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Researchers Create Special Light Waves Capable of Penetrating Opaque Materials 1 0 3W/1L
Jack Ma’s Ant Group ‘Falls in Line’ with China’s Internet Company Regulations 1 0 3W/1L
Blinken Points Finger at China over Early ‘Failure’ to Prevent COVID-19 Pandemic 2 0 3W/1L
Biden Praises Deal between 2 Key South Korean Battery Makers as Win for US Auto Industry 0 0 3W/1L
Video of Police Pulling Guns on Black Army Officer Stirs Indignation 4 0 3W/1L
Maryland Becomes First State to Repeal Police Bill of Rights after Governor’s Veto Overridden 3 0 3W/1L
Manchin Urges Democrats to Seek Bipartisan Support for Biden’s Giant Infrastructure Package 1 0 3W/1L
Biden Seeks 8.4% Increase in Agency Operating Budgets in His First Federal Budget 0 0 3W/1L
Biden Administration Mulls Sending Cash to Central America to Stop Migrants, GOP Enraged 2 0 3W/1L
CIA Memo Reveals US, West Germany Hid Ex-Nazi Officer to Use Him in Cold War 1 0 3W/1L
Navy Hospital Corpsman Killed after Shooting 2 People at Maryland Hospital 1 0 3W/1L
Texas, Louisiana Sue Govt for Hampering Deportation of Convicted Immigrants 1 0 3W/1L
NRA Leader Fled to Yacht after Mass Shootings 1 0 3W/1L
McCarthy Asks Intelligence Services about 2 Suspected Yemeni Terrorists at US-Mexican Border 0 0 3W/1L
‘Stupid’ for Corporations to Take a Stance on Divisive Political Issues, McConnell Says 1 0 3W/1L
Arkansas Becomes First State Outlawing Gender-Affirming Treatment for Transsexuals 1 0 3W/1L
Bezos Backs Biden’s Infrastructure Initiative, Corporate Tax Hike Proposal 2 0 3W/1L
Biden Praises Businesses Opposing ‘New Jim Crow’ Voting Laws in Georgia 1 0 3W/1L
Chauvin Trained to ‘Stay Away from’ Neck Pressure, Police Official Says in George Floyd Death Trial 1 0 3W/1L
Putin Signs Law Allowing Him 2 More Presidential Terms 1 0 3W/1L
Tim Cook Hoping Parler Returns to App Store 2 0 3W/1L
Google Wins Decade-Long Multibillion-Dollar Case against Oracle 3 0 3W/1L
Utah Becomes First State to Mandate Pre-natal Child Support 3 0 3W/1L
Hundreds Transgender Inmates in California Ask to Be Moved to Women’s Prisons 1 0 3W/1L
Likely 2nd Breach Found in Florida Wastewater Reservoir 1 0 3W/1L
Govt Not to Require COVID ‘Vaccine Passports’ 3 0 3W/1L
DC Police Show Suspect’s Weapon in Deadly Capitol Car Ramming 1 0 3W/1L
Democrats Can Pass Biden’s USD 2.2 Trillion Bill in Senate with Just 50 Votes, Schumer Says 1 0 3W/1L
Pilot Shortage Leads Delta to Cancel Flights, Do Away with Seat Blocking 4 0 3W/1L
Ocasio-Cortez among Least Effective Congress Members, Study Says 1 0 3W/1L
Desperation Led to Relationship with Late Brother’s Widow, Hunter Biden Reveals in Book 2 0 3W/1L
Florida Gov. DeSantis Bans "Vaccine Passports" 2 0 3W/1L
Iowa Gov. Signs Bill Removing Permit Requirements for Handguns 2 0 3W/1L
MLB Moves All-Star Game from Georgia over State’s New Restrictive Voting Laws 1 0 3W/1L
Perpetrator of Deadly Capitol Car Ramming Identified as Follower of ‘Nation of Islam’ 2 0 3W/1L
Sharon Stone in Tears Condemns Cancel Culture as ‘the Stupidest Thing’ 1 0 3W/1L
Facebook Whistleblower Says in Book Anti-Conservative Bias Left Her Unemployable 3 0 3W/1L
111 People Died in Texas Winter Storm, Most of Hypothermia, Officials Say 0 0 3W/1L
US Could’ve Save Hundreds of Thousands Lives from COVID, Research Papers Show 3 0 3W/1L
Meghan, Harry Reveal ‘Archie Skin Color’ Comment in Oprah Interview 4 0 3W/1L
Trump Won’t Start New Party, ‘Owns’ GOP at 2021 CPAC 5 3 3W/1L
‘Time to Act Now’ on Gun Law Reform, Biden Tells Congress 3 Years after Parkland Shooting 4 0 3W/1L
Conviction ‘Very Unlikely’ as Trump’s 2nd Impeachment Trial about to Begin 2 0 3W/1L
2 Ohio Republicans want to designate June 14 as pitch ‘President Donald J Trump Day’ 0 0 3W/1L
Donald Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial about to Begin 5 0 3W/1L
Democrats want Trump to be removed immediately; considering impeaching him again 0 0 3W/1L
Iran blames Israel for the assassination of its top nuclear scientist; It may derail Biden’s plan to revive nuclear deal 5 0 3W/1L
Can Pelosi retain her House Speaker position now? A few Democrats and GOP officials believe it will be hard 4 0 3W/1L

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