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Professional writer, BA Computer Science Rutgers, MS Information Technology Management Stevens Inst. Of Tech, I eat Progressive Liberals for Lunch and enjoy poking their Safe Space bubbles. Sent a bunch packing, working on the next bunch. Good day. Remember folks, words hurt in 2020! Feelings, not facts matter.

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Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett To Supreme Court; Barrett takes constitutional oath 10/27/2020

Trump campaign spokesperson claim some parents of children separated at border don’t want them back (2) 10/26/2020

Fauci speaks in favor of a national mask mandate as COVID-19 surges across US; Trump continues to downplay COVID-19 spike 10/25/2020

Final presidential debate: Trump, Biden clash over alleged foreign financial entanglements. 10/23/2020

Trump maintains Chinese bank account, says NY Times; Trump spokesman say it was pursue to business deals 10/22/2020

Presidential debate commission to mute candidates’ mics during parts of final debate to prevent interruptions 10/20/2020

DNI Ratcliffe says info on alleged Hunter Biden laptop is not ‘part of some Russian disinformation campaign' (2) 10/20/2020 10/19/2020

Counterprotesters attack a free speech rally in San Francisco; six injured, including three police officers 10/19/2020 10/18/2020

Host of now cancelled presidential debate suspended after he admits lying about his Twitter begin hacked 10/15/2020

Alleged email show Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad; Biden campaign deny claims 10/14/2020

House Republican Collins files resolution to oust Pelosi as speaker, questions her mental fitness 10/14/2020

NY Governor Cuomo on AG speculations “no interest in going to Washington” but will help Biden ‘any way I can’ 10/13/2020

Biden again deflects questions on Supreme Court expansion (2) 10/12/2020 10/11/2020

DNI declassifies CIA documents revealing plan to tie Trump to Russia to divert attention from Clinton’s private email server controversy 10/08/2020

Vice presidential debate: Kamala Harris, Mike Pence spar over Trump's handling of COVID-19, Supreme Court appointment, taxes and more (2) 10/07/2020

GOP lawmaker ask Pelosi to apologize to all “directly affected” by virus after her comments on Trump contracting COVID-19 (2) 10/04/2020

Agriculture Department requires food aid boxes to come with a letter from Trump 10/01/2020

Proud Boys members see Trump’s Tuesday comments over white supremacy as encouraging 09/30/2020

Trump-Biden Presidential debate: insults, name-calling, interruptions and more 09/29/2020

Judge temporarily blocks Trump administration’s order to ban TikTok downloads 09/28/2020

Jacob Blake shooting: Defense lawyer says Kenosha officer believed Blake was attempting to take child 09/26/2020

Democrats preparing bill to limit Supreme Court justice term to 18 years and allow President to nominate 2 justices per term 09/24/2020

KY attorney general gets emotional while explaining jury’s decision on Breonna Taylor case; ‘I understand as a Black man,’ he said 09/23/2020

Romney’s support for vote on Supreme Court nominee clears way for election-year confirmation 09/22/2020

DoJ labels NYC, Portland, Seattle as 'anarchist jurisdictions' who may lose federal funding; New York attorney readies lawsuit 09/21/2020

Biden urges Republicans to follow their ‘conscience’ and wait on Ginsburg vacancy until after election 09/20/2020

Cardi B, Candace Owens engage in war of words after Owens called her "dumb" and "illiterate rapper" for her interview with Biden 09/07/2020

Story on Trump calling fallen service members “losers” is just a start: Atlantic's editor-in-chief (2) 09/06/2020

Trump denies insulting American soldiers who died in war; calls such report as “unthinkable” 09/06/2020

Trump encourages Americans to vote twice to test if “Mail In System worked properly” (2) 09/03/2020

World leaders demand answers from Russia over poisoning of Putin's top opponent; Trump remains silent (2) 09/02/2020

Trump visits Kenosha; praises police for controlling unrest after shooting; blames ‘domestic terror’ for ‘destruction’ 09/01/2020

Trump and Portland mayor engage in war of words after deadly shooting incident 08/30/2020

Trump campaign raises $76M during RNC; RNC gets more total views than DNC, but trailed in TV ratings (2) 08/29/2020

Arrested teen accused of Kenosha protest murders is a supporter of Blue Lives Matter (2) 08/27/2020

Major sporting events postponed after NBA, MLB, WNBA players boycott games over Jacob Blake shooting 08/26/2020

Iowa University forces professor to change syllabus that bans students from arguing against BLM, abortion or same-sex marriage (2) 08/23/2020

Franklin Graham says there was “absence of God” at the DNC (2) 08/22/2020

DNC convention closes with Biden nomination (2) 08/20/2020

Trump calls for boycott of Goodyear tires after reports that company banned MAGA hats 08/19/2020

Judge stops Idaho from preventing transgender athletes from playing women's sports 08/18/2020

Democrats unite to show support for Biden at convention; Michelle Obama calls Trump a ‘wrong president’ (2) 08/17/2020

Trump touts endorsement of NYC police union, says “no one will be safe in Biden’s America” 08/16/2020

Iran condemns UAE-Israel deal, calls it a ‘huge mistake’ and ‘betrayal of the will of Muslims’ 08/15/2020

Trump opposes Postal Service funding; Biden calls it ‘assault’ on ‘democracy’ and says Trump doesn’t want election 08/13/2020

Poll: half of Democrats don’t feel Biden will serve all four years; and his running mate would become President 08/10/2020

Libertarians’ organize Let Her Speak convoy to get third party candidate on debate stage against Trump, Biden 08/09/2020

NYC Councilman Paul Vallone credits hydroxychloroquine for saving his life from COVID-19 (2) 08/08/2020

Joe Biden’s VP contenders face sexist tropes 08/05/2020

Carmen Best, Seattle police chief urge city council to ‘stand up for what is right’ after protesters visit her home (2) 08/03/2020

Trump’s Pentagon pick gets a new post despite Senate canceling his confirmation hearing 08/02/2020

Press won’t be allowed in Republican National Convention in Charlotte (2) 08/01/2020

Trump suggests delaying 2020 Presidential Election to save US from 'great embarrassment' from mail-in vote fraud 07/30/2020

You will “no longer be bothered or financially hurt” by low-income housing: Trump tells suburban voters 07/29/2020

Biden campaign tells host Chris Wallace that he is ‘Not Available’ for Interview; Wallace says “We’ll Keep Asking Every Week” 07/26/2020

Federal agents use tear gas again to disperse Portland protesters 07/26/2020

Judge orders release of Michael Cohen from prison, citing First Amendment violation 07/23/2020

Trump calls Chicago ‘a disaster,’ criticizes Mayor Lori Lightfoot and announces sending federal agents 07/22/2020

Federal officers reportedly using unmarked cars to pull Portland protesters 07/19/2020

Jeremy Roenick sues NBC Sports, claims his firing was anti-straight discrimination 07/18/2020

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo criticizes Trump for posing with Goya products during coronavirus pandemic 07/16/2020

North Carolina city apologizes for role in slavery and approves ‘reparations’ for Black residents 07/15/2020

Coronavirus: White House leaks list of erroneous comments from Fauci, Trump suggests all good 07/13/2020

Police execute search warrant on St. Louis couple who pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters (2) 07/11/2020

Supreme Court: Manhattan may access Trump’s financial records, but not Congress; Trump says he’s a victim of ‘political prosecution’ 07/09/2020

Trump administration begins formal process to pull U.S. out of WHO 07/07/2020

Kanye West's presidential aspirations get support from Kim Kardashian and Elon Musk 07/05/2020

Surge in gun violence in Chicago, 4 toddlers shot in last 2 weeks 07/02/2020

Trump calls proposed Black Lives Matter painting outside Trump Tower 'a symbol of hate;' denounces NYC mayor for ordering it (2) 07/01/2020

Supreme Court: Religious schools eligible for public aid (2) 06/30/2020

Russia offered Taliban fighters bounties to kill U.S. troops, and Trump knew this - NY Times; Trump denies 06/28/2020

Not all condemned Kansas State student’s tweets related to George Floyd 06/27/2020

Supreme Court rejects Trump’s effort to end DACA program 06/18/2020

Google bans ZeroHedge off its ad platform and warns The Federalist over offensive comments on protest articles 06/16/2020

Neil Gorsuch, Trump's Supreme Court appointee and conservative favorite, protected LGBTQ rights 06/15/2020

Rayshard Brooks autopsy reveals 2 gunshot wounds to the back, death ruled homicide (2) 06/14/2020

Biden campaign gets more aggressive after months-long freeze due to COVID-19 (2) 06/12/2020

Footages often contradicts what police report in their files 06/07/2020

Movement to defund police department gaining significant support 06/06/2020

Lancet retracts paper that flagged risks over Trump-touted drug to fight COVID-19 06/04/2020

Facebook CEO rejects employee calls to take action on Trump posts (2) 06/03/2020

Cities extend curfews, deploy National Guard to curb violent protests over Floyd's death 05/31/2020

Biden condemns death of a black man in police custody, calls for investigation by DOJ Civil Rights Division (2) 05/27/2020

Biden tells black radio host you 'ain't black' if you consider Trump, later regrets his "cavalier" comment 05/24/2020

Trump says US need more prayers and calls for churches to reopen, but he may not have the authority 05/23/2020

Your COVID-19 data is being shared with law enforcement, privacy advocates object 05/21/2020

Trump and Trump's Cabinet backs up his use of unproven drug to prevent COVID-19 05/19/2020

FBI, CIA can access your browsing history without a warrant, thanks to Senate vote 05/14/2020

McConnell, Senate GOP call Democrats’ $3T relief bill 'dead on arrival' 05/13/2020

Texas salon owner who defied stay-at-home order freed by state Supreme Court 05/07/2020

Senate office turns down Biden's request to seek Tara Reade records 05/05/2020

Senate won’t pass next coronavirus bill without business liability protection: McConnell 04/28/2020

California Gov. admonishes images of crowded beaches, warns it could delay reopening (2) 04/27/2020

Republicans nervous on Trump losing the election and the senate as well 04/25/2020

McConnell favors bankruptcy over more federal aid for state and local governments 04/22/2020

Idaho governor signs 2 bills that limit rights of transgenders 04/01/2020

Coronavirus update: Negotiators reach deal on $2tn package; Trump hopes for Easter reopening 03/24/2020

Negotiators make progress but fail to clinch coronavirus stimulus bill on Monday as well 03/23/2020

Why is Trump calling Coronavirus the Chinese Virus? (2) 03/22/2020

Three arguments in favor Trump's re-election don’t hold good anymore 03/19/2020

Following string of losses, Sanders 'assessing' his presidential campaign 03/18/2020

US, China in war of words over Coronavirus outbreak 03/17/2020

Coronavirus: Kid Rock's Nashville Bar finally agree to close after initial refusal 03/16/2020

Joe Biden vows to pick woman as his running mate 03/15/2020

Trump declares national emergency, but takes no responsibility for coronavirus testing delays 03/14/2020

Biden Wins Michigan Primary, Dealing Serious Blow to Sanders Campaign 03/10/2020

Biden Get Boost from Former Rivals Before Super Tuesday 03/02/2020

Supreme Court to Hear Louisiana Abortion Case 03/01/2020

South Carolina primary results 03/01/2020

ICE Has Facial Recognition Access on Millions of Maryland Drivers (2) 02/27/2020

Trump Campaign Sues the New York Times for Libel 02/26/2020

Democrats Debate in Charleston (2) 02/25/2020

DOW Drops 1000 Points as Outbreak Threatens Global Economy (2) 02/24/2020

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty, Led Away in Handcuffs 02/24/2020

President Trump flips 9th circuit 02/23/2020

Bernie Sanders Wins Commanding Victory in Nevada Caucus 02/22/2020

Roger Stone is sentenced to 40 months in prison 02/21/2020

Las Vegas Democratic Debate 02/20/2020