November 17th, 2020
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Biden Condemns ‘All’ Violence as Well as White Supremacy in Wake of Trump Rally in DC

US President-elect Joe Biden has denounced “all acts of violence” after Saturday’s attacks on Trump supporters during a MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) rally in Washington, DC.The rally came as lawsuits are still making their way through the courts pertaining to the election, which Trump is contesting "he won."
Biden condemned “all acts of violence”, his spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement for Fox News.

That is not the first time of Biden’s condemning of violence “across the board”.

The statement on Biden’s behalf did not mention specifically Antifa or Black Lives Matter.
Biden has continually refused to condemn BLM and Antifa. Facing off with President Trump on the debate stage, Biden called Antifa "an idea." Trump, on the other hand, has consistently and continually condemned racists, white supremacists, the KKK, and the Proud Boys.
"Likewise, he also condemns the repugnant displays of white supremacy that were made in Washington, DC this weekend," Bates said.

He referred to a sign from the so called Million MAGA March of Trump supporters, reading, "Coming for Blacks and Indians first welcome to the New World Order.

Of the other top Democratic Party figures Fox News asked for comment on the harassment of Trump supporters, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also denounced “all acts of violence” via a spokesperson, while the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not respond.

The Million MAGA March on Saturday attracted several thousand Trump supporters.
It also led to the gathering of a number of counterprotesters, with violence erupting after nightfall.
In one instance, a small group of Trump backers tried to go inside the area around Black Lives Matter Plaza, a block away from the White House.

Several hundred anti-Trump demonstrators had gathered at that spot.
The Trump supporters were harassed, sprayed with water, and their flags were taken away and set on fire.
One video posted by The Daily Caller's Matt Miller showed a "melee" between the far-right group Proud Boys and the far-left group Antifa.

Footage posted by conservative commentator Candace Owens showed two young Trump supporters who were rushed by counterprotesters.

"Black Lives Matter and Antifa represent the absolute vermin of our society," Owens tweeted
"They were created as the marxist foot soldiers of the Democrat Party and given a pass by the leftist-controlled media,” she stated.

Antifa was the matter of an exchange during the first Biden - Trump presidential debate back in September when the former described Antifa as an idea rather than an organization, and the latter famously told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.
The Thursday after the debate, Trump condemned the Proud Boys in an appearance on Sean Hannity's show on Fox. Biden never walked back his statement that Antifa was "an idea."


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