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I've been actively debating and writing political content online since 1987, before the web, back when people exchanged views on dial up service forums like AOL, CompuServe and the early days of the Internet, using newsgroups on UseNet (Newsgroups) - I can still search for and find some of my earliest posts. I wrote my first ever BBS post on a forum in 1983 and I continue enjoy writing and sharing opinions almost 40 years later, on Social Media and here, on Left Right News. I've never seen more toxic divisive times than now and I hope we can come together as a country. But I worry about extremism on both sides. Cheers, and hope you enjoy my writing.

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Coronavirus: White House leaks list of erroneous comments from Fauci, Trump suggests all good 07/13/2020

Police execute search warrant on St. Louis couple who pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters (2) 07/11/2020

Supreme Court: Manhattan may access Trump’s financial records, but not Congress; Trump says he’s a victim of ‘political prosecution’ 07/09/2020

Trump administration begins formal process to pull U.S. out of WHO 07/07/2020

Kanye West's presidential aspirations get support from Kim Kardashian and Elon Musk 07/05/2020

Surge in gun violence in Chicago, 4 toddlers shot in last 2 weeks 07/02/2020

Trump calls proposed Black Lives Matter painting outside Trump Tower 'a symbol of hate;' denounces NYC mayor for ordering it (2) 07/01/2020

Supreme Court: Religious schools eligible for public aid (2) 06/30/2020

Russia offered Taliban fighters bounties to kill U.S. troops, and Trump knew this - NY Times; Trump denies 06/28/2020

Not all condemned Kansas State student’s tweets related to George Floyd 06/27/2020

Supreme Court rejects Trump’s effort to end DACA program 06/18/2020

Google bans ZeroHedge off its ad platform and warns The Federalist over offensive comments on protest articles 06/16/2020

Neil Gorsuch, Trump's Supreme Court appointee and conservative favorite, protected LGBTQ rights 06/15/2020

Rayshard Brooks autopsy reveals 2 gunshot wounds to the back, death ruled homicide (2) 06/14/2020

Biden campaign gets more aggressive after months-long freeze due to COVID-19 (2) 06/12/2020

Footages often contradicts what police report in their files 06/07/2020

Movement to defund police department gaining significant support 06/06/2020

Lancet retracts paper that flagged risks over Trump-touted drug to fight COVID-19 06/04/2020

Facebook CEO rejects employee calls to take action on Trump posts (2) 06/03/2020

Cities extend curfews, deploy National Guard to curb violent protests over Floyd's death 05/31/2020

Biden condemns death of a black man in police custody, calls for investigation by DOJ Civil Rights Division (2) 05/27/2020

Biden tells black radio host you 'ain't black' if you consider Trump, later regrets his "cavalier" comment 05/24/2020

Trump says US need more prayers and calls for churches to reopen, but he may not have the authority 05/23/2020

Your COVID-19 data is being shared with law enforcement, privacy advocates object 05/21/2020

Trump and Trump's Cabinet backs up his use of unproven drug to prevent COVID-19 05/19/2020

FBI, CIA can access your browsing history without a warrant, thanks to Senate vote 05/14/2020

McConnell, Senate GOP call Democrats’ $3T relief bill 'dead on arrival' 05/13/2020

Texas salon owner who defied stay-at-home order freed by state Supreme Court 05/07/2020

Senate office turns down Biden's request to seek Tara Reade records 05/05/2020

Senate won’t pass next coronavirus bill without business liability protection: McConnell 04/28/2020

California Gov. admonishes images of crowded beaches, warns it could delay reopening (2) 04/27/2020

Republicans nervous on Trump losing the election and the senate as well 04/25/2020

McConnell favors bankruptcy over more federal aid for state and local governments 04/22/2020

Idaho governor signs 2 bills that limit rights of transgenders 04/01/2020

Coronavirus update: Negotiators reach deal on $2tn package; Trump hopes for Easter reopening 03/24/2020

Negotiators make progress but fail to clinch coronavirus stimulus bill on Monday as well 03/23/2020

Why is Trump calling Coronavirus the Chinese Virus? (2) 03/22/2020

Three arguments in favor Trump's re-election don’t hold good anymore 03/19/2020

Following string of losses, Sanders 'assessing' his presidential campaign 03/18/2020

US, China in war of words over Coronavirus outbreak 03/17/2020

Coronavirus: Kid Rock's Nashville Bar finally agree to close after initial refusal 03/16/2020

Joe Biden vows to pick woman as his running mate 03/15/2020

Trump declares national emergency, but takes no responsibility for coronavirus testing delays 03/14/2020

Biden Wins Michigan Primary, Dealing Serious Blow to Sanders Campaign 03/10/2020

Biden Get Boost from Former Rivals Before Super Tuesday 03/02/2020

Supreme Court to Hear Louisiana Abortion Case 03/01/2020

South Carolina primary results 03/01/2020

ICE Has Facial Recognition Access on Millions of Maryland Drivers (2) 02/27/2020

Trump Campaign Sues the New York Times for Libel 02/26/2020

Democrats Debate in Charleston (2) 02/25/2020

DOW Drops 1000 Points as Outbreak Threatens Global Economy (2) 02/24/2020

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty, Led Away in Handcuffs 02/24/2020

President Trump flips 9th circuit 02/23/2020

Bernie Sanders Wins Commanding Victory in Nevada Caucus 02/22/2020

Roger Stone is sentenced to 40 months in prison 02/21/2020

Las Vegas Democratic Debate 02/20/2020