Wednesday (Second) Night's Democratic Presidential Debate - Summary

• Wednesday's night debate again included Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker. They were joined by Michael Bennet, senator from Colorado; Andrew Yang, tech entrepreneur; Jay Inslee, governor of Washington; Julian Castro, former Housing and Urban Development secretary; Kirsten Gillibrand, senator from New York; Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York City; and Tulsi Gabbard, representative from Hawaii.
• The topics discussed ranged from criminal justice reform to immigration issues, healthcare, white privilege, pay inequality and more.
• Healthcare again took center stage with Biden attacking Harris' 10-year timeline for Medicare for All plan. Biden argued that the 10-year timeline was too drawn out as its success will depend on how well her successor executes it. Gillibrand, Gabbard, and De Blasio were in favor of Harris, while Bennet was the other centrist on stage besides Biden.
• When discussing race, Booker denounced Trump of “using the tired old language of demagogues, of fear mongers and racists to divide our country against itself.” Later Inslee called Trump "a white nationalist."
• While talking about immigration policies, both Castro and Booker criticized Biden over the immigration policies during the Obama administration. Biden was asked if high-levels of deportations will continue in his administration as well.
• When talking about criminal justice, Booker slammed Biden over his record. Gabbard also slammed Harris over her record. Biden also received flak from Harris and Gillibrand over his record on women issues.
• One stand out point of Wednesday's night debate was lower-polling candidates, such as Gabbard, De Blasio, Gillibrand, and Inslee taking on higher polling candidates. Yang earned huge applause while arguing for a new measure of economic prosperity. “Like our health, well-being, mental health, clean air and clean water ... if we change the measurements for the economy to our own well being
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