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My name is Kimball Call. I’m an 18 year old writer and content creator. From freelance writing and blogging to being a published political analyst, I am very passionate about what I do. When I’m not writing, reading, or watching movies, you can find me in the mountains, skiing and flying drones. I'm also a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Social media is @kimball_says.

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Trump calls off Covid Stimulus talks until after Election Day 10/06/2020

Justices Thomas, Alito lash out at ruling favoring same-sex marriage after Court denies Kim Davis case 10/05/2020

Agriculture Department requires food aid boxes to come with a letter from Trump 10/01/2020

Judge temporarily blocks Trump administration’s order to ban TikTok downloads 09/28/2020

Democrats preparing bill to limit Supreme Court justice term to 18 years and allow President to nominate 2 justices per term 09/24/2020

Trump and Portland mayor engage in war of words after deadly shooting incident 08/30/2020

Major sporting events postponed after NBA, MLB, WNBA players boycott games over Jacob Blake shooting 08/26/2020

Jerry Falwell Jr. resigns as Liberty University president amid sex scandal 08/25/2020

Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell apologizes for calling Mavericks' Luka Doncic 'b---- a-- white boy' 08/24/2020

Trump calls for boycott of Goodyear tires after reports that company banned MAGA hats 08/19/2020

Democrats unite to show support for Biden at convention; Michelle Obama calls Trump a ‘wrong president’ 08/17/2020

Trump opposes Postal Service funding; Biden calls it ‘assault’ on ‘democracy’ and says Trump doesn’t want election 08/13/2020

Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as running mate (2) 08/11/2020

Poll: half of Democrats don’t feel Biden will serve all four years; and his running mate would become President 08/10/2020

New York Attorney General files lawsuit to dissolve NRA alleging financial mismanagement 08/06/2020

Joe Biden’s VP contenders face sexist tropes 08/05/2020

NYPD Stats for July: Shootings and murders up dramatically 08/04/2020

You will “no longer be bothered or financially hurt” by low-income housing: Trump tells suburban voters 07/29/2020

Social media giants remove viral COVID-19 video retweeted by Trump and Donald Trump Jr; Twitter temporarily restricts Donald Trump Jr.'s account 07/28/2020

Sen. Tom Cotton attacks NYT's 1619 Project, calls slavery a 'necessary evil' 07/27/2020

Federal agents use tear gas again to disperse Portland protesters 07/26/2020

Judge orders release of Michael Cohen from prison, citing First Amendment violation 07/23/2020

Trump calls Chicago ‘a disaster,’ criticizes Mayor Lori Lightfoot and announces sending federal agents 07/22/2020

Trump signs memo to bar illegal immigrants from being counted in redrawing of voting districts 07/21/2020

Federal officers reportedly using unmarked cars to pull Portland protesters 07/19/2020

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo criticizes Trump for posing with Goya products during coronavirus pandemic 07/16/2020

North Carolina city apologizes for role in slavery and approves ‘reparations’ for Black residents (2) 07/15/2020

Trump approves Hong Kong sanctions bill; and criticize Biden, Obama administration for weakness on China 07/14/2020

Coronavirus: White House leaks list of erroneous comments from Fauci, Trump suggests all good 07/13/2020

Supreme Court: Manhattan may access Trump’s financial records, but not Congress; Trump says he’s a victim of ‘political prosecution’ 07/09/2020

Ex-Giant not surprised over lack of outrage on DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic post; Stephen Jackson defends DeSean (2) 07/08/2020

States may force 'faithless electors' in presidential voting: Supreme Court 07/06/2020

US appeals court orders judge to dismiss case against former Trump aide Michael Flynn 06/24/2020

Seattle mayor: city will reclaim 'CHOP' zone after recent shootings 06/22/2020

1 dead, 1 injured after shooting in Seattle CHOP zone; Police say 'violent crowd' denied them entry; Police union chief calls for 'leadership' (2) 06/20/2020

Trump administration asks court to block Bolton's book claiming it contains "classified information" (2) 06/17/2020

Seattle police chief wants to retake precinct or deemed "cop free zone” as soon as possible 06/13/2020

George Floyd protests: Consensus growing among politicians over the need of police reforms (2) 06/09/2020

Trump mocks Romney for joining a Black Lives Matter march in DC 06/08/2020

Footages often contradicts what police report in their files 06/07/2020

Minneapolis police union chief: Floyd had ‘violent criminal history’ but media is not talking about this 06/03/2020

Trump threatens to deploy military to crush violent protests 06/01/2020

Minneapolis mayor takes the heat for response as his city burns 05/30/2020

Twitter for the first time adds warning label on Trump tweets (about mail-in ballots) 05/26/2020

Trump administration again leaves testing responsibility to states in a new report to Congress 05/25/2020

Biden tells black radio host you 'ain't black' if you consider Trump, later regrets his "cavalier" comment 05/24/2020

Your COVID-19 data is being shared with law enforcement, privacy advocates object 05/21/2020

Trump threatens to hold up federal funds for Michigan, Nevada if they opt for mail-in voting (2) 05/20/2020

Trump and Trump's Cabinet backs up his use of unproven drug to prevent COVID-19 05/19/2020

Taiwan’s exclusion from WHO’s coronavirus assembly puts more pressure on China 05/17/2020

Rep. Justin Amash, whom Trump called “ one of the dumbest,” abandons third-party presidential bid 05/16/2020

FBI, CIA can access your browsing history without a warrant, thanks to Senate vote 05/14/2020

McConnell, Senate GOP call Democrats’ $3T relief bill 'dead on arrival' 05/13/2020

White father and son charged for killing black Georgia jogger 2 months after the incident 05/10/2020

Betsy DeVos finalizes new Title IX rules to handle sexual assault on college campuses 05/06/2020

Warren and Ocasio-Cortez propose to ban M&A during coronavirus pandemic 05/06/2020

George W. Bush pleads for unity amid pandemic, but Trump chastises him for staying quiet during his impeachment 05/03/2020

Trump–Russia Probe: New notes reveal FBI discussed questioning Flynn 'to get him to lie' and 'get him fired’ 05/02/2020

NYC mayor lashes out at packed Jewish funeral, faces criticism and apologizes later 04/29/2020

New evidence reveal that Biden accuser's mother called into 'Larry King Live' in 1993 for help 04/26/2020

Republicans nervous on Trump losing the election and the senate as well 04/25/2020

McConnell favors bankruptcy over more federal aid for state and local governments 04/22/2020

Joe Biden on Michelle Obama as Vice President: 'I'd take her in a heartbeat' 04/20/2020

CDC data reveals Covid-19 affecting African Americans at alarming rate 04/19/2020

Trump calls supporters ‘liberate’ states seeing protests against stay-at-home orders (2) 04/18/2020

Appeals court reaffirms Texas abortion ban citing emergency powers 04/07/2020

Navy secretary apologizes for calling fired captain of aircraft carrier with coronavirus outbreak 'naive' and 'stupid’ 04/06/2020

Trump opposes mail-in voting for November, but Pelosi favors it 04/05/2020

Did Trump have his revenge? Fires watchdog who triggered impeachment 04/04/2020

How Fauci and Birx convinced Trump against easing coronavirus measures 04/02/2020

Trump rolls back Obama-era vehicle mileage standards 03/31/2020

Health task force and scenes from New York hospital may have pushed Trump to extend coronavirus guidelines (2) 03/30/2020

Biden campaign denies all sexual assault claims (2) 03/29/2020

Trump backs off on NY quarantine after Cuomo refers proposal as ‘illegal’ and ‘declaration of war’ 03/28/2020

New York governor slams $2T stimulus package, calls it ‘terrible’ 03/26/2020

Democratic super PACs intensifying attack on Trump 03/25/2020

Why is Trump calling Coronavirus the Chinese Virus? 03/22/2020

Senators sold millions of stocks before coronavirus threat crashed market 03/21/2020

Following string of losses, Sanders 'assessing' his presidential campaign 03/18/2020

US, China in war of words over Coronavirus outbreak 03/17/2020

Coronavirus: Kid Rock's Nashville Bar finally agree to close after initial refusal 03/16/2020

Joe Biden vows to pick woman as his running mate 03/15/2020