February 17th, 2021
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Democratic lawmakers criticize Gov. Cuomo for his nursing home COVID-19 deaths controversy

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to attract criticism, including from his own party members, for his comments on Monday.The biggest takeaway from this story is the left-leaning mainstream media's refusal to cover it, even though the scandal broke months and months ago. Only now, as Democrat lawmakers distance themselves from Gov. Cuomo, the media is finally reporting on this debacle. As Assemblyman Kim pointed out regarding the timeline, how many lives might have been saved if the media had stopped defending the governor and had practiced investigative reporting?In fact, there are mainstream stories reporting on this, including CNN where Cuomo’s brother works (though one has to wonder if there is a conflict of interest in his lack of reporting). It is an important story and should be reported. If this was truly reported months ago and an investigation was not opened then, it should be now.
Cuomo claimed on Monday that his administration told the legislature last fall that it delayed releasing the full number of nursing home COVID-19 deaths because it was complying with a U.S. Department of Justice request.
Both sides can agree that proof of this admission from last fall should be made available. However, why wasn’t the general public given access to this data too? With three democrats already coming forward to say it wasn't, the burden of proof certainly does lay at Cuomo's feet. So far, he is still blaming everyone around him. Back in March and April when the story first broke, he blamed President Trump. The burden of proof does lay at Cuomo’s feet and there is sure to be more revealed. Does this go all the way to the top? Will people resign? There is much left to be uncovered.
Following Cuomo’s revelation, some members of the state legislature, including Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, noted that the governor did not explicitly tell them about the DOJ request.

In a tweet, Sen. Alessandra Biaggi criticized Cuomo, saying “you did not tell the *entire* Senate or Assembly that there was a DOJ investigation, as the reason why you didn't share the nursing home numbers".

Senator Julia Salazar also did the same, saying “The Governor keeps trying to evade responsibility for his misjudgment (an understatement) in concealing the number of nursing home deaths by claiming that he’d informed the legislature”.
Cuomo’s administration also claims it froze due to political reasons. President Trump as rabidly attacking Cuomo at the time and they feared he would use this as a weapon against them. Yes, they admitted they acted politically and lied. Such admissions are difficult to pin on Trump as the culprit.
Democratic Assemblyman Ron Kim also criticized Cuomo.
“If the data was shared when we asked for it, we could have legislated differently,” Kim said.Kim's comments imply lives could have been saved. Back in March, Cuomo stated that destroying his state's economy (and livelihoods!) would be worth it even if it "saves just one life." Unfortunately, this scandal reveals his hypocrisy and the political motivations that drove his behavior.
Democratic state Sen. John Liu accused Cuomo of "misleading" and "withholding information.
It is time for an open and honest investigation of the matter, with both sides participating. There was much done correctly in Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and that should be applauded, but if his administration was in fact hiding numbers - regardless of why - it needs to be honestly looked into. Cuomo prided himself on honesty and transparency and now is his time to prove that.
Kim and Biaggi support limiting broad emergency powers that the governor has in regards to the coronavirus pandemic.
No word yet if the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will strip Gov. Cuomo of the Emmy they awarded him for his masterful handling of the virus in his state. :o)


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