222 days - 222 Mass Shootings

• 29 people got killed and 53 injured in two mass shootings incident over the weekend.
• In the first incident on Saturday, a man carrying an assault rifle killed 20 people in a packed Walmart store in El Paso, Texas.
• The second mass-shooting took place less than 13 hours later at Dayton (Ohio) where a lone shooter killed nine people.
• Police have one male (Patrick Crusius, 21) suspect in custody in the El Paso case, and federal prosecutors are treating this as a case of domestic terrorism. Authorities are still investigating the motive for the shooting. The suspect surrendered to the police outside the Walmart store.
• Authorities are also investigating a manifesto that Crusius may have posted just before the shooting. As per the manifesto, the attack was in response to "the Hispanic invasion of Texas."
• In the Dayton case, police says that responding officers killed the gunman, who was wearing body armor and carrying multiple rounds of ammunition. Police killed the gunman (Connor Betts, a 24-year-old white male) about a minute after the attack. Megan Betts, 22, sister of the gunman was one of the victims.
• Several former classmates of the gunman claim that he was ousted from high school for having a “hit list” of people he allegedly wants to kill.
• President Donald Trump condemned the attacks, saying "Hate has no place in our country and we're going to take care of it." Democrats partly blame Trump for the shootings, citing his opposition to gun control and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Top Left Analysis

El Paso and Dayton Mass Shootings 

by Voice of Reason - August 06

While the frequent occurrence of mass shootings predates the sitting president, the motivations of recent perpetrators are strongly derivative of Trump’s anti immigration rhetoric. Considering that El Paso shares a border with the Mexican city Juárez, the city is symbolic of one the nation’s most pressing issues, immigration. Deeper than that is El Paso’s embodiment of peaceful and safe multiculturalism on the border, violently disturbed by 21-year-old Patrick Crusius. His manifesto mentions a “Hispanic invasion” of Texas, which he later follows with an extensive paragraph warning of the perils of “race mixing”. He intentionally did not leave his motivations up for speculation.

It takes a grave degree of desensitization for the public to process the 22 deaths and 25 injuries due to Crusius’ actions, and to be shaken by another tragedy hours later in Dayton, Ohio. Connor Betts, 24, murdered 9 people including his own sister. Is this not enough? Isn’t this a level of horror and inhumanity that surpasses the imposition of someone’s right to buy a firearm?

That is what we thought after 20 children were killed at Sandy Hook. The popular defense to the call for gun control is something along the lines of, “if someone wants to get a gun and kill people, they’ll find a way whether or not it is legal.” This defense continues to weaken as comparative statistics indisputably show that the U.S. is the only first world nation with a staggering number of mass shootings. The U.S. is also the only nation where no permit to buy one is required. There is something we can do to minimize this statistic, and the spotlight is on the Trump Administration, the instigators of this violence and in a dystopian turn, also the only ones who can currently rectify it.

Top Right Response
by Michael S - August 13

First, the Dayton shooting is clear proof against your first point that the recent shootings are caused by Trump anti-immigration rhetoric. After all, the Dayton shooting has nothing to do with immigration. Which others are you referring to that has this as the underlying cause?

As to your next point, you point to the number of people murdered and then ask whether this level of horror surpasses the imposition for people to buy firearms? Great question - why should it? Does the horrific plane crashes that occur every now and then mean we shouldn't be allowed to have planes? Does the daily death rate of automobile accidents mean we shouldn't be allowed to drive cars? Of course not! The same is with gun control. The only reason you don't recognize this is because you haven't considered the purpose of the right to own a firearm. You figure it's just for hunting or loons who live on compounds ranting about conspiracy theories of government takeovers. The reality is that if you ever found yourself in a situation where your personal safety was at risk you would wish that you had the right to own a gun to defend yourself. Why should 350 million law abiding citizens not have the right to carry something that helps guarantee their safety against attack because 20 people a year choose to abuse that right?

Top Right Analysis

Tragedy to be exploited again 

by Michael S - August 13

So another day, another mass shooting. And of course, the cavalry of gun control advocates behind it. Expect more media attention to be given to the El Paso mass shooting because it fits nicely with not only their anti-gun agenda but also their open borders agenda. The Dayton shooting seems like a possible left loon with some extreme opinions and motivations. So let's look away. Naturally, what will be ignored by the anti-gun rhetoric crew will be the real reason we're facing these devastating mass shootings. The people who are wreaking this havoc on our communities either have no purpose to their lives or are being driven to a frenzy by extreme media rhetoric. The profile of these shooters are rarely, if ever, dad's or mom's of 3 or 4 children, are living a middle class life are employed and involved in their local community gatherings. They're angry, lonely and bitter people who spend loads of time online in forums with other people who are angry, lonely and bitter. Why aren't those on the left looking at social media and Hollyweird and screaming about what they have done to devastate the core values of our society? Are the pundits and leaders of our people really so dense that they cannot connect a dot to another dot unless it is the closest dot? Mass shootings caused by guns = take away guns, solve problem. Lump grows on persons hand = cut off lump and send him/her home with a bandaid. Or is it simply, that they know they're talking to a population that doesn't have the appetite and patience to dig deeper?! They'd rather look for the simplest and easiest short term solution, so these leaders pander to them.

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