September 13th, 2019

Third Democratic Debate: Candidates Spar Over Healthcare

September 13th, 2019 | 536 views

• In Thursday night debate, top 2020 Democratic Party candidate clashed over the healthcare policies.
• Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren both back Medicare for All. Joe Biden criticized Sanders' Medicare for All’ plan for being too expensive. Biden, instead, favored improving Obama's Affordable Care Act and questioned Sanders and Warren over how they plan to pay for their plans.
• Senator Amy Klobuchar also spoke against Medicare for All, saying "I don't think that's a bold idea. It's a bad idea."
• South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg offered arguments supporting his “Medicare for all who want it.”
• Though the candidates clashed over healthcare in the first 40 minutes, many stressed the importance of standing together as Democrats, adding that fighting one another would benefit Trump.
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Left View

Yang & Buttigieg: VP hopefuls? 

Yang is such an interesting candidate. He was a relatively unknown figure before he announced his presidential run, and he continues to impress. His Freedom Dividend proposition is an interesting idea, I will be keeping track of how his trial-run with it pans out. He understands the complications of emerging technology on our society, and offers solutions. His vision is looking in the face of our imminent reality. But, I am also not unrealistic. He won’t win the nomination, but perhaps this lays a ground for him to continue building his career on.

The same goes for Buttigieg. He’s extremely eloquent, intelligent, and deserves a place in our federal government. One day, he might be president. This time around, he simply has the same problem as Yang: he came out of no where. This debate actually showcased some potentially interesting VP picks for whoever gets the Democratic nomination.

Castro displayed his weaknesses during the debate. He was rattled, attacked with disrespect, and I think he just lost his chance of winning completely.

Top contenders Warren, Biden, and Sanders delivered much of what we already know last night. Personally, I’d be all right with all three of them. Anything but Trump as what we need to remember, at this point. While some of the policy initiatives discussed were extremely far left (even for a Democrat like myself), I believe the way in which they play out if any of them are elected into office will do more good than harm. And we cannot afford another 4 years of Trump. Truth be told, though, debates are not the best way to acquaint the general public with the candidates. They’re not set up in a way to truly get an understanding for the personality and vision of each individual. As they must constantly shift between attack and defense, there’s not much room for constructive discussion.

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Right View

And we once thought Europe was too liberal 

Polarization has never been more obvious than right now. This Democratic debate had all sorts of candidates suggesting policy changes that are so far left, that even Europe would frown. Some of the contingencies that come along with open borders, free healthcare for all, and increased regulations of corporations negates the standards of liberty our country was founded on. There was no compelling argument, let stand a compelling candidate. Different paths to get to “free” anything doesn’t lead to a solution. We can’t risk a Democratic president at this moment. These extreme policy proposals are so unrealistic that I wonder how their time in the Oval Office would be spent knowing none of it would ever be able to work. I am a Republican voter, but would’ve liked to see Trump put up a good, honest fight against a worthy candidate. When the race is in the bag it’s just a lot less entertaining to watch.

Trump may not be the friendly guy that says what everyone wants to hear, but he certainly gets the job done. He’s won my vote for another term as long as he continues to create jobs, lessen welfare dependency, and stays committed to better trade policies. He’s not afraid of laying down a heavy hammer when it needs to be done. That is what so many people fail to see. If we could do a little field trip to the border and nearby towns, I think a lot of people would reconsider their opinion about the need for Trump’s firm, no-nonsense approach. It’s the only approach America needs right now.

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