February 13th, 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accuses President Trump of interfering in the sentencing of Roger Stone and called for an investigation into the Department of Justice

February 13th, 2020 | 299 views

- Nancy Pelosi is calling for investigation into the sentencing of Roger Stone.
- She is accusing President Trump of interfering in the law via tweets.
- Roger Stone was convicted for 9 years for seven accounts of obstructing and lying to congress and witness tampering.
- These charges stem from his attempts to get information via Wikileaks to aid the Trump campaign.
- President Trump tweeted negatively about the decision, and the people involved in making that decision.
- The Department of Justice then appealed to reduce the sentence they had previously given Stone.
- 4 prosecutors quit after this incident.
- Now Democrats are calling for an investigation into the Department of Justice.
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Left View

Corruption, plain and simple. 

As if impeach #1 wasn’t enough, the Roger Stone reversal implicates Barr & the entire DOJ in corruption. But, here’s the thing, I’m rooting for the Dems but I just wish they’d played the game with a bit more tact. Barr needs to be removed, and in fact should’ve been removed a long time ago. Get rid of him, and the impeachment subpoenas would’ve gone quite differently. Stop playing nice. All of the subpoenas that were ignored involved people who could’ve been punished for ignoring them. This is no time to play fair when the other side continuously goes rogue. And at whose expense? Well, a shot at the presidency for a Democratic candidate, for one. Pelosi is not effective at her job, and hasn’t been for some time. No matter your politics, ripping up the State of the Union speech was unprofessional, but moreover an appalling action from a representative of the other end of the aisle.

Barr & Trump’s friendly intermingling and willingness to protect their cronies is nothing new. But how can we convince ourselves that such a blatant display of corruption should just be a media headline, only to blow over in a few days? This needs to be dealt with.

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Right View

Pelosi's motives questionable 

Nancy Pelosi is calling for an investigation into the DOJ after the Trump administration took action to reduce Roger Stone’s seven year sentence this week. She tweeted on Tuesday
night that President Trump was “engaging in political interference.” Trump shot back (in his
typical Trumpian manner) by accusing the four lawyers of hiding after being “exposed,” saying
the Mueller investigation, of which Stone is widely regarded as collateral damage, should have never happened anyways, and taunted “angry democrats.”

I think they are both wrong.

While I agree with the President about the injustice shown to Roger Stone, I think he is
foolish to act on his impulses in this instance. Not only does it look, from the outside, like Trump is forsaking the rule of law, but it’s also the exact ammunition that democrats and the liberal media are seeking.

As for Nancy Pelosi, I simply do not trust her motives enough to take her call seriously.
She’s proven herself to be someone motivated only by her desire to bring down Trump, no
matter what. She did it during the Mueller investigation, after the Ukraine call was leaked, during impeachment, and most recently during the State of the Union.

Now, I do think she makes one good point. I think her call for an investigation into the DOJ isn’t a bad idea. So long as the investigation is bipartisan and goes after both sides, I think
forcing our government to be transparent isn’t just beneficial for the public, but critical for our
republic. We already don’t trust each other, let alone our government.

This battle over Roger Stone is just another clash in the years-long catfight between Trump and Pelosi. I think both are putting partisan agendas before the trust of Americans, which is unhealthy and counter-productive. Transparency is critical in a time where we don’t know who to trust, and no matter who it exposes, I believe honesty with the American people is inherently good and necessary for our republic to function.

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