AG Bill Barr's interview with ABC

- Attorney General Bill Barr says that Donald Trump has never directly asked him to interfere in a criminal case.
- The Attorney General also said that President Trump should stop tweeting about justice department cases because they make it “impossible” for the attorney general to do his job.
- Barr said he will not be bullied by anyone, even the president, and will continue to do his job.
- These comments have created lots of conversation due to the issues surrounding Roger Stones sentencing.
- The justice department recently overruled its own prosecution team in the Roger Stone sentencing case, which resulted in prosecution members quitting, one of them permanently quitting the justice department.
- AG Barr is defending the justice department, saying that Trump had nothing to do with his decision to overrule his own teams sentencing.
- Barr was surprised the team quit.
- Trump commended Barr on twitter for intervening in the sentencing, which back peddles on Barr saying that the president did not affect the outcome of the case.
- Trump has repeatedly been under scrutiny for interfering in the department of justice.
- For example, President Trump: fired attorney general Jeff Sessions, and tried to get FBI director James Comey to stop an investigation into Trump advisor Michael Flynn.
- After Barr criticized Trumps use of social media, the white house issued a statement defending the presidents use of social media: “President Trump uses social media very effectively to fight for the American People”.
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