McConnell, Senate GOP call Democrats’ $3T relief bill 'dead on arrival'

Ø  On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proposed a coronavirus aid package worth more than $3 trillion. The package includes $1,200 direct cash aid, $175 billion housing assistance, $75 billion more for virus testing, $10,000 student loan forgiveness and more.

Ø  It would be the fifth coronavirus package. This new bill is starkly partisan with no real input from Republicans.

Ø  The House is expected to vote on this bill, called Heroes Act, on Friday. GOP senators are showing no support for the bill. The bill will need the support of Senate Republicans to even get scheduled for a vote on the floor.

Ø   Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that Congress needs to take a “pause” and look at the debt amassed because of the recent legislation.

Ø  Sen. John Barrasso (Wyo.) referred the bill as “payoff” to Pelosi’s constituents, and vowed that it would "never pass the Senate." Sen. Lindsey Graham called the package "dead on arrival.

Ø  McConnell says there is no “urgency,” suggesting that the chamber will likely leave for the Memorial Day recess without taking any actions on the bill. McConnell has indicated that before opening any negotiations with Democrats, he wants to ensure (in consultation with the White House) if more actions are needed.

Ø  Pelosi, however, argues that not doing anything will be the most “expensive course.” “There are those who said, ‘Let’s just pause,’” she said. “Hunger doesn’t take a pause. Rent doesn’t take a pause. Bills don’t take a pause.”

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Left View

More money, but there are still problems. 

This bill was never designed to pass. This bill was designed for leverage. The $3 trillion proposal, of course, is going to be rejected down partisan lines, but it creates a platform for negotiating another bill, of lesser value. Some is better than none, no?

I just worry about the money. Where is it coming from? Who is printing the bills? What is the consequence of more stimulus bills? If we don't reconfigure the federal coronavirus response abruptly, no stimulus bill passing will save the carnage left behind.

Yes, government does have an important part to play in situations like this. Provide that honest and timely information to us, including information and recommendations about voluntary “social distancing,” home isolation, and household quarantine, so that “We the People” can make intelligent decisions. That would also allow customers, shopkeepers, employees and all of the rest of us to make intelligent economic decisions, which is not happening under today’s governmental edicts. Another is for governments to use their resources to help medically where they can, such as providing military MASH teams and naval hospital ships. But, otherwise, once again we must understand, government is not our Mother.

The better way was and always will be to employ a system where individuals and entrepreneurs are free to choose how to interact with other businesses and their customers and employees. No one wants to get sick, so employees and customers will be much less likely to work for or frequent businesses where the health risks are too high. But the best solutions will not be the same everywhere because one size clearly does not fit all! Instead the solutions come from the Invisible Hand of the pricing system, economic incentives to make the right decisions and everyone’s desire to be and remain healthy. Thus no government planner can know better than the private sector can regarding how to re-open and maintain the economy.

This virus has waged a war for too long now. Let's tune back into stimulus developments when the Democrats unveil the real plan this attempt set the stage for.


This 5th round of stimulus legislation, an 1,800 page proposed Bill named the Heroes Act (presumably because the Democrats see themselves in the position of heroes saving us all from Republican tyranny) is a purely partisan distillation of Democrat party demands, some related to Covid-19 and some cloaked in the form of heroic stimulus aid.

The legislation reportedly had little to no input from Republicans (of course) and was shamelessly tossed over the Senate fence with all the arrogance and self righteous aplomb and made for media drama that has become the hallmark of our political system.

And speaking of heroes, what a bizarre comic book that would be indeed, with Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff all looking (and acting) much more villainous, if purely on a selfish, politically strategic level than criminal rather than archetypal heroes. Nadler might even be a dead ringer for the Penguin and Pelosi the Joker. But I digress.

The bill gives 875 billion for states and local governments without any assurances for how the money would be used. It includes student debt relief, a core Democratic campaign platform item and nothing to do with the pandemic or putting people back to work. It also includes another round of $1,200 stimulus payments at a time when tens of millions of Americans who didn't do direct deposit are still waiting for their last paper check and will continue waiting until June and July in many cases.

On the bright side, we were spared additional tax dollar appropriations to PBS and the Kennedy Center as previous Democratic stimulus directives covered those already (whew!). Oh, and it also includes 3.6 billion for "elections" which is code for voting by mail programs, one of the Democrats tier one strategies for taking back the White House and more.

These political games will continue while Americans struggle to survive and businesses struggle to keep paying rent. We are the pawns, the sick pawns, in their very sick game. What a sad statement in American politics.

Right View

Dear Democrats, paying people more to not go to work is a really stupid idea. Love, Kimball 

Let’s get one thing straight: most people are capable of simple arithmetic. If a person makes 3,000 a month at his/her job, and the government offers him/her 6,000 a month for being unemployed, most people will see a clear answer. So why on Earth are we wanting to do this when the goal should be to return people to their jobs and reignite the circulation of labor, products, and cash!

Unfortunately for us, Democrats aren’t exactly in the business of understanding how the world works. In this case, that means they think exploding the debt to double the value of government unemployment benefits is a good idea.

But it isn’t. It won’t help the unemployed or prevent more from losing their jobs.

Not only that, but it does the exact opposite by incentivising people to remain unemployed so they can qualify for the nice benefits. Beyond that, how are we going to pay for all of this free stuff? Democrats don’t know, and they don’t care! In reality, all of it will have to be paid for by actual tax paying workers from now until the debt is paid off, which means my generation, Gen-Z, will be footing the bill.

The Democrats must stop treating coronavirus like an opportunity to check boxes off their socialist agenda and bring real solutions to the table. The most important and obvious would be to end the shutdowns. The sooner those end, the sooner those not at risk (which is most people) can return to work. This ridiculous bill operates from the assumption that we are going to lockdown indefinitely and that future generations are willing to pay those without work right now. Not only is this a fantasy the Democrats are living in, but this so-called “Heroes Bill” is nothing more than a 3 trillion dollar joke.

Also, if I hear one word about how I am an unsympathetic person who cares more about the economy than human lives, we will have to have a long talk about the impact of poverty and unemployment on life expectancy.


“The Ships wise men
will remind you once again
that the whole wide world is watching”

To believe that the current goal in the United States should be a blanket re-opening of businesses and labour ignores the reality of the situation the country is in. New York City, one of the worlds greatest cities, and, indeed, the greatest city in America, is the hardest hit place in the world by coronavirus. While deaths per 1 million of the population are roughly 258 in the entire U.S, in New York it’s over 1400.

So, no, the goal is not and should not be to reopen businesses and reignite the labour force. The goal is to measurably, safely, intelligently, and slowly reopen the work force. IT MUST BE DONE with the realities of the coronavirus in mind. Some places are lesser affected by the virus, but that should not mean an immediate and reckless reopening of every facet of society. The goal, if you’re listening to any health official in the entire world, is to flatten the curve. This has been the goal for months.

The argument that more unemployment pay will “incentivise” people not to return to work is EXACTLY THE POINT. If you are listening to health officials, and by the way these are the only people that we should be listening to in this time, mass reopenings of the economy are very dangerous and WILL lead to stronger returning waves of the virus. People will not be in poverty if the government passes meaningful legislation, designed to help those in need.

Countries are able to allocate resources in spite of a lack of money, it’s called debt, and every country in the world has it and operates through it, and in a time of global crisis where 85 000 Americans have needlessly died (In NYC there's a public clock attributing about half these deaths to Trumps incompetence), that is exactly what should get done.

When the question is “Do we reduce the debt, or save lives?”, it is always and unequivocally the latter.

Anything else is murder.