steamroller seems to have lost momentum to the comeback #joementum train. With Bloomberg now out of the race and endorsing Biden, the campaign will continue to gain significant strides to the nomination. I agree that this crucial turning point is essentially a gift of opportunity for Biden, the nomination now being his to lose.

It's far from over, however, and Sanders and co. are not going down without a fight. The Vermont Senator is hoping that his brand of socialism is as attractive to the masses as Trump's nationalism was. There are many in the lower classes that are fed up with the establishment and refuse to settle for the status-quo. Sander's strong showing in California was expected, but he lost a tight race to Biden in Texas.

The Democratic establishment is wary of a far left candidate, and a Sanders nomination could alienate moderates that see socialism as a threat to liberty. But one could also argue Trump's nationalist tendencies were thought to do the same thing and yet he won the 2016 general election. The Obama-Biden administration is the most liberal left administration in modern times, so it seems ironic that Biden is having to cast himself as the more moderate candidate in comparison to Sanders.

One thing's for sure, it will be tight down to the wire between these two, and the question now becomes one of elect-ability in the November election.