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Charged Army Officer Leaves South Carolina Home amid ‘Violent’ BLM Protest 0 0 3W/1L
Legendary Ponzi Schemer Madoff Dies in Prison at 82 1 0 3W/1L
House Republicans Show Off Kamala Harris Milk Cartoon Saying ‘Missing at the Border’ 1 0 3W/1L
Daunte Wright Was Accused of Choking and Robbing Woman at Gunpoint 1 0 3W/1L
Ex-Office Kim Potter Charged for Killing Daunte Wright 1 0 3W/1L
CNN Staffer Recorded on Tape Saying Network Wanted to ‘Get Trump Out of Office’ 1 0 3W/1L
New Mexico Gov. Grisham Paid USD 60,000 in Alleged Crotch-Grabbing Settlement, Report Says 1 0 3W/1L
Pelosi’s Husband Bought Microsoft Shares Worth USD 10 Million through Options 1 0 3W/1L
Police Chief, Officer Resign over Daunte Wright Shooting after 2 Nights of Unrest in Minnesota 1 0 3W/1L
FDA Recommends Pause of J&J COVID-19 Vaccine over Blood Clots, Trump Weighs In 1 0 3W/1L
Russia Has Moved 80,000 Troops to Ukraine Border, Putin Refusing Talks, Kyiv Says 1 0 3W/1L
Will Smith Movie ‘Emancipation’ Moved Out of Georgia over Voting Law 1 0 3W/1L
Georgia Sen. Warnock in Hot Water over Email with False Information about Voting Law 1 0 3W/1L
Police Say Daunte Wright’s Death ‘Accidental Discharge’, Biden Calls for Calm 1 0 3W/1L
Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL) Passes Away at 84 0 0 3W/1L
Texas, Louisiana Sue Govt for Hampering Deportation of Convicted Immigrants 0 0 3W/1L
NRA Leader Fled to Yacht after Mass Shootings 1 0 3W/1L
‘Stupid’ for Corporations to Take a Stance on Divisive Political Issues, McConnell Says 1 0 3W/1L
Alleged Extorter of Gaetz Admits He Wanted USD 25 Million But to Search for Missing FBI Agent 0 0 3W/1L
Putin Signs Law Allowing Him 2 More Presidential Terms 1 0 3W/1L
Tim Cook Hoping Parler Returns to App Store 0 0 3W/1L
Hundreds Transgender Inmates in California Ask to Be Moved to Women’s Prisons 0 0 3W/1L
Gaetz ‘Absolutely Not Resigning’, Slams DOJ Probe of Sex Trafficking 1 0 3W/1L

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