May 16th, 2020

Rep. Justin Amash, whom Trump called “ one of the dumbest,” abandons third-party presidential bid

May 16th, 2020 | 455 views

Ø  On Saturday, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash announced that he has decided not run for president as a third-party candidate.

Ø  "After much reflection, I've concluded that circumstances don't lend themselves to my success as a candidate for president this year, and therefore I will not be a candidate," Amash tweeted.

Ø  Amash listed several reasons for dropping his presidential bid, including fundraising challenges amid economic crisis, polarization in the media environment, and increased dependence on media appearances due to social distancing.

Ø  Last month, Amash said that he was considering running for president as a Libertarian Party candidate. He left the Republican Party last year citing disenchantment "with party politics."

Ø  Amash, 40, joined Congress in 2010 as part of the Tea Party wave. He was a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, but he later quit the group.

Ø  He gained spotlight when he became the first — and only — Republican to call for Trump’s impeachment in May last year.

Ø  When Amash revealed his decision to exit the Republican Party, Trump called him "one of the dumbest & most disloyal men in Congress."

Ø  Amash has been telling media that he would run for president if he believes there is a chance for victory. Last year, he told CNN that there is “a big problem with the current two-party system we have, and someone has to shake it up."

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Left View

No room for integrity within the Republican Party 

Justin Amash gave up his Presidential bid. Who is Justin Amash? Chances are 90% of the population has no idea, and that's probably being generous.

Justin Amash is a congressman from Michigan who left the Republican Party. He's one of the few conservative congressmen who called for Trump's impeachment.

In other words, he's not on Trump's Christmas list.

Justin Amash is idealistic and honest. While I don't share his ideals, I can appreciate his dedication to them. Amash is a self-described Libertarian. In my opinion, several things Libertarians believe "sound" appealing. They believe in personal responsibility, which is something we should all be for. However, their rigid "minimum government, maximum freedom" stance cannot address the monumental global challenges we face in the 21st century. Strict Libertarians cannot hope to solve massive problems like climate change or wealth inequality. Their rigid belief in laissez-faire capitalism is the cause of, not the cure for those problems.

Still, Amash is one of the few Republicans who openly challenged Donald Trump. Mitt Romney confronts Trump now and then. The late John McCain was one of the most prolific of Trump's Republican adversaries. However, when McCain died, so did the hope that any voice-of-reason or integrity might still prevail with the Republican Party.

In 1860, the Republican Party was the political left. Republicans like to remind us that Lincoln was a Republican. I like to remind them that Lincoln was liberal. In 1860, I would have been a Republican. Republicans wanted to end slavery. Fast forward a century later, and the Democrats were the ones fighting for civil rights. Things changed.

Today, the Republican Party is the Party-of-Trump. It doesn't stand for anything. It isn't pro-business. It's pro-big-corporation. It doesn't care about people's freedom. "Freedom" is their buzzword to get votes. If Republicans wanted freedom, they would support universal healthcare. Working a dead-end job just because it's the only job offering "benefits" isn't freedom.

Amash leaving the Party and giving up his Presidential bid isn't surprising. It is, however, more confirmation that honor and integrity are not welcome in the Republican Party.

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Right Response

Response to "No room for integrity within the Republican Party"

Well then, a true socialist has arrived. You’ve just taken some serious shots at some of the countries largest ideologies without any evidence, and you even make the tremendous, TREMENDOUS mistake of bringing up the “Party Switch.” You really packed a lot of talking points in 350 words didn’t you?

Lets begin with libertarianism. You claim it is an ideology that sounds appealing but in reality it is the cause of many problems such as “wealth inequality” and “climate change,” nor can it hope to fix these so-called problems. Adam, wealth inequality isn’t a problem, and climate change is not the global crisis the left wants us to believe it is. If you believe otherwise, you’re going to have to explain why instead of putting it forward as fact.

As for the history of the Republican party, you’re correct that they used to be considerably liberal, but you are dead wrong about the “party switch.” This is the excuse democrats love to give, but let me explain why it is a lie of gargantuan proportions. You see, it is simply a lie that Republicans fought against Civil Rights in the 60’s. The division in the country was far more complicated, in fact the largest segregationist of the time, George Wallace, was a Democrat! And after the 60’s it took another 30 years before Republicans came to occupy a majority of southern state legislatures! So you’re simply spouting off talking points that are lies Adam, and our readers deserve better than that.

As for honor and integrity, let’s look at Democrats for a second. Barack Obama weaponized the DOJ, subverting the rule of law, and railroaded Michael Flynn. Joe Biden lied about knowing about it, is trying to use a double standard to avoid the Tara Reade accusation, and has actually committed plagiarism multiple times! And the entire left wing of the country bought into and propagated a conspiracy theory about Russian collusion that was proven false BY THEIR OWN TWO-YEAR INVESTIGATION! So don’t even talk about honesty and integrity in the Republican party!

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Right View

The Democrats are all inclusive, except when it doesn't benefit them 

One of the core talking points that Democrats like to use to disparage Republicans is the notion that Democrats are more inclusive. You know, every vote counts, even criminals or illegals. Every group of people, no matter how obscure or out of touch with our culture, should have their voice heard in the political process. The big tent!

Republicans just represent rich white American males who have no college education.

Well, not surprisingly, when inclusive politics is inconvenient for the Democrats, some of that rhetoric changes.

Whatever your opinion of Justin Amash, he certainly qualifies as an independent voice. He was voted in with a wave of anti establishment Republicans, a Tea Party candidate. True to his values, he often voted against his party. Finally, disgusted with President Trump, he left the party altogether and became an independent.

So here's a guy with a unique identity and policies that don't fit in either party's template.

So he decides he will represent the many people who identify more as Libertarian than right or left. That seems reasonable and fully in line with "all inclusive" elections.

The result? He gets skewered by the Democrats. People take to social media decrying the possibility of Amash acting as a spoiler by siphoning off too many votes from Joe Biden. The worry was greatest in the state of Michigan, the state that Amash represents and the state that Hillary Clinton lost by just 11,000 votes while Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, garnered 170,000 votes.

Democrats don't want to relive that nightmare. So the calls were loud and clear, if you don't like Trump do NOT vote for another candidate, make sure you cast your vote for the only candidate that can beat him, Joe Biden. Policies be damned.

Finally, sensing the clear and present anger against his candidacy, Justin Amash has now withdrawn. All inclusive? Guess again. Libertarian voters don't have the right to representation, unless it's through the Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

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Left Response

Response to "The Democrats are all inclusive, except when it doesn't benefit them"

As a center-left Liberal-Libertarian, I have a lot of respect for Justin Amash. Not only because of his political evisceration of Donald Trump and GOP Trumpism, but also because of his integrity. He is also cognizant of how polarized the politics of this country has become.

Ever since the GOP has sold its soul to Trump, there have been only a spattering of Republican critics who have been drowned out by the conservative elite. Amash, once a star in the Tea Party awakening, became disillusioned with the direction his party was taking. He has found himself a walking contradiction in a world where his own party has abandoned their key principles in pursuit of political leverage.

I'm not sure what either party's "inclusive-ism" has to do with any of this. It's not just Liberals who are concerned about a third party run by Amash. Conservative Never Trumpers such as Joe Walsh and George Conway are also concerned about the effects Amash's run would have on Biden. They are correct in discerning that it isn't Liberal Democrats who are destroying Libertarianism, it is Trumpism and the nativist Populism who have determined that loyalty to Trump is the only way for the Right to survive and flourish.

Amash's hopes for a White House run are essentially nil unless Republicans shed Trumpist fervor and welcome a revival of Libertarianism which has lost its momentum as the GOP embraced the incumbent President. There is a growing gap between conservative populism and the Libertarianism, and that gap grows wider forcing many conservatives to choose between one and the other, and Bill Weld's poor primary showing is indicative of how much the GOP has managed to bring its rank and file in lockstep with Trumpism.

So therefore it's not just Democrats who are discouraging Amash from running, but also Right-wing conservative Never Trumpers and Libertarians that see his run as essentially guaranteeing a second Presidential term for the incumbent Trump.

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