October 16th, 2020

Host of now cancelled presidential debate suspended after he admits lying about his Twitter begin hacked

Ø  C-SPAN, on Thursday, announced that it suspended Steve Scully, its political editor, after he admitted to lying about his Twitter account being hacked last week.

Ø  A tweet from Scully, who was tapped to moderate this week's presidential debate before it was cancelled, went viral indicating that he contacted a former White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci.

Ø  When the tweet attracted controversy, Scully said that his account was hacked. Later, he apologized, saying that he made "errors in judgement."

Ø  Trump, last week, criticised Scully and called him a "Never Trumper."

Ø  In response, Scully sent a tweet tagging Scaramucci, saying "@Scaramucci should I respond to Trump." Scaramucci is now a vocal Trump critic.

Ø  On Wednesday, Scully admitted that he sent the tweet "out of frustration" after "relentless criticism" for her role as moderator, including from Trump.

Ø  "The next morning when I saw that this tweet had created a new controversy, I falsely claimed that my Twitter account had been hacked," Scully said in a statement.

Ø  Soon after Scully’s apology, Trump tweeted "good instincts" and "I was right again!” He also repeated his past claims that the debate was "rigged."

Ø  Last week, Scaramucci told Fox News that Scully's suspension was a "[b]rutal outcome for a silly non political tweet. Nothing objectionable. Cancel culture going too far."

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Left View

A Humble President Trump Announces Again that he's Always Right 

Steve Scully, a long-time host with C-Span, has been suspended indefinitely for lying and saying someone from the outside hacked his Twitter account after a confrontation with Trump aide, Anthony Scaramucci, was called into question.

In a tweet that at this point isn’t the least bit surprising and is all too familiar from our President, Mr. Trump, he stated, “I was right again! I was right again! Steve Scully just admitted he was lying about his Twitter being hacked. The Debate was Rigged!”

In all actuality, C-Span is one of the few news sources rated by 3rd parties as highly factual while also remaining the least biased. I’m not exactly sure who Trump is accusing of lying at this point because he says this about every person who doesn’t support or agree with him. Still, I’m confident that this silly lie had everything to do with Steve’s reputation and nothing to do with the election or whether or not Donald Trump has ever been right about anything in his entire life.

The “controversial” tweet Trump has called into question is almost laughable as he stated, “@Scaramucci should I respond to Trump.” in response to Trump claiming that the former aid was “never a Trumper.”

However, news reporters are supposed to remain unbiased and transparent, especially those who report for C-Span, so Steve Scully lying about something as ridiculous as this simple tweet was a bad decision, and he will have to deal with the consequences of his actions.

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Right Response

Response to "A Humble President Trump Announces Again that he's Always Right"

You say, “I’m not exactly sure who Trump is accusing of lying.” I’ll tell you who: Steve Scully, the mainstream media, and the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Scully’s tweet and his lying thereafter is just another example of the hypocrisy and anti-Republican bias that pervades the mainstream media. The tweet is not the only instance of anti-Trump bias exhibited by Scully. In the past, he has worked on the staffs of then-Senator Joe Biden and the late Senator Ted Kennedy. In 2016, Scully wrote a New York Times op-ed titled, “No, Not Trump, Not Ever.” Should the CPD have given this guy the job of moderating the second presidential debate in the first place?

You point out that C-SPAN is often rated as one of the most bias-free and facts-first news programs in the country. Shouldn’t it tell you something that non-admitted bias exists even at C-SPAN?

Of course, having an opinion and bias is not inherently a bad thing. At this site, we all have strong opinions and express them openly. The difference is we don’t claim to be unbiased. We present both sides in a way in which the reader can read all angles and come to their own informed opinion.

Perhaps the CPD should learn from the Steve Scully debacle (and this site) and develop a new format for future debates. Instead of trying to find someone who claims to be a down-the-line reporter, maybe future debates should be jointly moderated by one Conservative and one Liberal. A presidential debate moderated by Tucker Carlson and Rachel Maddow would be informative and revealing as each candidate is put to the test by an “antagonistic” questionnaire.

Unfortunately, the most likely outcome is for the CPD to continue to put forth center-left—and sometimes left-wing—moderators approved by the mainstream media. Unless we admit our biases and own them, the national discourse will never move forward.

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Right View

The #NeverTrump Media bias continues  

Scully's objectivity was already in serious doubt due to the fact that he previously served as an intern for Joe Biden during Biden's senate years and later worked as a staffer for the late Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy. Steve Scully has also not been shy about airing his dislike of Trump, including sharing anti Trump articles on social media, e.g. sharing a NY Times Op-Ed piece titled ""No, Not Trump, Not Ever."

So, it was against this backdrop that Scully was, somehow, selected by the CPD (Committee on Presidential Debates) as moderator for the second Presidential debate, which was ultimately canceled. One wonders what the CPD uses for criteria for picking debate moderators and whether Scully's background was an oversight or just simply didn't raise any flags.

After Trump criticized the choice and tweeted about it, Scully made a key mistake - instead of sending Anthony Scaramucci (former White House Communications Director, now outspoken Trump critic) a direct personal message asking how he should respond to Trump, Scully tweeted it out, apparently by mistake. When several journalists called it out as strange, it set off an immediate backlash and led to accusations of bias by Republicans but also even some independents. Scully's response was to lie and say his account was hacked, which he later admitted was untrue.

CSPAN has put Scully on indefinite leave and has apologized. Had the debate happened one can only wonder how Scully's bias would have played out during the debates. Chris Wallace had already taken a lot of flack for accusations of bias during the first debate when he tended to debate Trump versus solely letting Biden do it. But now, this, basically more evidence, served up on a silver platter, that the media actually does have a bias against against Trump. Scully isn't some wet behind the ears Trump hating Gen Z intern, he's been at CSPAN for decades and should have known better.

Once again, instead of the Left acknowledging bias, they instead focused on tangential issues, like Trump tweeting he was right about Scully all along, which bothered the left more.

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Left Response

Response to "The #NeverTrump Media bias continues "

Well, let's not look as the "Left" as a complete homogenous glob of opinions, any more than the "Right" is. What Scully did was wrong and by no means can be excused. And it behooves us on the Left to acknowledge bias and own it. I've yet to see someone on either side be entirely objective, so might as well accept it.

Kudos for Scully for coming clean; there are those even in high positions that lie on a consistent basis and never take responsibility. But don't let Trump get away with excuses of Scully's bias for forgoing a virtual debate. He ended up engaging in a Town Hall special with Savannah Guthrie moderating, and the Liberal MSNBC hosting. Kudos to Trump for facing the fire, but it also guts his argument he was avoiding a "rigged" debate to decline the virtual format. And in all fairness to MSNBC they alienated a lot of their Liberal viewers for agreeing to host the President, a risk on their part.

So, that's how politics is, folks, part entertainment, part scuffling over national and local policy. While many can argue the media is biased, those that make the claim are often biased themselves. The media is as free as they are in their opinions. In the digital age where information travels at the speed of light, a thousand different opinions are exchanged, dissected, rebutted, and shared.

We'll see how everything falls into place by November.

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