February 9th, 2021
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WHO Says COVID Not Leaked from Lab but Fails to Find Animal Source

A team from experts from the World Health Organization and China has ruled out the possibility that COVID-19 may have originated from a laboratory leak.However, a WHO mission in China has failed to pinpoint the precise supposed animal source of the novel coronavirus.Many conservatives view this announcement with a mixture of derision and disbelief, seeing this as yet another example of the World Health Organization "Running Interference for China" as reported by the Daily Caller in April, 2020. The credibility of WHO was almost annihilated among President Trump 's supporters in the first months of the COVID19 outbreak with a majority supporting Trump's China rebuking withdrawal from the organization according to NYT.Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said, "The World Health Organization has consistently bent to the will of the Chinese Communist Party at the expense of global health and of containing the spread of the coronavirus, from downplaying the extent of the virus to systematically excluding Taiwan," Even, Trump opponents like Sen. Ben Sasse agreed that China and the WHO were complicit. "we need to have a serious reckoning with the WHO"Biden quickly rejoined WHO, an act that Dr. Fauci said was “very important” during a global crisis,. He explained, "When you're dealing with a global pandemic, you have to have an international connectivity. For us to not be in the WHO was very disconcerting to everybody . . . including the health officials here in the United States."The Biden administration's invocation of Dr. Fauci's name and approval of the decision to rejoin WHO, if anything actually HARMS their credibility further as Dr. Fauci's reputation suffered far worse. BizPacReview wrote "Millions of Americans are furious with the media’s lionization of Dr. Fauci, who has been wrong about almost everything since the coronavirus crisis erupted. He has flip-flopped on positions about face masks, hydroxychloroquine, and whether schools should reopen"While some politicians may disagree with rejoining WHO, the scientific and medical community applauded Biden’s decision to return to working with global efforts, led by our country's top infectious disease specialist, to help stop the spread of COVID-19, a virus that has killed almost 500,000 million Americans to date, and left thousands more with long-term debilitating symptoms and permanent heart, kidney, and liver damage.
Dr. Peter Ben Embarek, head of the mission, told reporters at a news conference in Wuhan on Tuesday it was "extremely unlikely" that the virus resulted from a lab-related incident.
Speaking for WHO’s international team, Dutch food safety expert Ben Embarek shared four hypotheses about COVID-19’s origin, the most likely being that the virus spread to humans through an intermediary species that lives in close contact with humans. Less likely is the idea that COVID jumped directly from animals to humans. (Bats are the hypothesized animal, but they aren’t common in Wuhan.) Third is “food chain” transmission, where the virus started elsewhere but contaminated some for of cold-chain frozen food packaging. And fourth is a lab-related accident, and while Embarek explained that "accidents can happen," this is considered the least likely theory because there had been “no reports” of anything virus similar to COVID-19 being worked on in any lab worldwide.
He said the absence of bat environments in Wuhan meant COVID-19 may have been transmitted to humans through another animal or through food but the WHO mission has failed to identify a specific animal source species.
China has been criticized for not being more transparent about the pandemic, and for not allowing the WHO team of scientists to come investigate much sooner. If WHO had been allowed in in late 2019, "we would have had a real shot at preventing this global catastrophe," said Lawrence Gostin, director of the O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University in Washington.


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