Is Trump’s Ukraine Call Helping Vladimir Putin?

• Trump’s phone call with the Ukraine leader has erupted massive tensions in the US. On the other hand, this whole situation is benefitting Russia without it doing anything.
• President Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine. As per the transcript of Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president revealed last week, Trump said that Europe is not keen on helping or defending Ukraine.
• As per the experts such talks would only add to Ukrainians’ feeling of military pressure from Russia, which has already captured Crimea from Ukraine and has an influence on parts of eastern Ukraine.
• The call transcript reveals that Ukrainian president told Trump that they hope to buy more Javelin antitank missiles. The WSJ notes that Ukraine needs these weapons to defend any Russian assault. Trump, however, did not promise the missiles during the call.
• The call transcript also supports another Russian charge that the Ukraine government is incapable of managing its affairs effectively, notes the WSJ. The transcript supports the theory that Ukraine needs to do a political favor to get what his country needs from the US.
• Also, the political turmoil in the US over the Trump and Ukrainian president call supports Russian President Vladimir Putin’s argument that the Western democracy is not the role-model of well-managed governance that people in Russia would want.
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Left View

When do we give our concession speech? 

We know that Trump advances Putin’s objectives. The Ukraine call is just the most recent instance. Other Putin-friendly Trump tactics include: withdrawing US support for Syrian rebels, supporting Brexit, criticizing NATO, sending China’s business to the USSR because of tariffs, lowering American influence on the global stage by lending an encouraging hand to support the election of an absolute maniac. I’ve been scratching my head on this for a while now. Because honestly, Trump doesn’t seem to be particularly keen on furthering any kind of agenda besides his own. Yes, this means that he’s not that interested in the U.S. outcomes, nor is he too vested in that of other nations. Russia, included. He's just interested in what suits himself. Why then, do we see the continual overlaps between Russia and the US?

There’s no base for my claim, but I wonder if Putin has some kind of leverage over Trump. Blackmail. He must know something we don’t. Because Trump’s recent moves benefit no one, not even himself! It just benefits Russia. And that is a little out of character for Trump.

My theory aside, I’m unsure what we as the public can do to fight this. As evident, this problem is thriving from within our highest levels of government. And it has tarnished the values of our democracy. It has pitted us against each other, worn us out, and is continuing to lay soil for a 2020 landslide in favor of Trump. There, I said it. For some reason, I think we’ll remain in this dystopia for another 4 years. A country that can’t share common knowledge as fact or non-fact can hardly agree on where our interests are or should be vested. Putin’s check mate. As we are slowly sinking, it won’t be all too long before we see eye to eye with Russia.

If we don’t uphold dignity, trust, democracy, and truth in our country, we’re well-ready to get mixed up with the underbelly.

Right View

Fake news at its finest 

So let’s take a good look at what exactly went down.. Well, as far as I can tell, nothing went down. The phone call happened, the transcript was released. Impeachment is hardly looming, though actively pursued by Democrats. Hasn’t quite gotten anywhere. Now that the novelty of the Trump-Ukraine call has lost it’s luster, the story is threatening to die out.

How do we keep it relevant, you ask? Involve Putin of course. A simple name-drop of the leader is enough to stir the pot so it can simmer a little longer. But..what if I told you there’s no evidence of Putin wanting/needing/plotting any kind of strategy through this phone call?
There is zero indication that the call is helping out Putin. It’s a distraction from the election ahead, and we just need to turn out and vote for the common-sense president that’s currently holding down the fort in Washington.

None of us critics and commentators are doing the job. We aren’t president. What do we know about communicating with world leaders? Well, I can make the assumption that privacy isn’t too much to ask in many cases. The transcript was released after the Dems clawed into paranoia and spread it to the public. Putin has nothing to gain from this conversation that is now publicly available for review. Political advantages at their most powerful are carried out covertly. This is quite the opposite. If there’s a sinister Russian win that could’ve come out of this, it’s been sufficiently squashed into nothingness by the sheer amount of chatter that’s compromised any kind of—secret—activity going on here.