August 22nd, 2019

Trump’s Denmark Visit Postpones After PM Refuses To Discuss Greenland Sale

August 22nd, 2019 | 174 views

• Less than two weeks before Trump’s official trip to Denmark, White House postponed the visit. The decision by White House comes after the remarks by Danish Prime Minister that Greenland is not up for sale and such a proposal is absurd.
• Trump also tweeted about the postponement of the trip. “Denmark is a very special country with incredible people, but based on Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen's comments, that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of Greenland, I will be postponing our meeting scheduled in two weeks for another time,” the tweet read.
• Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen expressed "regret and surprise" over Trump postponing his trip.
• Trump on several occasions have talked of buying Greenland. Moreover, sources told CNN that the White House counsel's office has even looked into such a possibility.
• A report from WSJ last week noted that Greenland’s strategic location and natural resources is of interest to Trump. He recently even termed it as a “large real estate deal.”
• Greenland was a Danish colony until 1953, and it got autonomous territory status in 1979. However, the island nation is heavily dependent on Danish subsidies.
• Denmark is a strong NATO member. But after the postponement, Trump attacked Denmark for failing to contribute to its share towards NATO.
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Diplomatic Deliriousness  

After World War II, European playwrights gave birth to the Theatre of the Absurd, a short-lived genre that focused on human beings trapped in an incomprehensible world subject to any occurrence, no matter how illogical—a manifestation of the ineluctable decline of ideals, purity, and purpose. We’re all familiar with the maxim, ‘history repeats itself,’ and perhaps many of us have an awareness of theatre’s role in society, which often functions as a critical mirror of society. However, what are we to do now, when the Absurdist movement has moved into the White House?

Trump’s wishes of purchasing Greenland became headlines a few days ago. I myself, like many, shrugged it off as just another one of Donald’s dalliances, but now it is a diplomatic disaster. The White House has canceled the president’s visit to Denmark because the prime minister said she wouldn’t discuss his proposal to purchase Greenland. No wonder The Onion is past its prime; we no longer needed satire & nonsense when it became our reality. At the expense of our nation’s integrity, Donald Trump indulges in child’s-play.

The president’s constructed conflict with Denmark, which truly isn’t rooted in any sort U.S. interest or political prospect, is more comparable to a child’s reaction when his parents are entertaining guests for the evening. The child does not want to sit at the table after the meal has been had, fidgeting on his chair awaiting dismissal so he may return to his toy train. I sure do wonder what he’ll be doing those days instead.

When you’re trying to create some kind of political strife, Trump, you’re better off not involving a country with a stellar reputation, such as Denmark. Your “strategy” seems to be hanging by the seams, what ever happened to The Art of the Deal?

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