January 1st, 2021
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Trump is Americas’ most admired as per Gallup survey; Obama held the title for last 12 years

As per Gallup’s annual survey, President Donald Trump is Americans’ most-admired man for 2020.This is somewhat expected as President Trump currently enjoys broad support from Republicans with 53% polled saying they would support him in a hypothetical 2024 run. Trump's 2020 vote totals outperformed any other incumbent in history. Given the contestested nature of the 2020 electoral result, President Trump has enjoyed a boost in popularity among conservatives since the election.As with many things Trump-related, the results of this poll seem to run counter to the prevailing narrative of the last few months. Where the majority of news stories coming out of DC these days paint a picture of an administration mired in conspiracy theorizing, pointless legal maneuvers, a flailing effort to combat the pandemic, and grossly inappropriate presidential pardons, Trump continues to hold unwavering support from his hardcore base.
President Barack Obama held the title for the last 12 years.
Last year, Trump shared the title with Obama.
About 18% respondents voted in favor of Trump, compared to 15% for Obama.
6% of the respondents named President-elect Joe Biden as their most admired man, while 3% voted in favor of Anthony Fauci (Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), and 2% for Pope Francis.Dr. Fauci's popularity took a significant hit in September as trust in him and the CDC began to decline in the months running up to the election. Adverse affects of the coronavirus vaccine, the disasterous impact of the lockdowns and low adoption rates of the vaccine in the US are all likely contributors to Fauci's lower than expected showing.I think it is safe to assume that votes for Dr. Fauci can be grouped in with the liberal bloc who voted for Obama and Biden, which, if all three are combined, total nearly a quarter of the poll's respondents.
Others in the top ten list of Gallup’s annual survey are the Dalai Lama, LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers star), Bill Gates (Microsoft founder), Sen. Bernie Sanders and Elon Musk (Tesla CEO).
All these got 1% vote.
Michelle Obama, the former first lady, is the most-admired woman in 2020.
This is her third title in a row.Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is the second most admired woman in 2020.
This is the 10th time when Trump has made it to Gallup’s top ten list of most admired men.
Late Rev. Billy Graham made to the list 61 times before his 2018 death, while former President Carter made to the list 29 times.
The poll, which surveyed 1,018 adults from Dec. 1 to 17, has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.
It should be noted that, since the close of this poll, Trump uselessly prevented immediate passage of the second coronavirus stimulus package, robbing millions of Americans of a week's worth of badly-need unemployment benefits. He has also ramped up his pressure campaign against members of his own party who recognize Joe Biden as president-elect and refuse to engage with meddling attempts to disrupt the Electoral College.


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