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I'm probably an enigma. I am a pro-business, free-market supporter who strongly believes in union-rights, universal healthcare, a UBI, and public education. Contrary to how I get labeled, I don't consider myself a socialist. My views would be regarded as moderate in most European countries. My political views have shifted over the years. I thought I was a Republican once — broke my mother's heart. I was once a climate-change denier, but today I recognize climate change as the biggest threat to humanity. Having been in denial about it, I know denier arguments and why they are wrong. In fact, a lot of my political beliefs required me to face that I was wrong about things throughout my life. I am open to arguments from different points-of-view, but those arguments have to be based on "fact" and "reason" for them to matter. You need both to build the foundation of a valid argument. My job (for now) is an airline pilot. We'll see if that continues in light of the pandemic. Writing is a hobby, but I do a lot of it. I'm a lover of history with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I've been a website business owner since 2007, which has given me a lot of respect and insight into the struggles that entrepreneurs go through. My background is about as mixed up as our country, which may just mean that I'm a stereotypical American.