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Navy Hospital Corpsman Killed after Shooting 2 People at Maryland Hospital 1 0 3W/1L
‘Stupid’ for Corporations to Take a Stance on Divisive Political Issues, McConnell Says 1 0 3W/1L
Arkansas Becomes First State Outlawing Gender-Affirming Treatment for Transsexuals 3 0 3W/1L
Tim Cook Hoping Parler Returns to App Store 1 0 3W/1L
Google Wins Decade-Long Multibillion-Dollar Case against Oracle 2 0 3W/1L
Utah Becomes First State to Mandate Pre-natal Child Support 2 0 3W/1L
Hundreds Transgender Inmates in California Ask to Be Moved to Women’s Prisons 3 0 3W/1L
Govt Not to Require COVID ‘Vaccine Passports’ 1 0 3W/1L
Trump Congratulates Conservative ‘Project Veritas’ on Winning NYT Lawsuit 1 0 3W/1L
Capitol Riot Suspects Upped Trump Donations after Election Loss, Report Says 1 0 3W/1L
Biden Fails on Neera Tanden’s Confirmation as White House Budget Chief 5 0 3W/1L
Anti-Trump PAC ‘Lincoln Project’ Tangled Further in Sexual Harassment Scandal 6 0 3W/1L
‘Time to Act Now’ on Gun Law Reform, Biden Tells Congress 3 Years after Parkland Shooting 3 0 3W/1L
Uighurs, Hong Kong, Taiwan: Biden Raises All in First Call with China’s Leader Xi 4 0 3W/1L
WHO Says COVID Not Leaked from Lab but Fails to Find Animal Source 5 0 3W/1L
Conviction ‘Very Unlikely’ as Trump’s 2nd Impeachment Trial about to Begin 4 0 3W/1L
Pelosi slams Republicans for overlooking Marjorie Taylor Greene’s comments; Jahana Hayes does not want her on Education Committee 5 0 3W/1L
New Central American caravan on the move North to the US 5 0 3W/1L
Sanders vows to use reconciliation aggressively to address health and economic crises 4 0 3W/1L
Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Citi pause political donations; Marriot, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Commerce Bank suspend donations to specific politicians 4 0 3W/1L
Democrats want Trump to be removed immediately; considering impeaching him again 5 0 3W/1L
Trump Pressured Georgia Officials to ‘find’ Him Votes in Taped Phone Call 5 0 3W/1L
Trump signs COVID relief and government funding bill; Efforts still underway for $2,000 stimulus checks 6 0 3W/1L
Congress agrees on a $900 billion COVID relief bill with $600 stimulus checks 5 0 3W/1L
Continued fallout from the massive cyber attack against Gov't agencies 5 0 3W/1L
Reports about California Senator Diane Feinstein's declining mental capacity 5 0 3W/1L
McConnell combines stimulus checks votes with other Trump demands 5 0 3W/1L
Trump calls coronavirus vaccine announcements as 'Great discoveries,' but touts that they ‘happened on my watch’ 5 0 3W/1L
Biden’s Education Department would work to undo many Trump-era and DeVos’s policies, but it may not be easy 4 0 3W/1L

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