December 18th, 2020
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Trump considering special counsel investigation of voter fraud and Hunter Biden; Correspondence email between Hunter Biden and China firm chairman unearthed

 A report from CNN says that Trump is pushing for the appointment of special counsels to investigate his accusations of widespread voter fraud and surrounding Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.
Previously, The Wall Street Journal and The Associated Press also reported about Trump's interest in special counsels.
The timing on Trump’s proposed special counsel is suspicious and could be a parting shot from the president. It sets the stage for a contentious confirmation hearing for whoever President-elect Biden chooses as the nation’s next Attorney General. There will certainly be intense questioning about all things Hunter Biden when the Senate meets next month.
As of now, it isn’t clear how Trump could get special counsels from the Justice Department, which will witness a leadership change next week after the exit of Attorney General William Barr.
Acting Attorney General Rosen won’t comment on the appointment of any special counsels. It is very possible that he doesn’t follow Trump’s lead and butts heads with the outgoing president in the last weeks of the term. Rosen has stated that he sees his time leading the Department of Justice as a time to finish jobs, not start them. That casts doubt on any possible special counsels.
As per the Justice Department rules, it is the attorney general who appoints a special counsel.
Should the Attorney General appoint such a special counsel, the investigations would likely go away if Joe Biden actually took office. Still, only the Attorney General can fire a special counsel and only for well-defined reasons, including any misconduct or conflict of interest.
There may not be any evidence of voter fraud, but Fox News obtained an email of communication between younger Biden and CEFC (a Chinese firm) Chairman Ye Jianming from 2017.

As per Fox News, the correspondence between Hunter Biden and Jianming show younger Biden extending "best wishes from the entire Biden family," and requesting the chairman to send a $10 million wire to "properly fund and operate" the Biden joint venture with the Chinese energy company, which is now bankrupt.

It recently became public that Hunter Biden is already facing federal investigation related to his taxes.
While the legacy media is finally covering the Biden scandal, the New York Post broke the story surrounding Hunter Biden's links to Ye Jianming back in October, before the election. Hunter's business partner in Sinohawk, Tony Bobulinsk, linked Joe Biden to the deal.Twitter and other social media outlets actively suppressed the story, barring others from sharing the story on their newsfeeds.Attorney General Barr kept the fact that there were two federal investigations going on regarding Hunter Biden, which extend back to 2018, hidden from the public for two months. We now know that one of these is for potential tax fraud. While Trump praised Barr for his work in a Tweet on December 14, two days earlier, Trump criticized Barr for sitting on the information concerning Hunter BidenWhile Senator Mitch McConnell has conceded the election to Biden, some congressional Republicans, lead by Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama, are planning to challenge the Electoral College votes from key states. Senator-elect Tom Turbeville of Alabama announced recently that he might challenge the results, which would give the Republicans at least one member from each house and force Congress to debate and vote on the matter.Despite these claims from various Republican lawmakers, there is still no proof of widespread election fraud. To many, the moves being made by these GOP members are nothing but political grandstanding and a way to show their support for President Trump and his base.


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