"I'm about to be a High School Senior and am on the debate club. I want to be a famous journalist so bad!"

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Joey R

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I'm about to be a High School Senior and am on the debate club. I want to be a famous journalist so bad!

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Carmen Best, Seattle police chief urge city council to ‘stand up for what is right’ after protesters visit her home 08/03/2020

US appeals court orders judge to dismiss case against former Trump aide Michael Flynn (2) 06/24/2020

Rep. Justin Amash, whom Trump called “ one of the dumbest,” abandons third-party presidential bid 05/16/2020

Trump declares national emergency, but takes no responsibility for coronavirus testing delays 03/14/2020

Coronavirus cases surge, but Trump has no plans to halt campaign (2) 03/08/2020

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Super Tuesday Primary Results 03/04/2020

Supreme Court to Hear Louisiana Abortion Case 03/01/2020

Bernie Sanders Wins Commanding Victory in Nevada Caucus 02/22/2020

Roger Stone is sentenced to 40 months in prison 02/21/2020

Las Vegas Democratic Debate 02/20/2020

Federal Judges Association Calls Emergency Meeting over Roger Stone Trial 02/19/2020

Bloomberg attack ads against Sanders 02/18/2020

Rumors of a Bloomberg and Clinton ticket 02/17/2020

AG Bill Barr's interview with ABC 02/14/2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accuses President Trump of interfering in the sentencing of Roger Stone and called for an investigation into the Department of Justice 02/13/2020

New Hampshire Primary results 02/12/2020

More than 100 US troops suffered traumatic brain injuries in Iran strike 02/11/2020