September 27th, 2020

Jacob Blake shooting: Defense lawyer says Kenosha officer believed Blake was attempting to take child

Ø  Police Officer Rusten Sheskey’s attorney, Brendan Matthews told CNN that the officer wasn’t just defending his life when he fired seven times at Jacob Blake last month in Kenosha.

Ø  Matthews said Sheskey fired because Blake, who was trying to flee from the scene, was attempting to kidnap a kid on the backseat of the car.

Ø  Matthews, who is representing Sheskey and the Kenosha Professional Police Organization, said that the office heard a woman say, “He's got my kid. He's got my keys."

Ø  The attorney noted that had Blame succeeded in fleeing and something would have happened to the child, then the officer would have faced a question “why didn't you do something?"

Ø  Sheskey claims that Blake “held a knife in his hand and twisted his body toward” the officer before he fired seven times at Blake, leaving him paralyzed, according to Matthews.

Ø  Matthews said Sheskey saw Blake put one child in the car, but he didn’t know that two more kids were in the car.

Ø  This incident took place took place on August 23. Video of the incident went viral on the internet, triggering days of protests and rioting.

Ø  On August 23, Kenosha Police got a domestic call from a woman for the 2800 block of 40th Street. The woman, the mother of Blake’s three children, said that her boyfriend is at the address. In May, the woman filed a complaint against Blake, resulting in felony domestic abuse charges being filed in July. Blake was wanted on a warrant for those charges, notes a report from kenoshanews.

Ø  On Saturday, Jacob Blake’s uncle dismissed Matthews’ assertion that Blake was trying to kidnap his own children. “That’s ridiculous,” Justin Blake said. “It’s gaslighting. Outright lies.”

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Left View

The "Job" of Policing 

Attorney Brendan Matthews has decided to speak out for his client, police officer Rusten Sheskey. CNN has obliged him with a platform in exchange for the click-worthy "honor" of landing an exclusive interview with a lawyer (not precisely a journalistic feat).

Only Sheskey knows why he decided to shoot Jacob Blake. Whether Matthews' comments will help his client avoid criminal charges is also unknown. But they will help, once again, to paint a Black American as somehow "deserving" of police fire.

At the heart of this tragic incident and so many others is the fact that police kill Black people in America at a higher rate than white people, by population percentage. Studies have illuminated this time and again. But citing various statistics—Black teenagers are 21 times more likely to be killed than white teenagers, for example—has little effect on those who are against sweeping changes to our system of law enforcement.

There are many reasons for the racial disparity and the continued assault on Black Americans' bodies and psyches. They include a lack of accountability for bad actors, systemic racism, and the lack of de-escalation training, an often more effective tactic.

Most importantly, police are trained, conditioned, and socialized to see themselves as warriors fighting evil. Departments have become militarized—and a soldier's job is to capture or kill the Other.

Those who refuse to listen to the Black Lives Matter movement might believe that Jacob Blake deserved those bullets. This article and attorney Matthews seems to give them the evidence they seek. But later in the piece comes this chilling section we all need to pay attention to: "Matthews, who represents the Kenosha Professional Police Association, said Blake was the aggressor in the encounter…The officers, he said, were simply doing their jobs."

To do his "job" on August 23rd, 2020, Officer Sheskey fired seven shots into the back of a Black man. He fired those bullets into a car mere feet away from children—children he was supposedly there to protect.

So yes, the job requirements of a warrior were indeed met—and that is why policing must reformed.

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Right Response

Response to "The "Job" of Policing"

Despite being less than 13% of the population, blacks committed over 52% of all homicides in 2018 and are typically over represented in several major crime categories yearly. So, it seems logical to me that blacks are shot more often by police per their population percentage than whites.

Blake wasn't just an ordinary citizen visiting his ex girlfriend that day (despite a restraining order against him), but a man with an active warrant for domestic violence. A man whom, despite having kids in his car, thought it was wise to scuffle with cops and resist arrest.

Even after being tased unsuccessfully twice, Blake still decided it would be wise to walk away from cops while they pursued him and yelled "drop the knife" (according to one witness).

Blake was apparently so unconcerned with the unfolding situation that he felt comfortable enough to casually reenter his car and lean in like he was getting something, leading to Officer Sheskey discharging his weapon seven times in Blake's back. Most law abiding citizens would have gotten the message after the initial attempted arrest or the first taser deployment, but not Blake.

Did Blake have fear of the cops that day? Did he fear these poorly trained, military like madmen, hell bent on killing black suspects? He certainly didn't appear to be.

Now, none of this would normally be a concern to the Marxist proxy front known as Black Lives Matter had all this happened between black men in inner city Chicago. In fact, it would just be another Tuesday there. But since this involved a police officer stopping a Black man with an active warrant who had just broken free of an arrest attempt and then walked back to his car, this is proof of "systemic racism" to the Left.

What is the deescalation procedure for a guy who did what Blake did? Cops already tried arresting him, then tasering him, then ordering him to stop. Maybe if they had blocked the car like BLM does, that would have compelled him to surrender?

The moral of the story is, don't resist arrest.

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Right View

And Here Come the Facts 

Michael Brown. Rayshard Brooks. Breonna Taylor. Jacob Blake. What do they all have in common? First, they were all shot and—except for Jacob Blake—killed by the police. Second, their deaths sparked widespread outrage over “systemic racism” and police brutality. Third, once all of the facts and evidence came out, their shootings—while tragic—were found not to be examples of a racist white cop executing an innocent black person, as the Left would have you to believe.

In the case of Jacob Blake, the mainstream media pushed the narrative that Blake was an innocent black man breaking up a fight when he was shot by the police. In reality, Blake was violating a restraining order and had just gotten done digitally raping a woman in the house when the police were called. He was only shot after resisting arrest, being tased, and reaching for a knife in the front seat of his car. And now, according to statements by the police officer’s attorney, the police officer who shot Blake did so because he thought Blake was trying to kidnap the children in the car.

Whenever any kind of officer-involved shooting of a black man happens, the media will get all worked up, Democratic politicians and athletes will sound off on how evil the police are, and protesters will take to the streets to destroy our cities…and then the evidence comes out. Often, what is pushed as a racist killing winds up to be the legally-justified shooting of a criminal.

The Left has a set message: America is “systemically racist,” therefore, any system within America—police departments—are irredeemably bigoted. Any story that even closely affirms their worldview is blown up and exaggerated. The actual facts and nuances of the story are cast away, leaving only the skeleton: white cop shoots black man.

The false message from the media and celebrities that police officers are out to gun down black men for the fun of it leads to distrust and hate for law enforcement. At a time when police officers are needed more than ever, they have been ostracized as racist monsters. Hopefully, if people begin to pay attention to the facts, we can make some actual progress.

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Left Response

Response to "And Here Come the Facts"

The mainstream media does inflame the citizenry, with little regard for the facts and even less for the quaint journalistic concept of waiting to gather context and substance before molding a narrative. Mainstream media here is, of course, defined by the number of viewers, which puts Fox News at the top of the list.

And it is also true that Michael Brown shoved a store clerk. And Breonna Taylor had ties to a man who was a suspect in a drug investigation. And Rayshard Brooks passed out behind the wheel of his car.

But they were not killed because of those offenses. They were murdered because the color of their skin made them an Other in America.

The Right would have you think that their deaths were "justified." That Black Lives Matter is an overreaction or a political front. This is essential to discredit the movement and hold space for those who yearn to Make America MaleWhiteStraight Again.

As a white man in America, I cannot fully understand my fellow Black citizens' experiences. My life is not considered "less than," and I certainly wouldn't worry about being killed if I committed any of the offenses named above.

However, I can LISTEN and then appreciate that Black Americans are often been made to feel like an Other, and in many cases, they feel like an Enemy. That leads to heightened confrontations with a police force trained more like soldiers than guardians, which inevitably leads to tragedy.

Why parse the details of each of these shootings in an attempt to conclude that they were "justified" to try and discredit the outrage and (mostly) peaceful protests?

Why not stop for a moment and engage with this truth, no matter how painful:

A group of our fellow Americans feels so besieged that they have to whisper, cry, call, or scream that Their Life Matters. Historical statistics, continued incidents often captured in traumatic videos, and the Right's reaction only confirm that they have to yell louder. As citizens of the United States, we are duty-bound to reform the systems that hold them down.

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