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NASA Extracts Breathable Oxygen from Mars’ Atmosphere in Extraterrestrial First 1 0 3W/1L
Biden Reportedly Will Recognize Armenian Genocide in Move That Will Enrage Turkey 1 0 3W/1L
Harris Names Climate Change among ‘Root Causes’ of Migrant Surge 1 0 3W/1L
Divided House Passes DC Statehood Bill after Heated Debate 1 0 3W/1L
Florida Governor Signs into Law ‘Anti-Mob’ Legislation 1 0 3W/1L
US Postal Service Monitoring Americans’ Social Media Posts in Covert Op, Report Says 1 0 3W/1L
Donation to Accused Vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse Gets Virginia Policeman Fired 1 1 3W/1L
Manhattan Stops Prosecuting Prostitution, DA Vance Announces 1 0 3W/1L
Chinese Leader Xi Warns US against ‘Bossing Others Around’ 1 0 3W/1L
GOP Senators Come with More Modest Counteroffer to Biden’s Infrastructure Plan 1 0 3W/1L
Biden to Unveil USD 1 Trillion Spending Proposal on ‘Families Plan’, Reports Say 1 0 3W/1L
Jury Finds Chauvin Guilty of George Floyd’s Murder on All Three Counts 1 0 3W/1L
Minnesota Bill Could Revoke State Aid from Protesters Convicted of Criminal Offenses 1 0 3W/1L
Senate to Vote Wednesday on Bill to Fight Hate Crimes against Asian Americans 1 1 3W/1L
Democrats Enjoying Greater Edge over GOP among College Educated Voters, Polling Data Shows 1 1 3W/1L
Chauvin Betrayed Badge, Murdered George Floyd, Prosecutor Says in Closing Arguments 1 0 3W/1L
62-Year-Long Castro Era Ends as Raul Castro Steps Down as Communist Party Head 1 0 3W/1L
SpaceX Wins USD 2.9 Billion Moon Landing Order from NASA in Competition with Blue Origin 1 0 3W/1L
George W. Bush Speaks Out in Favor of ‘Respectful’ Immigration Reform 1 0 3W/1L
Biden Not to Remove Ambassador to UN over ‘White Supremacy’ Remarks 1 0 3W/1L
Illinois House Passes Bill for Asian American History in Schools 1 0 3W/1L
Chicago Police Board Release Video of 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo’s Fatal Shooting 1 0 3W/1L
Democrats to Put Forth Bill to Expand Supreme Court from 9 to 13 Justices 1 0 3W/1L
Biden Expels Russian Diplomats, Slaps New Sanctions on Moscow for Election Meddling, Hacking 1 0 3W/1L
Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Valued at USD 86 Billion in First Day on Nasdaq 1 0 3W/1L
US House Panel Looking into Reparations Bill 1 0 3W/1L
DOJ Decides Not to Charge Capitol Police Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt in Jan. 6 Riot 1 0 3W/1L
Biden Announces Afghanistan Withdrawal by Sept 2021 ‘to End America’s Longest War’ 1 0 3W/1L
Pelosi’s Husband Bought Microsoft Shares Worth USD 10 Million through Options 1 0 3W/1L
Biden Strikes Deal with Central American Countries to Keep Migrants from US Border 1 0 3W/1L
Biden to Pull out US Troops from Afghanistan by 9/11/2021, Reports Say 1 0 3W/1L
Countries (China, Russia, Iran) Replace Terror Groups as Top Threats, According to US Intelligence 1 0 3W/1L
Russia Has Moved 80,000 Troops to Ukraine Border, Putin Refusing Talks, Kyiv Says 0 0 3W/1L
Jack Ma’s Ant Group ‘Falls in Line’ with China’s Internet Company Regulations 1 0 3W/1L
Chauvin Trial Judge Denies Jury Sequestration over Police Shooting, George Floyd’s Brother Testifies 1 0 3W/1L
Police Kill Black Man near George Floyd’s Death Spot in Minnesota, Mass Protests Erupt 1 0 3W/1L
Biden Seeks 8.4% Increase in Agency Operating Budgets in His First Federal Budget 1 0 3W/1L
Biden Administration Mulls Sending Cash to Central America to Stop Migrants, GOP Enraged 1 0 3W/1L
JPMorgan Chase CEO Deeply Concerned about America’s Future 1 0 3W/1L
Hundreds of Migrants, Sobbing Boy, MS-13 Gang Member at US-Mexican Border 1 0 3W/1L
CIA Memo Reveals US, West Germany Hid Ex-Nazi Officer to Use Him in Cold War 1 1 3W/1L
Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Tyler Perry among New Billionaires, Forbes Says 1 0 3W/1L
McCarthy Asks Intelligence Services about 2 Suspected Yemeni Terrorists at US-Mexican Border 2 0 3W/1L
Biden Praises Businesses Opposing ‘New Jim Crow’ Voting Laws in Georgia 0 0 3W/1L

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