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I am a trilingual ghostwriter and editor with expertise in political persuasion, thesis and argument development, and SEO. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, Philosophy, and Law and a minor in Creative Writing, and hope to seek a Juris Doctor in coming years. I'm a passionate jack-of-all-trades, spending my time circumvolving between my hobbies of music, drawing, painting, reading, and of course, writing.

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DNC convention closes with Biden nomination 08/20/2020

Trump calls for boycott of Goodyear tires after reports that company banned MAGA hats 08/19/2020

Trump touts endorsement of NYC police union, says “no one will be safe in Biden’s America” 08/16/2020

Facebook CEO rejects employee calls to take action on Trump posts 06/03/2020

McConnell, Senate GOP call Democrats’ $3T relief bill 'dead on arrival' 05/13/2020

NBC apologizes for 'inaccurately' quoting Barr over Flynn, Trump wants host Chuck Todd to be fired 05/11/2020

Trey Gowdy calls Obama’s “rule of law is at risk” statement as “amazing” (2) 05/11/2020

Texas salon owner who defied stay-at-home order freed by state Supreme Court (2) 05/07/2020

George W. Bush pleads for unity amid pandemic, but Trump chastises him for staying quiet during his impeachment 05/03/2020

Trump–Russia Probe: New notes reveal FBI discussed questioning Flynn 'to get him to lie' and 'get him fired’ (2) 05/02/2020

California Gov. admonishes images of crowded beaches, warns it could delay reopening 04/27/2020

New evidence reveal that Biden accuser's mother called into 'Larry King Live' in 1993 for help 04/26/2020

Republicans nervous on Trump losing the election and the senate as well 04/25/2020

McConnell favors bankruptcy over more federal aid for state and local governments 04/22/2020

Trump to temporarily suspend immigration; administration working out details 04/21/2020

Joe Biden on Michelle Obama as Vice President: 'I'd take her in a heartbeat' (2) 04/20/2020

CDC data reveals Covid-19 affecting African Americans at alarming rate (2) 04/19/2020

Trump calls supporters ‘liberate’ states seeing protests against stay-at-home orders 04/18/2020

Appeals court reaffirms Texas abortion ban citing emergency powers (2) 04/07/2020

Trump opposes mail-in voting for November, but Pelosi favors it 04/05/2020

Did Trump have his revenge? Fires watchdog who triggered impeachment 04/04/2020

How Fauci and Birx convinced Trump against easing coronavirus measures 04/02/2020

Idaho governor signs 2 bills that limit rights of transgenders 04/01/2020

Trump rolls back Obama-era vehicle mileage standards 03/31/2020

Health task force and scenes from New York hospital may have pushed Trump to extend coronavirus guidelines 03/30/2020

New York governor slams $2T stimulus package, calls it ‘terrible’ 03/26/2020

Democratic super PACs intensifying attack on Trump 03/25/2020

Three arguments in favor Trump's re-election don’t hold good anymore 03/19/2020

Following string of losses, Sanders 'assessing' his presidential campaign 03/18/2020

Super Tuesday Primary Results 03/04/2020

Biden Get Boost from Former Rivals Before Super Tuesday 03/02/2020

Supreme Court to Hear Louisiana Abortion Case 03/01/2020

Democrats Debate in Charleston 02/25/2020

Bernie Sanders Wins Commanding Victory in Nevada Caucus 02/22/2020

Mulvaney First Admits Quid Pro Quo Over Ukraine Aid, But Denies Hours Later 10/18/2019

Democrats Say They Left Syria Meeting After Trump Had 'meltdown' 10/17/2019

Pence, Giuliani Defy Congress’ Demands For Documents In Trump Impeachment Inquiry 10/16/2019

2 Giuliani Associates Arrested, Charged With Campaign-Finance Violations (2) 10/11/2019