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Conservatism is about preserving the foundational ideals the Founding Fathers laid out for us, while using history as a guiding light to improve. I am a published writer, music producer, and podcaster with a love for reading, travel, and politics. My goal is to bring Americans back to the foundation of our country: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Without these essential rights, we are no longer the nation given to us by the Founding Fathers. Check out the Left Right Podcast (co-hosted by me) on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Got a question, comment, or disagreement with one of my articles? Hit me up at

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Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett To Supreme Court; Barrett takes constitutional oath 10/27/2020

Final presidential debate: Trump, Biden clash over alleged foreign financial entanglements. 10/23/2020 10/22/2020

Trump maintains Chinese bank account, says NY Times; Trump spokesman say it was pursue to business deals 10/22/2020 10/21/2020

Host of now cancelled presidential debate suspended after he admits lying about his Twitter begin hacked 10/15/2020

Alleged email show Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad; Biden campaign deny claims 10/14/2020

House Republican Collins files resolution to oust Pelosi as speaker, questions her mental fitness 10/14/2020 10/13/2020

Trump calls off Covid Stimulus talks until after Election Day 10/06/2020

Trump-Biden Presidential debate: insults, name-calling, interruptions and more 09/29/2020

Jacob Blake shooting: Defense lawyer says Kenosha officer believed Blake was attempting to take child 09/26/2020

Romney’s support for vote on Supreme Court nominee clears way for election-year confirmation 09/22/2020

DoJ labels NYC, Portland, Seattle as 'anarchist jurisdictions' who may lose federal funding; New York attorney readies lawsuit 09/21/2020

Biden urges Republicans to follow their ‘conscience’ and wait on Ginsburg vacancy until after election 09/20/2020

Cardi B, Candace Owens engage in war of words after Owens called her "dumb" and "illiterate rapper" for her interview with Biden 09/07/2020

Trump visits Kenosha; praises police for controlling unrest after shooting; blames ‘domestic terror’ for ‘destruction’ 09/01/2020

Jerry Falwell Jr. resigns as Liberty University president amid sex scandal 08/25/2020

Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell apologizes for calling Mavericks' Luka Doncic 'b---- a-- white boy' 08/24/2020

Judge stops Idaho from preventing transgender athletes from playing women's sports 08/18/2020

Trump touts endorsement of NYC police union, says “no one will be safe in Biden’s America” 08/16/2020

Iran condemns UAE-Israel deal, calls it a ‘huge mistake’ and ‘betrayal of the will of Muslims’ 08/15/2020

Libertarians’ organize Let Her Speak convoy to get third party candidate on debate stage against Trump, Biden 08/09/2020

NYPD Stats for July: Shootings and murders up dramatically 08/04/2020

Trump’s Pentagon pick gets a new post despite Senate canceling his confirmation hearing 08/02/2020

Social media giants remove viral COVID-19 video retweeted by Trump and Donald Trump Jr; Twitter temporarily restricts Donald Trump Jr.'s account 07/28/2020

Sen. Tom Cotton attacks NYT's 1619 Project, calls slavery a 'necessary evil' 07/27/2020

Biden campaign tells host Chris Wallace that he is ‘Not Available’ for Interview; Wallace says “We’ll Keep Asking Every Week” 07/26/2020

Trump signs memo to bar illegal immigrants from being counted in redrawing of voting districts 07/21/2020

Chris Wallace: Biden needs to come out of “basement” and face “questions just as tough” as Trump 07/20/2020

Jeremy Roenick sues NBC Sports, claims his firing was anti-straight discrimination 07/18/2020

Trump approves Hong Kong sanctions bill; and criticize Biden, Obama administration for weakness on China 07/14/2020

Judge approves petition to recall Seattle mayor for signature collection 07/12/2020

Trump administration begins formal process to pull U.S. out of WHO 07/07/2020

States may force 'faithless electors' in presidential voting: Supreme Court 07/06/2020

Supreme Court blocks Louisiana abortion restrictions, John Roberts sides with liberal judges 06/29/2020

Russia offered Taliban fighters bounties to kill U.S. troops, and Trump knew this - NY Times; Trump denies 06/28/2020

Not all condemned Kansas State student’s tweets related to George Floyd 06/27/2020

Senate Democrat plans to block Republican police reform bill, calls it "irrevocably flawed” and “not salvageable” 06/23/2020

Seattle mayor: city will reclaim 'CHOP' zone after recent shootings 06/22/2020

Protesters topple statues of Union general Ulysses Grant, national anthem lyricist Francis Scott Key and others 06/21/2020

Neil Gorsuch, Trump's Supreme Court appointee and conservative favorite, protected LGBTQ rights 06/15/2020

Seattle police chief wants to retake precinct or deemed "cop free zone” as soon as possible 06/13/2020

In 90s Biden pushed bill that many say would have made it difficult to investigate officers for misconduct 06/10/2020

Trump mocks Romney for joining a Black Lives Matter march in DC 06/08/2020

Movement to defund police department gaining significant support 06/06/2020

Trump threatens to deploy military to crush violent protests 06/01/2020

Cities extend curfews, deploy National Guard to curb violent protests over Floyd's death 05/31/2020

Twitter for the first time adds warning label on Trump tweets (about mail-in ballots) 05/26/2020

Trump says US need more prayers and calls for churches to reopen, but he may not have the authority 05/23/2020

Taiwan’s exclusion from WHO’s coronavirus assembly puts more pressure on China 05/17/2020

McConnell: Obama should have ‘kept his mouth shut’ over Trump's handling of coronavirus 05/12/2020

NBC apologizes for 'inaccurately' quoting Barr over Flynn, Trump wants host Chuck Todd to be fired 05/11/2020

Trey Gowdy calls Obama’s “rule of law is at risk” statement as “amazing” (2) 05/11/2020

White father and son charged for killing black Georgia jogger 2 months after the incident 05/10/2020

Texas salon owner who defied stay-at-home order freed by state Supreme Court 05/07/2020

Betsy DeVos finalizes new Title IX rules to handle sexual assault on college campuses 05/06/2020

George W. Bush pleads for unity amid pandemic, but Trump chastises him for staying quiet during his impeachment 05/03/2020

Trump–Russia Probe: New notes reveal FBI discussed questioning Flynn 'to get him to lie' and 'get him fired’ 05/02/2020

NYC mayor lashes out at packed Jewish funeral, faces criticism and apologizes later 04/29/2020

Senate won’t pass next coronavirus bill without business liability protection: McConnell 04/28/2020

New evidence reveal that Biden accuser's mother called into 'Larry King Live' in 1993 for help 04/26/2020

Trump to temporarily suspend immigration; administration working out details 04/21/2020

Joe Biden on Michelle Obama as Vice President: 'I'd take her in a heartbeat' 04/20/2020

CDC data reveals Covid-19 affecting African Americans at alarming rate 04/19/2020

Appeals court reaffirms Texas abortion ban citing emergency powers 04/07/2020

Navy secretary apologizes for calling fired captain of aircraft carrier with coronavirus outbreak 'naive' and 'stupid’ 04/06/2020

Trump opposes mail-in voting for November, but Pelosi favors it 04/05/2020

Did Trump have his revenge? Fires watchdog who triggered impeachment 04/04/2020

How Fauci and Birx convinced Trump against easing coronavirus measures 04/02/2020

Idaho governor signs 2 bills that limit rights of transgenders 04/01/2020

Trump rolls back Obama-era vehicle mileage standards 03/31/2020

New York governor slams $2T stimulus package, calls it ‘terrible’ 03/26/2020

Democratic super PACs intensifying attack on Trump 03/25/2020

Coronavirus update: Negotiators reach deal on $2tn package; Trump hopes for Easter reopening 03/24/2020

Negotiators make progress but fail to clinch coronavirus stimulus bill on Monday as well 03/23/2020

Senators sold millions of stocks before coronavirus threat crashed market 03/21/2020

Three arguments in favor Trump's re-election don’t hold good anymore 03/19/2020

Following string of losses, Sanders 'assessing' his presidential campaign 03/18/2020

Biden Criticizes Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Response (2) 03/12/2020

Trump Wants Payroll Tax Cuts and Hourly Assistance Amid Coronavirus Economic Downturn 03/09/2020