December 22nd, 2020
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House Republicans met with Trump to talk on blocking election certification

On Monday, several House Republicans met President Trump to talk about blocking certification of the election results, which is scheduled for January 6.
The meetings were organized by Mo Brooks, and were attended by many, including Andy Biggs, Jim Jordan, Jody Hice, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Vice President Mike Pence, and more.
According to CBS News Objections must be made in writing by at least one member of the House and one Senator. After each objection the joint session will go to recess and the House and Senate will will debate the objection in separate chambers for two hours before voting to reject or accept the objection. If both chambers agree, a contested states' votes are tossed, or an alternate slate selected.Even if the objections are entered, this is certain to die in the house, as it is held by the Democratic Party. While the House debates would likely fail, the Senate debates are likely to gain more traction along party lines. However, it is notable that Congressional efforts doesn't exist in a vacuum. The testimony, debates and evidence revealed alongside continuing efforts to advance several legal challenges to the Supreme Court, such as Trump V. Bookvar may prove fruitful. And precedent is clear, SCOTUS can overrule Congress in an Election.
“It was a back-and-forth concerning the planning and strategy for January the 6th,” Brooks told Politico.
“More and more congressmen and senators are being persuaded that the election was stolen."Republicans are being galvanized by increasingly outrageous attacks on the 126 Members of Congress who supported the President in Texas v. Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan & Pennsylvania and this effort may find unexpected support. The Washington Post ran a cartoon this week reminiscent of Goebbels, depicting the 126 Republicans dehumanized as rats, and demands to Speaker Pelosi have been made to bar them from sitting in Congress.
As per Politico, the Republicans discussed the logistics, including the objection language for each state and the floor proceedings.
Discussions are on whether to keep the objection language short or detail the voter fraud.
“I will lead an objection to Georgia's electors on Jan 6.
The courts refuse to hear the President's legal case.We're going to make sure the People can!” Hice said in a tweet."
Senator John Thune, however, told reporters that efforts from House GOP is “going down like a shot dog."
No Republican senators publicly endorsed the effort publicly so far.Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ) begged to differ, "We think we're going to actually be able to contest this, as you say, with at least one objection from the House — and we'll have dozens of objectors in the House — and then at least one in the Senate, and we think we'll have more than that,"
Republicans may be able to force a vote on the certification of the election, but it is likely to fail in Democrat-controlled House.
However, If a sufficient number of States' results are decertified, either by Congress in joint session or by Supreme Court rulings a Contingent Election would be triggered and a vote by congressional delegations would decide the presidency, likely in President Trump's favor as republicans control 26 delegations.


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