222 days - 222 Mass Shootings

• 29 people got killed and 53 injured in two mass shootings incident over the weekend.
• In the first incident on Saturday, a man carrying an assault rifle killed 20 people in a packed Walmart store in El Paso, Texas.
• The second mass-shooting took place less than 13 hours later at Dayton (Ohio) where a lone shooter killed nine people.
• Police have one male (Patrick Crusius, 21) suspect in custody in the El Paso case, and federal prosecutors are treating this as a case of domestic terrorism. Authorities are still investigating the motive for the shooting. The suspect surrendered to the police outside the Walmart store.
• Authorities are also investigating a manifesto that Crusius may have posted just before the shooting. As per the manifesto, the attack was in response to "the Hispanic invasion of Texas."
• In the Dayton case, police says that responding officers killed the gunman, who was wearing body armor and carrying multiple rounds of ammunition. Police killed the gunman (Connor Betts, a 24-year-old white male) about a minute after the attack. Megan Betts, 22, sister of the gunman was one of the victims.
• Several former classmates of the gunman claim that he was ousted from high school for having a “hit list” of people he allegedly wants to kill.
• President Donald Trump condemned the attacks, saying "Hate has no place in our country and we're going to take care of it." Democrats partly blame Trump for the shootings, citing his opposition to gun control and anti-immigrant rhetoric.
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