New Hampshire Primary results

- Bernie Sanders narrowly won the New Hampshire Democratic primary with 26% of the vote.
- Pete Buttigieg came in at a close 2nd with just over 24% of the vote.
- Amy Klobuchar is third with about 20% of the vote.
- Sanders and Buttigieg get 9 delegates each and Klobuchar receives 6 delegates.
- Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden are third and fourth respectively. Neither gets delegates.
- Senator Michael Bennet and Andrew Yang have dropped out.
- No body has ever become the democratic nominee who didn’t finish 1st or 2nd in the New Hampshire Primary.
- Biden was travelling to North Carolina during the primary where he is expected to do well.
- Buttigieg is being attacked by Biden and Warren for his lack of experience, and by Sanders for his reliance of big money donors.
- Democrats are looking to find someone to coalesce behind to challenge Trump.
- Michael Bloomberg is skipping all states in February, but will be focusing on the March primaries.
- President Trump won the GOP primary with more than 86% of the vote.
- That percentage is better than the modern historical high for an incumbent president, set by Ronald Reagan in 1984.
- 12,000 votes went to former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld.
- The next primary is Nevada, Feb 22.
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