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April 23, 2021

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US Not to Boycott 2022 Olympics in China 5 0 3W/1L
Trump pardons 15, including former Republicans, people convicted in Mueller probe, former Blackwater guards and more 5 0 3W/1L
Former adviser accuses Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment; Is mainstream media ignoring it? 5 0 3W/1L
Year-end deadline for COVID relief looms: Democrats face tough choice for a slimmer deal, but Trump calls for stimulus check 'right now' 5 0 3W/1L
17 Republican states file brief supporting Texas suit to delay presidential elector appointment 5 0 3W/1L
Bush, Clinton, Obama willing to get COVID-19 vaccine publicly to prove it's safe 3 0 3W/1L
Iran blames Israel for the assassination of its top nuclear scientist; It may derail Biden’s plan to revive nuclear deal 4 0 3W/1L
Trump pardons Michael Flynn, calls it a "Great Honor;" Dem leaders term it “grave corruption” 5 0 3W/1L
Former Defense Secretary Mattis hopes Biden-administration eliminate Trump's 'America First' policy from national security strategy 5 0 3W/1L
GSA chief gives green signal to president transition process 5 0 3W/1L
Biden calls for ‘immediate’ congressional action on student loan forgiveness, but Schumer says executive action open as well 5 0 3W/1L
Florida governor aims to expand ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws with ‘anti-mob’ legislation 5 0 3W/1L
BLM Leader Demands ‘Immediate Work of Black Liberation’ from Biden-Harris Team 5 0 3W/1L
Trump campaign files new lawsuit in Pennsylvania alleging ‘two-tiered’ voting system favoring mail-in ballots; AG calls it “meritless” 5 0 3W/1L

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