Democrats Say They Left Syria Meeting After Trump Had 'meltdown'

• Trump’s clash with Democratic lawmakers reached new levels on Wednesday. Democrats say they walked out of a White House meeting after Trump insulted House speaker Nancy Pelosi. The speaker pitied the president for having a “meltdown.”
• Tension between Democrats and the White House is already high over impeachment investigation into Trump’s call with the Ukrainian President in July. During the call, Trump asked the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe Biden and his son.
• Democrats were at the White House for a meeting on Syria. The meeting shortly came after the House passed a resolution to oppose Trump’s decision to pull US forces from northern Syria.
• "He was insulting, particularly to the speaker. She kept her cool completely, but he called her a third-rate politician," Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer told reporters about the meeting. "What we witnessed on the part of the President was a meltdown, sad to say," added Pelosi.
• Pelosi said that Trump was “shaken up" by the Syria resolution vote. The resolution was approved by 354-60 vote. There were no talks on the impeachment investigation during the meeting, Pelosi said.
• Stephanie Grisham, White House press secretary, had a different take on the meeting. Grisham, in a statement, said that Trump was “measured" and "decisive" and that Pelosi "had no intention of listening."
• Those opposing Trump’s decision argue that withdrawing troops will lead to slaughter of Kurdish forces, who helped US in the fight against the Islamic State group. Trump says he is following his promise to get the U.S. out of “endless wars.”
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Left View

Shame on Trump 

Though I see a case for troop withdrawal, as it is a foreign conflict, Trump’s approach was brazen. A sudden, full-stop, withdrawal of US troops is a tempered and poorly planned way of reducing US presence in a region that is currently in crisis. One of the greatest things about American history is that, with our flaws, we do “involve” ourselves with foreign conflict because we have the manpower, resources, and democracy that backs up an ideology that seeks peace and stability. Some nations cannot establish that themselves, sometimes it needs to be brought to them.

If Trump is aiming for a withdrawal, he wouldn’t have been met with such backlash if he had constructed an incremental plan for withdrawal that makes sense. But a sudden withdrawal of 100% US presence is a bad political move any way you bend it. Particularly when we considered that the Kurds were our allies during the first Gulf War, the second Gulf war, and their alliance with us in Iraq. They fought with us in the battle of ISIS. They are our allies and deserve our solidarity during a time that’s threatening their entire existence. For Trump to aim for abandoning them is absolute lunacy. It’s incredibly saddening, breaks US diplomacy & global positioning, and to make matters worse: it opens up the ability for an ill-willed foreign power to move in and turn it into a political pawn of their own to fit into whatever interest they’re trying to meet. Russia and Iran are top contenders, and as we know, neither nation should be trusted. Particularly when we are speaking in terms of human rights & the kind of governing (note: dictatorial) they trend toward favoring.


I just don't see how you're tying together a former ally with the current situation. The current situation as it stands is that there's a conflict in Syria that has been going on for so long, and there is no near outcome. A guaranteed outcome of continued US presence is the loss of US lives. I don't see how alliance outweighs the importance and sanctity of US lives in any way. If we are not getting anything out of the current agreement then we should remove ourselves. There seems to be room for other Western powers to take over, or try to make a difference. We have tried for a long time, and sometimes, when the tides aren't turning along with you, it's time to say goodbye. Withdrawing troops means that US military members can return to their families and loved ones, come home, and no longer put their lives in the crossfires of a conflict that's so tangled that it'll take some miracle to fix. We can't fix it. We are spending a lot of money. There is no timeline. There is no multi-force alliance between Western powers to resolve it either. Being the good guy is the right move in many situations, but in this one, that burden is one that is no longer to be carried on our shoulders. Wars with no result for our own people need to be avoided and ended. That was Trump's campaign promise, after all.

Right View

Trump knows what he's doing 

Where is the respect? Trump is the Commander in Chief, and he’s trying to execute a plan that is being interfered and meddled with, compromising what otherwise would’ve been a smooth execution.

Now we’ve got Pence & Pompeo holding down the fort. And Syria/Turkey/Russia negotiations aren’t some brand new development on the global political stage. This has been roiling for years. This absolute hysteria over a move to withdraw droops from Syria, where they shouldn’t be in the first place, is frankly worthy of a head scratch. What’s all of this fuss for? He’s smart to withdraw troops & cut out unnecessary U.S. presence in war zones where it is unnecessary. Where has it brought us all these decades? Tons of money spent, American casualties, young lives on the line for a fuzzy cause.

Do we want to stay in the Middle East forever? Where’s the glory? Where’s the pay-off? Who are we to continuously butt into problems that aren’t ours? Making America great again is only possible if we focus on our internal issues.


Don’t you think the bipartisan vote that came out to 354-60-4 speaks volumes? Partisan lines have not been crossed to band together to form a united front like this before during Trump’s presidency. The fact that left and right were able to join forces and make a very clear stance on the inviability of Trump’s actions isn’t nothing. In fact, it’s quite an obvious display of discontent with his foreign policy move. The withdrawal of troops from Syria. We saw what happened when Obama withdrew troops from Iraq. It facilitated the birth of ISIS. Why would we make that very same mistake again? That’s an egregious move that ignores precedent. Perhaps it’s true that though we might learn from history, it will keep repeating itself. With American troops in Syria we are enforcing something that teeters closer to peace than anyone else out there.

The Syrian conflict, and our positioning in it is absolutely crucial to preventing a massive spurt of forces who will stand to disseminate all that is left of the country and surrounding nations. Russian & Iranian influence in the region is expanding, Israel is at risk, and ISIS terrorism—which North America & Europe have felt on their home turf—will likely increase in unprecedented numbers and unmeasurable force. This is a risk we cannot take. This decision was an appalling mistake and we should be grateful that at least, on this, our representatives were able to intervene before an unmanageable consequence happened.