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Jury Finds Chauvin Guilty of George Floyd’s Murder on All Three Counts 1 1 3W/1L
Democrats Enjoying Greater Edge over GOP among College Educated Voters, Polling Data Shows 1 0 3W/1L
Medical Examiner Testifies Floyd George Died of Heart Disease, Not Because of Derek Chauvin 1 0 3W/1L
‘Friends’ Reunion Filmed in Los Angeles, Release Expected 1 0 3W/1L
Russia Has Moved 80,000 Troops to Ukraine Border, Putin Refusing Talks, Kyiv Says 1 0 3W/1L
Will Smith Movie ‘Emancipation’ Moved Out of Georgia over Voting Law 1 0 3W/1L
Florida Sues CDC to Get Cruises Restarted 1 0 3W/1L
Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL) Passes Away at 84 0 0 3W/1L
Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Tyler Perry among New Billionaires, Forbes Says 1 0 3W/1L
NRA Leader Fled to Yacht after Mass Shootings 0 0 3W/1L
McCarthy Asks Intelligence Services about 2 Suspected Yemeni Terrorists at US-Mexican Border 1 0 3W/1L
Alleged Extorter of Gaetz Admits He Wanted USD 25 Million But to Search for Missing FBI Agent 1 0 3W/1L
Bezos Backs Biden’s Infrastructure Initiative, Corporate Tax Hike Proposal 1 0 3W/1L
Hundreds Transgender Inmates in California Ask to Be Moved to Women’s Prisons 1 1 3W/1L
Sharon Stone in Tears Condemns Cancel Culture as ‘the Stupidest Thing’ 1 0 3W/1L
Georgia Legislator Arrested, Removed from State Capitol as Gov. Signs Voting Restrictions Bill 0 0 3W/1L
Hawaii Limits on Carrying Gun Upheld as Atlanta Police Bust Heavily Armed Man in Grocery Store 1 0 3W/1L
US Tops 30 Million Coronavirus Cases, Over 540,000 Deaths 1 0 3W/1L
‘Liberal Media’ Lambasted on Migrant Crisis Silence by Border Patrol Council President 0 0 3W/1L
Senate Confirms Dr. Rachel Levine as First Transgender Person to Hold Federal Post 1 0 3W/1L
Biden to Give His First News Conference on 65th Day of Presidency 2 0 3W/1L
Supreme Court to Consider Boston Marathon Bomber’s Death Sentence 0 0 3W/1L
 Attorney General William Barr, on Wednesday, said the state-issued coronavirus-related lockdown orders were the "greatest intrusion on civil liberties" in history "other than slavery. 1 0 3W/1L
Ø  On Saturday two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were shot in their patrol car. 0 0 3W/1L
Minnesota State University’s Mankato campus is set to host a webinar this week called “Getting It White: Witnessing My Whiteness. 1 0 3W/1L
Following the fatal shooting incident on Saturday, President Donald Trump and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler engaged in a war of words with each blaming the other for the rise in violence in the city. 2 0 3W/1L
Jerry Falwell Jr. 3 0 3W/1L

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