Clear and Fair

2 Views - 1 Reality

Look Left, Look Right, Think Straight

Mob mentality is really bad. When it sets in, rational thinking goes away. Without rational thinking, in the long run, a society is doomed to failure.

In the not too distant past, it was fairly difficult to spread mob mentality beyond local geography. With the advent of radio, and then TV it became easier to influence far reaching masses. However, it was still a tall order to convince many followers to passionately embrace a particular view or set of values. 

Then came the internet, and most recently, algorithmic search results and filtered news feeds. Suddenly, in a frightening twist of irony, no longer do we have to be convinced of a certain vision. Essentially by virtue of our own initial thoughts and, more dangerously, programmers sitting anonymously behind the shield of incredibly powerful corporations, we slowly but surely create our own bubble. Our reality gets narrower and narrower, as we are fed a filtered set of thoughts and opinions. There is no longer a way to have your thoughts validated by being exposed to other opinions. Welcome to life in your own echo chamber. 

So, it should come as no surprise then that we live in hyper partisan times or that civilization seems incredibly divided, to the extent that each side cannot stand the other. 

Here is the problem - Most people may not even be aware that this is happening to them. However, even for those who are aware, what can they do? They try to find a source for "unbiased" news and analysis. But who can lay claim to such an ideal? Large profit driven corporations want the most eyeballs and that means feeding people what they want. Left leaning broadcasts will inevitably give you loads of left leaning propaganda. Same for those right leaning ones. "Searching" doesn't help because Google (or other engines) have either filtered your results already based on your existing interests or, worse, due to their own agendas. And don't you believe for one second that any human being is capable of reporting the news without their own biases and beliefs creeping in to the mix. Either they will lean towards their own opinion OR even, in an attempt to be "un-biased", they will actually lean towards the opposite of their own opinion. Neither of those approaches actually gets you "unbiased" reporting.

That's where our vision, at LeftRight.News comes in. 

We present all daily important news in a format in which we present the most basic facts of a story and then on the same page both left and right analysis of the story. We also let those analysis be presented by the strongest advocates of that side - as chosen by our readers! That's right, we embrace people's biases but present them equally and we don't get involved with decisions of who and what the analysts write. 

Our hope is that by virtue of our efforts, people will have far greater understanding of the real world around them. 

Without any doubt, the most basic human right is not having your reality altered by someone else. Don't get robbed of reality. Get your news at Left Right.News.