Trey Gowdy calls Obama’s “rule of law is at risk” statement as “amazing”

Ø  Barack Obama, on Friday, said that the "rule of law is at risk" while referring to Justice Department dropping charges against Michael Flynn, the former White House national security adviser.

Ø  Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy called Obama’s comments as “an amazing statement” while speaking on Fox News on Sunday. “Where is [Obama’s] respect for the rule of law for the crime that Michael Flynn was the victim of?”

Ø  “Remember, he was unmasked by somebody in Obama’s administration and then it was leaked… that is a 10-year felony, to disseminate classified information,” Gowdy said. “Michael Flynn was a victim of that crime.”

Ø  The move by the Justice Department to drop charges against Flynn came after the release of internal memos, which raised questions over the investigation that resulted in Flynn’s guilty plea in late-2017.

Ø  Gowdy noted that Obama himself had pardoned many, who lied to the government. He also talked about a few more things questioning Obama’s respect for law, such as “picking [Justice Department Inspector General] Michael Horowitz, that was an Obama pick” and the instance where “FBI used a dossier that was bought and paid for by your political party without vetting a single factual allegation in that dossier.”

Ø  After the host reminded Gowdy that even though the Justice Department is dropping charges against Flynn, the final decision is still with the federal judge, Gowdy said, “You got to have a prosecutor to prosecute the case, so if the DOJ is not moving forward on Michael Flynn, I don’t think the judge is going to do it himself.”

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Left View

Trey Gowdy 

Here we have analytical inception: an analysis on Trey Gowdy's analysis of Obama's analysis of the Justice Department's decision to drop charges against Michael Flynn.

So here's the last matryoshka doll of this analytical labyrinth. Let's start with an overall glean: this is not news. Trey Gowdy is a South Carolinian and a Republican, he has held central roles in high profile investigations, notably Benghazi and the Russia ordeal.

Now, he's an avid TV personality/commentator on all things politics. He's worked closely with the Trump Administration, and there's no reason to assume his statements don't play into a larger house of cards: the GOP agenda. This "story", which is hardly breaking news but expected analysis from a person in his position, was primarily covered by right-wing media. Trey Gowdy's credibility isn't all that robust, I first became acquainted with him on a late night "Forensic Files" bender, when he was a prosecutor.

7 months ago it was announced he was joining Trump's legal team. Yes, a former member of the House Committee on Intelligence, who investigated the Trump campaign, is now Trump's lawyer. That is, until the deal fell apart within 24 hours after the announcement. I think it's unsurprising he would choose to jump in and criticize Obama, it's what he has done for years. I'm just not going to pretend that he is an authoritative voice whose opinion should weigh heavily in any discussion on Flynn's situation. Not news.


Again, Democrats? Pointing out the never-ending hypocrisy on the Liberal Left is getting kind of redundant and tiring.

This time, it was Barack Obama who accused the Department of Justice of putting the “rule of law at risk” after it dismissed the charges against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The reason for the dismissal of the case? According to the DOJ’s statement, “a review of the facts and circumstances of this case, including newly discovered and disclosed information, indicates that Mr. Flynn’s statements were never ‘materiel’ to any FBI investigation.” The newly discovered information is handwritten notes that show the FBI investigator purposefully lead General Flynn into a lie to “prosecute” him or “get him fired.”

Now, more recently uncovered information shows that Obama was, most likely, personally involved in the operation to entrap Flynn and was a driving force behind the decision to interview Flynn—the interview the handwritten notes refer to.

That all sounds like a travesty of justice.

Unfortunately for Democrats, the Left is saturated with sanctimonious, self-righteous politicians only wanting to further their own careers. Take James Comey, for example. After the DOJ announced it was their intent to drop the charges against Michael Flynn, James Comey tweeted out that the “DOJ has lost its way.” Can I insert an “LOL” into a political commentary piece? Because James Comey is the absolute last person who should be criticizing the DOJ, after his politicization of the FBI and Justice Department, and his efforts to spy on the Trump Campaign.

Of course, we could also discuss the Democrat’s double-standard on the issue of sexual assault allegations…but we won’t. The moral of this story? The Democrats are hypocrites.

Right View

Obama doesn’t care about justice. It’s all politics. 

Former President Barack Obama’s statement that the “rule of law is at risk” after the Department of Justice dismissed the case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is, indeed, amazing. Amazingly hypocritical.

According to recently released documents, we now know that the FBI used some rather unscrupulous tactics to entrap Michael Flynn in a lie. These include telling Flynn that he did not need his lawyer present, not telling Flynn that they had the transcript of his call with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and not informing him that it would be a federal crime to lie during the discussion, which is customary. We also know, according to the same documents, that the FBI’s primary purpose was to either “prosecute” Flynn or “get him fired.”

The above paragraph is not even mentioning the many unethical—if not illegal—tactics used by the Obama DOJ and the Comey FBI during their “investigations” of the Trump Campaign.

Barack Obama’s Administration put the “rule of law at risk” by drumming up untrue allegations of collusion between Trump and Russia and then using those allegations as predication to spy on the opposition party’s candidate for the presidency. James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, and, yes, Barack Obama did not care about justice in 2016. It was all politics.

If this cabal of self-important politicians cared about justice, they would have investigated things like Joe Biden’s connections with the Communist Chinese government. Or Hunter Biden’s connections to corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs and Burisma Holdings. If they felt Michael Flynn violated the Logan Act (a two-hundred-year-old law that prohibits American citizens from engaging in negotiations with foreign governments that are in the midst of a dispute with the U.S.), then they should have also investigated John Kerry. The latter has openly bragged about telling the Iranian government to ignore the Trump Administration and wait for a Democrat to take the White House.

If anyone has put the “rule of law at risk," it was President Obama and his collection of political activists masquerading as law enforcement officers.


You wrote a compelling extension of Gowdy's position, though it fails to convince me that his statements matter. A critique on Obama's statement from him comes as big of a surprise as the sun setting every night.

What, really, is revelatory here? What is revelatory is that Obama warned Trump years ago not to hire Flynn.

To anyone who is going to try and compare Obama to Trump, can you first please point to an instance where Obama asked or instructed someone to ask for one of his friends to have his perjury case that he plead guilty to dropped?

Is this whole Michael Flynn & DOJ thing, just a way for the Trump administration to "pardon" Flynn without actually pardoning?

Or is this just another way for Trump and the GOP to undermine justice to "own the libs"? Are they going to try and claim, again, that the whole investigation into Trump's campaign & its obvious connections to Russian Oligarchs was really just a "Witch Hunt" propagated by the left, all because the DOJ (Barr) is trying to release Flynn, even though Flynn confessed (on top of the evidence)?

Republicans are really trying to do everything the can to cling to power, and more and more citizens are seeing how unfit they are to be in office.