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Millennial, author, editor, business owner and historian. BA History from the University of North Texas. A Christian, a husband, and a father. Passionate defender of equal rights for ALL, and religious liberty for everyone, believer or not.

visit me at: www.theamericansentry.com

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Final presidential debate: Trump, Biden clash over alleged foreign financial entanglements. 10/23/2020

Counterprotesters attack a free speech rally in San Francisco; six injured, including three police officers 10/19/2020

Host of now cancelled presidential debate suspended after he admits lying about his Twitter begin hacked 10/15/2020

Alleged email show Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad; Biden campaign deny claims 10/14/2020

House Republican Collins files resolution to oust Pelosi as speaker, questions her mental fitness 10/14/2020

NY Governor Cuomo on AG speculations “no interest in going to Washington” but will help Biden ‘any way I can’ 10/13/2020

Biden again deflects questions on Supreme Court expansion 10/12/2020

Vice presidential debate: Kamala Harris, Mike Pence spar over Trump's handling of COVID-19, Supreme Court appointment, taxes and more 10/07/2020

Cardi B, Candace Owens engage in war of words after Owens called her "dumb" and "illiterate rapper" for her interview with Biden 09/07/2020

World leaders demand answers from Russia over poisoning of Putin's top opponent; Trump remains silent 09/02/2020

Trump campaign raises $76M during RNC; RNC gets more total views than DNC, but trailed in TV ratings 08/29/2020

Trump calls proposed Black Lives Matter painting outside Trump Tower 'a symbol of hate;' denounces NYC mayor for ordering it 07/01/2020

Supreme Court: Religious schools eligible for public aid 06/30/2020

Trump threatens to deploy military to crush violent protests 06/01/2020

Biden condemns death of a black man in police custody, calls for investigation by DOJ Civil Rights Division 05/27/2020

Twitter for the first time adds warning label on Trump tweets (about mail-in ballots) 05/26/2020

Biden tells black radio host you 'ain't black' if you consider Trump, later regrets his "cavalier" comment 05/24/2020

Trump says US need more prayers and calls for churches to reopen, but he may not have the authority 05/23/2020

Rep. Justin Amash, whom Trump called “ one of the dumbest,” abandons third-party presidential bid 05/16/2020

McConnell: Obama should have ‘kept his mouth shut’ over Trump's handling of coronavirus 05/12/2020

NBC apologizes for 'inaccurately' quoting Barr over Flynn, Trump wants host Chuck Todd to be fired 05/11/2020

White father and son charged for killing black Georgia jogger 2 months after the incident (2) 05/10/2020

Betsy DeVos finalizes new Title IX rules to handle sexual assault on college campuses 05/06/2020

Warren and Ocasio-Cortez propose to ban M&A during coronavirus pandemic 05/06/2020

Senate office turns down Biden's request to seek Tara Reade records 05/05/2020

McConnell favors bankruptcy over more federal aid for state and local governments 04/22/2020

Navy secretary apologizes for calling fired captain of aircraft carrier with coronavirus outbreak 'naive' and 'stupid’ (2) 04/06/2020

Did Trump have his revenge? Fires watchdog who triggered impeachment 04/04/2020

Health task force and scenes from New York hospital may have pushed Trump to extend coronavirus guidelines 03/30/2020

Trump backs off on NY quarantine after Cuomo refers proposal as ‘illegal’ and ‘declaration of war’ (2) 03/28/2020

New York governor slams $2T stimulus package, calls it ‘terrible’ 03/26/2020

Democratic super PACs intensifying attack on Trump 03/25/2020

Why is Trump calling Coronavirus the Chinese Virus? 03/22/2020

Senators sold millions of stocks before coronavirus threat crashed market (2) 03/21/2020

US, China in war of words over Coronavirus outbreak 03/17/2020

Joe Biden vows to pick woman as his running mate (2) 03/15/2020

Trump declares national emergency, but takes no responsibility for coronavirus testing delays 03/14/2020

Biden Criticizes Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Response 03/12/2020

Biden Wins Michigan Primary, Dealing Serious Blow to Sanders Campaign 03/10/2020

Trump Wants Payroll Tax Cuts and Hourly Assistance Amid Coronavirus Economic Downturn 03/09/2020

Coronavirus cases surge, but Trump has no plans to halt campaign 03/08/2020

Coronavirus Views Split Along Party Lines 03/07/2020

Warren drops out of presidential race, makes no endorsement yet 03/05/2020

Chief Justice Roberts Criticizes Schumer 03/04/2020

Super Tuesday Primary Results 03/04/2020

Biden Get Boost from Former Rivals Before Super Tuesday 03/02/2020

Supreme Court to Hear Louisiana Abortion Case 03/01/2020

South Carolina primary results 03/01/2020

ICE Has Facial Recognition Access on Millions of Maryland Drivers 02/27/2020

Democrats Debate in Charleston 02/25/2020

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty, Led Away in Handcuffs 02/24/2020